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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 8: ACCEPT

Do you accept that you have parents and siblings or do you mind? Well, we don’t seem to have any choice, do we? There are facts or situations in life that we have no choice, but accept. It is not possible for us to be here on this planet without having parents, even though we cannot predict where the Human Genome Project will take us in the near future…What would happen though if you were to claim you do not have parents, thinking you must be some sort of a transplant by some aliens or you came out from inside a cabbage let’s say?… Even if you were to engage in self-deceptive statements like this, the fact that somebody gave you birth would not change at all, only because we all seem to have a generalised predominant idea of the human reproduction process. So the fact that we refuse to accept an idea or a concept does not really mean that the idea or the concept does not exist.

Likewise, imagine your thoughts are your own brainchild, meaning You are the parent of those thoughts, you have given birth to those thoughts, they didn’t simply occur on their own. Now imagine the thought refuses that you are its creator, it resents you on and on, it simply does not wish to Accept the fact the you have given birth to it, not only it makes you feel unappreciated but it also comes across as very ignorant. If your thought refuses reality it doesn’t mean the reality does not exist. Similarly, if you refuse to accept your own thoughts, it does not mean that those thoughts will disappear from your mind, they will continue bothering you if you don’t acknowledge they belong to you. All parents wish to be acknowledged as the ones giving birth to their children, because it happens to be such a profound deep emotional moment in anyone’s life.

Just like the waves of the ocean, the more we resent our thoughts, the bigger the waves will get so we will start thinking more of what we do not want to think about. In the alternative, if we accept those thoughts, acknowledge them and let them pass, they will churn into the short, just like the waves of the ocean and disappear. Watch the brief session to gain a better understand of how to be more welcoming to your own thoughts no matter what thoughts they are. Simply stay present and pay attention. Mothers do not refuse their newborn babies (well, most of them) no matter how beautiful there are, so why do we?

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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