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100-year-old molester still considered a threat

Sociopaths do not change. As living proof, consider the case of Theodore Sypnier.

Sypnier is a convicted child molester. He is 100 years old. He is about to be paroled, and the city of Buffalo, New York, is on edge. According to an article by the Associated Press:

“Whether he’s 100 or 101 or 105, the same person that was committing these crimes 10, 25, 30 years ago still exists today and has an unrepentant heart,” said the Rev. Terry King, director of Grace House, which has twice taken Sypnier in from prison. “He is someone that we as parents, as members of the community, any community, really need to fear.”

The incident that landed him in jail took place in 1999, when Sypnier was 90 years old. He was babysitting two girls—portraying himself as a friendly grandpa—and he molested them. The girls were ages four and seven at the time.

Even though he pleaded guilty—twice—Sypnier claims his case was a miscarriage of justice. “Those children crawled into bed with me because they were frightened, but there was never any sexual hanky-panky,” he told the Buffalo News.

Yeah, right.

This wasn’t Sypnier’s first arrest. In 1987, he was given three years’ probation for sex abuse—he was 78 years old then. In 1994, at the age of 85, he spent a year in prison for sexually abusing a minor. Who knows what he got away with during his life—his daughter came forward and said he abused her as she was growing up.

The former Erie County District Attorney, Frank J. Clark, said that as long as Sypnier “can walk and talk, he remains a threat.”

Here is more information about the case:

Oldest sex offender about to be freed here, in the Buffalo News.

100-year-old N.Y. child molester to be freed, on

For more eye-popping stories, take a look at the Parents for Megan’s Law website page on Senior Sex Offenders.

Sociopaths do not change

Some researchers and mental health professionals have said that sociopaths may “improve” with age. Do not take this as a reason to hope. A more accurate description may be that senior sociopaths no longer have the energy to pull off the stunts that they did in their youth, or they may not have the stamina to be violent. But they do not change.

I’ve received several e-mails from Lovefraud readers describing sociopathic women, now well beyond “a certain age,” who are as mean and manipulative as ever. Several sociopathic women plotted to pit their children against each other. One woman is swindling friends to obtain a free place to live. Another, after her husband’s death, played the sweet, bereaved widow so she could quickly move on to the next meal ticket.

A few months ago, I heard that my ex-husband, who is now 68, is still trying to find sugar mommas on the Internet. He talks a good game, and writes convincing e-mails. But when it comes time to close the deal, to try to convince a woman that they really were meant for each other, and they’ve been waiting all their lives for each other, all he can do is fall asleep on the couch.

It seems that the only way these people will stop is if they suffer a debilitating stroke. As long as a sociopath can talk or communicate in any way, he or she will continue to manipulate.

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Ox Drover

It is amazing to me that neither the “media” nor most law enforcement, social agencies or the public doesn’t seem to “get it” that sociopaths do not reform simply by getting older, especially the ones that have been in prison for violent and/or sexual crimes.

My opinion is that ALL sexual offenders, pedophiles and rapists are psychopaths, there is an almost zero “reform rate” in sexual offenders, even the ones that have literally been castrated (RAPIST Wayne Dumond, who was released by Gov. Huckabee of Arkansas as a “humanitarian” gesture because before his arrest citizens had caught and literally castrated this man) went on to rape again and this time, he killed the victim–before he had been out a year)

Huckabee also released the guy who killed the 4 cops AND molested a child up in Washington State recently, in fact, he released either by putting pressure on the parole board or clemency, over 1,000 convicted felons, waaaay over the number by any other governor. Many of his “compassionate” releases quickly returned to crime. This is only the ones that made the NATIONAL NEWS because of the nature of the offenses.

Psychopaths can NOT be “rehabilitated” and are the highest percentages of recidivism, and the highest percentages of the violent and sexual crimes, so if this 20% of the criminals were kept in prison on a 3-strikes you go to prison for life policy, society would have in the neighborhood of 60-70% less violent crime in short order.

I saw a 48 hours Mystery show the other night were a couple and an expatriot American STOLE over 100 kids from Samoan families and for lmoney, got American couples to adopt them. One parent got suspicious and found out the truth that his adopted daughter and these others were KIDNAPPED BY DECEPTION from their families, and one samoan child even died from STARVATION while in the custody of the “Nanny House” which many of the children said was VERY abusive to the children, and the federal government even with AL:L THE EVIDENCE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE (I would think psychopaths to do what they did) they plea bargained 100 counts of kidnapping, etc. and fraud down to MISDAMEANORS and they got 5 years probation and a $100K fine which they will probably never pay. The $100K fine, even if they did pay it is onlly $1000 per child kidnapped. Not much to help these children. Some of the Samoan parents still desperately want their children back and the Feds are not getting involved in this so the American parents who are not willing to let their adopted kids get to even know their Samoan parents are still holding these children against the wills of the real parents.

One man actually allowed his daughter to go back to her family, and many others have taken their children to Samoa to meet their biological families and they have sort of an “open adopting” with visits to Samoa though tyhe parents are now willing to let their Americanized children live with their American parents for the better opportunities here.

All around the whole thing was nothing but a kidnap and sell babies and toddlers and these people got PROBATION and got to keep the BULK of the “ransoms.” Kind of makes you mad doesn’t it?



I’m not sure a stroke stops them either. The New York POst recently ran an article about a conwoman, aged 78. She has been in and out of jail most of her life. During her most recent incarceration, she developed some kind of brain infection which has supposedly left her paralyzed, incontinent and unable to communicate.

Last week she was being arraigned for yet some other crime. Her boyfriend drove her to the courthouse, but said she couldn’t get into the courtroom. The judge is obviously smart enough to have figured her out. He said that since she refused to appear in his court, he was issuing a bench warrant for her arrest. And he did.


great post. Educational. I never even wondered about them years on…you quote an e-mail saying:

A few months ago, I heard that my ex-husband, who is now 68, is still trying to find sugar mommas on the Internet. He talks a good game, and writes convincing e-mails. But when it comes time to close the deal, to try to convince a woman that they really were meant for each other, and they’ve been waiting all their lives for each other, all he can do is fall asleep on the couch.

That really sums it up for me. I have no doubt that is what the P that robbed me was doing, is doing and he was even showing signs of getting tired of it. Any passion he has goes into the act, like shift work they lie energetically for as long as they can until the cracks appear….sugar momma, that was me!

Ox Drover

Did you guys hear on the news last night about the 98 year old woman in MASS. arrested for murdering her 100 yr old room mate, by putting a plastic bag over her head and then strangling/suffocating her? People can be violent at ANY age! P or not. May, of course have been some dementia involved in that case, but who knows.

Ox Drover

ps–above post. My son cracked that “holding her in jail over night might be a LIFE SENTENCE.”


A 100-year-old child molester……that’s quite a legacy.
Shall we put that on the tombstone?

He’s 100 years old, because even God doesn’t want him.


I noted that even with alzheimer’s in one case, and dementia in the other, my elderly parents or parents in law core personality remained the same. One was a gracious hostess to the end, graciously introducing me to people though she wasn’t certain who I was or even who she was or who they were. The other was still telling lies, claiming to be playing the piano when it was obvious she had no strength in her hands to do that. and worse stuff than that as well.

Ox Drover

Back when I was working with my professional genealogist friend we used to keep a scrap book of FUNNY things we found in old records, and some of them were people’s great grandpa’s being prosecuted for SEX WITH ANIMALS. The way the prosecutions were worded itself was a SCREAM, and how would you like to be researching your ancestors 4-5-6 generations back adn find out that one of them was that 100 yr old PERVERT!

My friend and I started a “tongue in cheek” “Association” called the DAB (daughters of American bastards) and to join you had to have an ancestor that was a bastard of some kind and that could be an out of wed lock marriage birth, or an “attorney” or a “televangelist” or some con man, convict or otherwise a crook. All you had to do to “join” was send us proof of your “bastard” ancestor and $5,000 and we would let you “join” our group. If you had TWO of such ancestors you could send us proof of that and $10,000 dollars and we would give you a red sash to wear at “conventions” and if you had 3 or more qualifying bastard ancestors you could pay $15,000 and get a RED FEZ and got to sit on the PODIUM at conventions and wear your red sash of course! She and I figured with the ancestors we had discovered for ourselves that we KNEW about that would QUALIFY us we could have 10-15 such qualifying ancestors EACH. LOL ROTFLMAO I found a counterfitter, a bigomist (actually my great grand father) a murderer P, my sperm donor, a couple of moonshiners, my psychopathic grandmother, my other psychopthic gggf, and so on! We never could get anyone else to “join” much less send in their initiation “fee” LOL But she did have one client that we found her ancestor had been hanged.

The woman listed “cause of death” as FELL FROM A PUBLIC BUILDING without mentioning it was a SCAFFOLD! LOL

It is amazing how a lot of people want to trace their family trees and find all these ROYAL and SUCCESSFUL ancestors, when, in fact, most of us have more of the NOT so successful, crooks or drunks in our back ground than “royalty.” I have one whole line that I can trace back to a man born in 1800 and about every descendant of this man to this day is disordered. He was murdered in 1860 by someone who I guess had had enough of his violence. The family stories vary on WHO murdered him. There were a great number of suspects at the time, but no one was ever convicted. Personally I thinnk it was either his BIL, his wife, or one of his kids, they all had reason to want him dead from the court records I read. 287 hand written pages of it!

Ox Drover

JAH, that’s a very good point, though many times male alzhiemers patients do tend to be more violent than females do, but I had an uncle like your aunt, very gracious in younger years and even so in dementia when he no longer knew me.

In Geri-psych though, sometimes it takes the right combination of medications to calm them down if they become violent, but NOT to “gork” them out like used to be done with geri-patients who were violent, but to correct the brain’s deficits so that the “real them” can shine through. I have seen this happen many times, and the patient is still utterly confused, but lives happily in the past, talking to their loved ones, or mistaking you for the loved ones, and very very happy though they don’t have a “brain in their head” where TODAY comes, but happy nonetheless, and to me that is what matters.

I had a patient once in a nursing home who thought she was in a bus station waiting for her husband, as long as you played along with that fantasy, she was completely happy and calm, but if you tried to “correct” her and tell her her husband was dead and she was in a nursing home, she became aggitated and upset and combative. I sometimes think that dementia is God’s way of letting the elderly live in a happy fantasy place and that’ s not always a bad thing. I ithink maybe our eye sight going helps us not be able to focus on our own wrinkles when we look in the mirror. I take mine off before I brush my teeth, I LOOK A LOT YOUNGER that way!!!



One branch of my family can be traced to the Mayflower. As I always tell people who are impressed with this facet of my lineage “the only difference between my family and yours is that mine was released from prison a little bit earlier.”



Ox Drover

Yea, I’ve had fun finding all the miscreants in my family, but as they say in prof genealogical circles, “Mama’s baby, daddy’s—MAYBE!” We are assuming that all our grandmothers were chaste inidividuals and as we know that is not always the case! So since there is at least (by some studies) at LEAST a 10% chance in EACH generation that the baby wasn’t really daddy’s, if you add that up over 10 generations there is almost a 100% chance that there is some “different blood” in there somewhere. LOL

A Midwife who kept statistics from the revolutionary period to oafter 1815 found that 40% of FIRST babies were conceived OUT of wed lock even in those days! Most of those couples married, however, as giving birth to a “bastard” was a pretty public offense even up to Revolutionary times, gaining the mother a nice 50 lashes laid on her bare back in public if the child became a “ward” of the Parish. Indenture of very young children was essentially “foster care” where the master got the child’s labor until adulthood, on the promise of teaching the child a trade. Bastards, however, were sometimes kept in indenture til 30 years of age since the person taking them in had to raise them for 8-10 years before they were useful to the master.

An indentured woman who gave birth was added a year to her intenture term even if her master was the daddy. Plus, he got the kid too. (shaking head here).

My favorite ancestor was a Revolutionary era counterfiter who was judged “not guilty” by JURY NULLIFICATION even though he was caught red handed with the counterfit coins hidden in a trunk in his house. LOL I’m glad of that since he was a younger man at the time and they might have hanged him before my ancestor his son was born! LOL

To me, genealogy is like a detective game, but it certainaly isn’t for “glorification’ of my ancestors—though I have found some that were probably pretty descent folks, there are a lot more I think that I wouldn’t have liked very much at all. I also doubt that many of them would have been very proud of an “uppity woman” for a descendant!

I love history and studying about people’s religions, their political and social ideas and thought are very interesting to me, as well as their customs, prejudices etc. but if you look back at “history” of a city, nation, culture, people, race, religion etc. all it proves is that people are still people and have always pretty much been PEOPLE—some of them good, some bad and the majority in the middle. The world has never been a “safe” place, no one gets out alive, but actually, in spite of my cynicism about politicians this is a pretty good time in which we live, in a pretty good country. We just have to work on ourselves to learn how to watch for the “bad guys” and listen to our instincts for self preservation. It’s all a learning curve, a life long journey…however it lasts and I’m gonna do my best to live in the NOW and enjoy every minute of it I can.


At 100, he may even be more of a threat if he feels he has nothing left to lose. What a creepy story.



Yah, we call that ACCESS.

I was part of a 12 step program for many years and finally left when I could no longer deal with the flagrant predatory nature of the OLD GRANDPA in the group.

I used all the normal routes to deal with this predator that exist within that structure and got NOWHERE. And neither did the woman who did it after me. We both left.

I used to warn young women about him – and that was a No NO!
yah, right. abstinence was sweet, but having to lose my sense of ethics and self to maintain it wasn’t.

one step


I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to be in a group with a sociopath either. In fact if my ex, the S, ever shows up on my reptile site again, and my friends aren’t able to run him off, I will probably just leave the site. They are disgusting.

My ex looks a lot like Tiger Woods in technicolor


Oxy – ps”“above post. My son cracked that “holding her in jail over night might be a LIFE SENTENCE.”


When I read the newstory I thought, ‘couldn’t she just have waited like, a few weeks…?’


That’s quite shocking – where do they find the energy?? Maybe being evil preserves the genes in some horrible way or gives them all super powers!


The devil, satan, was known as ‘the ape of god’. because they ,the spaths, have the same DNA as satan. They can only ape, or copy us, the cant generate their own creativity and light. The Light of the holy spirit which is in us, attracts them to us, like a moth to a candle. They love the light, but they cant supply it for themselves. I believe their main focus is unbelievable ENVY,and HATRED of us, and FEAR that they will be found out for the total fakes that they are.! Satan was cast out of Heaven for his overbearing pride, he wanted to be greater than God! They are like that, they try to keep up the pretence they ar faultless, superior, entitle beings! like satan, they have NO CONSCIENSE,no empathy, no compassion, they are really like robots. Once we get our head around the fact that they DONT CARE at all what happens to us, that we were only a source of supply to them, that we will NEVER EVER have closure from them, we will eventually move forward. Our only closure from them is NC, forever! They will never say sorry because they are NOT sorry. They have no guilt, remorse or shame, as they have dumped it all on us for years. Most of us bought the lie that deep down they are “nice people”, we just need to love them more, try harder to understand them, give give give until we are run dry! NO!! They are NOT NICE PEOPLE DEEP DOWN, they are EVIL ALIENS!!! who will suck us dry and step over our dead carcasses to get to the next victim.!! I cant tell you how it makes me feel to discover the truth re my daughters,NO

Ox Drover

Dear Gem,

I hear the anger in your post, the RIGHTEOUS JUSTIFIED ANGER, the same anger I think He felt when Jesus saw the hypocrits profaning the Temple when he made the whip of cords and drove them out!

Justifiable ANGER gives us energy to do what we have to do to separate ourselves physically and emotionally from these parasites of the soul, who DO CRAVE what we have, and they can only fake.

Whatever the problem, whether it is envy, greed, pure malice, or just “don’t care” attitude, the bottom line is that they are NOT the same as we are. There is genetics, there is environment but as a wise friend of mine has said, THERE IS ALOS THE CHOICES that they make to do and behave the way they do. CHOICE. They HAVE A CHOICE each time they do something, just like we do.

Even when we are JUSTIFIABLY ANGRY, Jesus advised us to “be angry and sin not” so ANGER even justifiable and righteous anger doesn’t give us leave to BE and ACT like they do, but anger itself will spur us on to taking care of ourselves, and doing what is RIGHT, standing up for right, standing up for ourselves and NC—NC FOREVER!!!! (((hugs)))) I am so glad that my prayers for your strength and justifiable anger have been answered! (((( I admire you sweet Gem for your wonderful heart!)


My blog got cut off here!
I went on to say that the day I really GOT IT, ie, what my daughters were REALLY like, I was sick in the toilet all day.This was approx six months ago.As oxy says, “the truth will set you free, but first it will pith you off!”
When I really GOT that my daughters DO NOT LOVe ME, that I am just some one to control and/or use,that all they can feel is envy, hatred and fear,{of being found out to be phoneys}, that they have NO KINDNESS Compassion, remorse, guilt, empathy, all the gifts that make us humans.
I went on to say that Job isa role model for me. he lost his wealth, his health, all his kids died,his cattle died,and his wife,{who sounds like a spath!} told him to “Curse god and Die”.
This good man refused to curse god,he didnt know what he had done to deserve such bad fortune, but he did not blame god for it. The result” the latter part of Jobs life was blessed and more fruitful than the first half.” His health was fully restored, he went on, in his old age to have more children,more livestock,in fact god blessed his socks off!
I look around me and find that god has richly blessed me.
I have a wonderful husband, great so in law, lovely G,Kids, a great new “adopted” adult family. I have a lovely home, no debts, a huge fruitful garden, busting at the seams with fruit, herbs, flowers, figs, paw paws,tomatoes. All around is the chattering of grateful birds which I feed, –Kookaburras, Magpies, herons, galahs, butcher birds, Lorikeets,{parrots}.
Im blessed going in, and blessed going out. I have good health, and one or two non spath friends.Like OXY Ive had to cut out false friends, who only used me and gave nothing back, Im learning fast.This will be the first Xmas I havent seen my spath daughter, I no longer have to “play nice”., just to get to see my G Kids,as their dad is bringing them over in the New year, ad they can get their gifts then. So, A Very Happy Xmas to all of us! A spath free xmas is a good Xmas!!
“And God bless us ,every one,!! “as Tiny Tim said!!Much Love, and {{HUGS!!!}} and TOWANDA!! from Gem.XXX


Thank you, dearest OXY! I was cut off, then your great blog got in! As you can see from the second half of my post,{which I put in again as it went missing, LOL!!} I am GETTING IT, and I AM GETTING THERE!! I think with all your help, and all the others help, I am getting it quite fast!!!
Thank you dearest OXy, I love you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wisdom, guts, input, humour.!
My Love and Prayers,!! Gem.XX


I told my N mother one time – I hope you live a very long time – because only death will get you out of your misery.


@ henry – that’s like saying, ‘may you live interesting times’.



no – it was like saying you live a miserable life


ahh, the point was, they were both curses. 😉


I’m dying to know…’d the blind date go the other night?

🙂 🙂 🙂


Erin He was a nice guy. Not my type at all. I wish I had never agreed to the date but once again someone convinced me he was just the right guy for me, boy was she wrong. Single and lovin it is my new modo.


sorry to hear it was not so much fun.

I laughed when i read your first two sentences. I conflated them, so saw a causal relationship between the first and the second: ‘He was a nice guy. Not my type at all.’

one step


Well thats not so bad. At least you got out of the house and he was at least a nice guy! So you didn’t have to sit through an entire date with a jerk.

How do you know anymore what your “type” is? I’m not being a smart a_s….I am really asking…

Because I don’t know what my type is anymore I don’t think…..My type in the past has always been what I DON’T want in my life anymore….



Look at it this way — you got out of the house, had some pleasant dinner company, and you didn’t end up with him moving in at the end of the date or you having to buy him a new car.

I’m with witsend on whether you know what your type is anymore. The guy I’ve been seeing for 6 months definitely wouldn’t fall into the category of my old type. However, after S I sat down and made a list of what I was looking for in a person. Oddly enough, “my type” no longer even made the list. BTW, the guy I am seeing is a very handsome man, but that sort of was incidental — I was much more interested in the person he was.



If you would not have gone, you would always be wondering, “I wonder what would have happened with that blind date guy”…, it’s good that you went.

Single & hating it, but it could be a lot worse… MY new motto.


Hey Guys I cant answer your question Wit. I have a list of things I like in a man. One of them is ‘looks, walks and talks like man.’ Of course self confidence, character, integrity, honesty are important. He must believe in God but not a religous fanatic. There has to be a spark of chemistry, physical attraction. A good sense of humor. I think maybe Mr. Right only exist in my mind and when I revealed my list and dreams to Mr. X he became that fantasy. So my X embodied my fantasy for a while. It’s taken me along time to seperate my (fantasy or dreams or ideas of Mr. Right) out of his empty shell. His body suit. If that makes any sense. Yes Matt your right – I didnt buy him a used truck or let him take over my life …not sure what I want but I know what I dont want..


thanks Rosa I knew i spelled motto wrong in my above post – modo duh – ~! oh well i cant spell…


Tomato…tomotto…..Potato…..Pototto….Target (the store)…..Tar-jay.
Like I always say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
As long as the cat gets skinned, that’s the important thing.


Matt – You hit a nerve so I must elaborate. I knew my x two years prior to him moving in with me. It was obvious to me that he was not interested in me so I would wave and say howdy when I occasionally saw him. Yes I was attracted to him but knew he was not attracted too me. He was mysterious and never revealed much about himself. Unknown to me at the time he was in an ‘abusuve’ relationship. He showed up at my house one nite bloody and beaten and I offered him a place to stay and have time to work things out. The rest is and learn.


I am so glad you went out with Mr. Blind date….no harm no foul!!!
When the time is right…..Mr. right will be there waiting with open and loving honest arms!


I can SO relate with you in knowing what I don’t want! That is almost a no brainer anymore for me….It really is harder to figure out what I would want in a significant other.

Matt and I discussed this awile back.
I think kindhearted/kindness would be WAY at the top of my list if not falling right there into first place.
Comfortable in his own shoes but NOT cocky or arrogant. Integrity….Sense of humor…Loves animals would be of importance to me.

I guess we can dream can’t we? But we have to stay REAL.


Wit I dont even dream much about it anymore. I depend on myself, take care of those I love and am thankful that I survived this chapter in my life. I cant express how relieved I am to have conquered that big empty abyss caused by the sociopath.



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