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The psychopath wormed his way into my life

Spath TalesEditors Note: This SPATH Tale was submitted by the Lovefraud reader who goes by the name  of”Thinking Girl”. The names in this story have been changed.

The sociopath was a man 18 years my junior.

He targeted me while I lectured at the university where he did a degree. He was not my student. He would follow me around, stalk me practically until after a year he wore me down with his attentions. He was always helpful, but wanted my help as a mentor.

I was going through a separation from my husband. The psychopath wormed his way into my life.

He was charming and had an elaborate story about being the son of a billionaire from Texas. His name is Alan. He said he belonged to the Haliburton Oil family. Claimed his parents died in a plane crash and he was orphaned. I did not believe him, but it was hard to believe a person could tell such a lie.

After a year, we became intimate.

He finally confessed that he had lied. He even had a name for his alter ego ‘Max’.

He was actually from Glasgow in Scotland. He said he had an abusive father and left home at 16 to join the army. At 21 he left. He had an assortment of jobs, and then wanted to get a university degree. I listened to his sob story and felt sorry for him.

He was loving and adoring for many years, but I spent a lot of time helping him out. He could never keep a job. He had a lot of odd controlling behavior patterns. He appeared a nice ‘wronged’ young man.

But he was a predator.

Eventually I helped him invest some money he had. I set him up with two properties near my brother in Florida. Alan said they were for us, for our future, for me as I had always wanted to go home to Florida (where I came from).

I wanted to divorce my husband, and Alan offered a way out. After five years, he never made a commitment and one day emailed me good bye. He blamed me for everything that he said was wrong between us.

He pretends to be a Texan. He still does.

He brainwashed me. Manipulated me to help him with business. Made me empty promises.

He ran away.

My husband later told me the guy was a fantasist and a conman. I did not want to believe it.

He still lurks in my small town.

And for all I know has found another woman go leech off. I want to expose him. He takes advantage of kind hearted people, and is a ruthless and obsessive liar. He is completely delusional, and has lied to others about me as well.

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Thinking Girl – it’s amazing how they can maintain the charade for year, and then just suddenly turn it off. It is painful for you, but I’m glad he’s gone.

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