100-year-old molester still considered a threat

Sociopaths do not change. As living proof, consider the case of Theodore Sypnier.

Sypnier is a convicted child molester. He is 100 years old. He is about to be paroled, and the city of Buffalo, New York, is on edge. According to an article by the Associated Press:

“Whether he’s 100 or 101 or 105, the same person that was committing these crimes 10, 25, 30 years ago still exists today and has an unrepentant heart,” said the Rev. Terry King, director of Grace House, which has twice taken Sypnier in from prison. “He is someone that we as parents, as members of the community, any community, really need to fear.”

The incident that landed him in jail took place in 1999, when Sypnier was 90 years old. He was babysitting two girls—portraying himself as a friendly grandpa—and he molested them. The girls were ages four and seven at the time.

Even though he pleaded guilty—twice—Sypnier claims his case was a miscarriage of justice. “Those children crawled into bed with me because they were frightened, but there was never any sexual hanky-panky,” he told the Buffalo News.

Yeah, right.

This wasn’t Sypnier’s first arrest. In 1987, he was given three years’ probation for sex abuse—he was 78 years old then. In 1994, at the age of 85, he spent a year in prison for sexually abusing a minor. Who knows what he got away with during his life—his daughter came forward and said he abused her as she was growing up.

The former Erie County District Attorney, Frank J. Clark, said that as long as Sypnier “can walk and talk, he remains a threat.”

Here is more information about the case:

Oldest sex offender about to be freed here, in the Buffalo News.

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For more eye-popping stories, take a look at the Parents for Megan’s Law website page on Senior Sex Offenders.

Sociopaths do not change

Some researchers and mental health professionals have said that sociopaths may “improve” with age. Do not take this as a reason to hope. A more accurate description may be that senior sociopaths no longer have the energy to pull off the stunts that they did in their youth, or they may not have the stamina to be violent. But they do not change.

I’ve received several e-mails from Lovefraud readers describing sociopathic women, now well beyond “a certain age,” who are as mean and manipulative as ever. Several sociopathic women plotted to pit their children against each other. One woman is swindling friends to obtain a free place to live. Another, after her husband’s death, played the sweet, bereaved widow so she could quickly move on to the next meal ticket.

A few months ago, I heard that my ex-husband, who is now 68, is still trying to find sugar mommas on the Internet. He talks a good game, and writes convincing e-mails. But when it comes time to close the deal, to try to convince a woman that they really were meant for each other, and they’ve been waiting all their lives for each other, all he can do is fall asleep on the couch.

It seems that the only way these people will stop is if they suffer a debilitating stroke. As long as a sociopath can talk or communicate in any way, he or she will continue to manipulate.

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If you would not have gone, you would always be wondering, “I wonder what would have happened with that blind date guy”…, it’s good that you went.

Single & hating it, but it could be a lot worse… MY new motto.

Hey Guys I cant answer your question Wit. I have a list of things I like in a man. One of them is ‘looks, walks and talks like man.’ Of course self confidence, character, integrity, honesty are important. He must believe in God but not a religous fanatic. There has to be a spark of chemistry, physical attraction. A good sense of humor. I think maybe Mr. Right only exist in my mind and when I revealed my list and dreams to Mr. X he became that fantasy. So my X embodied my fantasy for a while. It’s taken me along time to seperate my (fantasy or dreams or ideas of Mr. Right) out of his empty shell. His body suit. If that makes any sense. Yes Matt your right – I didnt buy him a used truck or let him take over my life …not sure what I want but I know what I dont want..

thanks Rosa I knew i spelled motto wrong in my above post – modo duh – ~! oh well i cant spell…

Tomato…tomotto…..Potato…..Pototto….Target (the store)…..Tar-jay.
Like I always say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
As long as the cat gets skinned, that’s the important thing.

Matt – You hit a nerve so I must elaborate. I knew my x two years prior to him moving in with me. It was obvious to me that he was not interested in me so I would wave and say howdy when I occasionally saw him. Yes I was attracted to him but knew he was not attracted too me. He was mysterious and never revealed much about himself. Unknown to me at the time he was in an ‘abusuve’ relationship. He showed up at my house one nite bloody and beaten and I offered him a place to stay and have time to work things out. The rest is and learn.

I am so glad you went out with Mr. Blind date….no harm no foul!!!
When the time is right…..Mr. right will be there waiting with open and loving honest arms!

I can SO relate with you in knowing what I don’t want! That is almost a no brainer anymore for me….It really is harder to figure out what I would want in a significant other.

Matt and I discussed this awile back.
I think kindhearted/kindness would be WAY at the top of my list if not falling right there into first place.
Comfortable in his own shoes but NOT cocky or arrogant. Integrity….Sense of humor…Loves animals would be of importance to me.

I guess we can dream can’t we? But we have to stay REAL.

Wit I dont even dream much about it anymore. I depend on myself, take care of those I love and am thankful that I survived this chapter in my life. I cant express how relieved I am to have conquered that big empty abyss caused by the sociopath.


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