10 reasons why psychopaths get away with it


Man with black mask in studioWhy is it that psychopaths frequently get away with cheating, abuse, backstabbing, fraud, theft, and other nefarious activities even murder? Here are 10 strategies that these exploiters may employ to escape accountability.

  1. Psychopaths lie fluently and convincingly.

They lie while looking you right in they eye, without a trace of nervousness or guilt. If they’re caught in a lie, they easily lie to cover the lie. It’s no wonder they are believed.

  1. Psychopaths protest with righteous indignation.

They say they would NEVER do such a thing, and HOW can you possibly accuse THEM of such behavior? Everyone doubts you, and you even doubt yourself.

  1. Psychopaths smear their accuser/target.

If that’s you, they ruin your credibility, often starting the smear campaign long before you even realize what they’ve done to you. When everything blows up, you have no support.

  1. Psychopaths become whatever will serve their agenda.

Should they express remorse? Pull rank? Plead ignorance? Portray the bumbling fool? They’ll do whatever enables them to escape consequences.

  1. Psychopaths plan many moves in advance.

They plot and scheme, lining up allies, fall guys, minions, bank accounts, transfers, even replacement romantic partners. Then they make their move.

  1. Psychopaths grab targets of opportunity.

They are always on the lookout for someone who is useful to their agenda. If you have something they want, they figure out where you are vulnerable and use it against you.

  1. Psychopaths know how to go right up to the line without crossing it.

Psychopaths often engage in behavior that is immoral and unethical, but not illegal. Or, the situations are he said/she said, with no proof of anything. There is nothing to prosecute.

  1. Psychopaths size up and flatter whomever they need to convince.

Is it a boss, a police officer, a therapist, a judge? They align themselves with that person, pretend to be on the same team, and turn an adversary into an ally.

  1. Psychopaths have the dirt on whomever is passing judgment.

They put adversaries, work superiors and legal authorities in compromising positions, and then engage in blackmail. Suddenly, the case is dropped.

  1. Psychopaths expect to get away with their actions.

They believe they can talk themselves out of anything, or divert attention to someone else. In many cases, they’ve been doing it successfully all their lives.

Okay, sometimes psychopaths have to face the consequences of their actions. After all, experts say 25 percent of the prison population are psychopaths. But even those who are locked up probably got away with a lot of bad behavior before they were finally put behind bars.

Never underestimate a psychopath.


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Hi everyone! I haven’t been on here for a couple of years but I just had to share with everyone that I don’t have to deal with this socio-crap anymore!! After 6 years of abuse, threats, harassment, fear, lying, endless court dates and all the other stuff these freaks do….I’M FREE!!!!!

I have never been so happy or felt so free in my entire life and I want to scream it from the mountain tops! The ex-sociopath overdosed and died the weekend before last. I cried for 2 days, every time I would think of how much that one instance changed my life for the better! I just got my son’s name changed legally to mine and got the certificate for it on the day I found out that the ex was gone forever. I was so worried about what he’d do when he found out because nothing was every simple with him involved and he would FREAK OUT….and now I never have to worry about his reaction to anything. EVER. AGAIN.

I pray that every single person on here will get to experience this amazing feeling of freedom too….and hopefully sooner rather than later. (now I certainly don’t mean you should go out and kill them…LOL) I hope that Karma or God or whatever you believe in keeps you strong until you get to experience this. Everyone deserves to feel this feeling. STAY STRONG! (they hate that!!!) <3

Good that you are free.

I wish the same for you becomingstrong.

Thank you Bev,

I can’t wait to be free too.

as a survivor of a long marriage to one of these guys, I can tell you (now) I often hoped and prayed he’d get himself killed on our farm, or in an auto wreck, but NO. He was one of the most lucky men I ever was around; the things he did and walked away from, should have or could have killed anyone else.

OMG…how wonderful for you! Not so wonderful for the SP…lol

How weird is it that we can actually be happy when someone dies…only we know how the SP kills our souls every day.

I am over the moon for you!!

Oh I know eh? I totally struggled with that for the first 2 days….being happy that someone was dead. But I know anyone who has been through what we have will understand. I just got my life back…just like that! 😀 My whole family was traumatized by that man for years..and now we can heal. and he won’t be around to corrupt my son. He spent the last year and a half in jail…was only out for 3 weeks when he did this.

Wow. It must be almost unbelievable for you.

Yes, excellent and complete summary. The ones that are not locked up in prison are the most dangerous because they are skilled enough to avoid getting caught.

I am happy for you and wish it was me. My sociopath ex actually works WITH several of my malignant narcissistic family members to destroy me. They’ll never stop. Can’t wait till the whole lot of sick monsters are dead.

Yikes vanessavango! Luckily all of his family are far away and all mine dropped him like a hot potato. One of them is bad enough to deal with! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that.

I was advised by the child support folks to get a lawyer but I’m so happy to be done with him and them that I’m hesitating. I do have a 7 yr old from him though and he is the only minor child. His family doesn’t seem to care that he exists.

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