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7 reasons why psychopaths, antisocials and narcissists will not change


Angry Blond ManOnce a psychopath, antisocial or narcissist is an adult, there is no therapy, and no medication, which will make him or her into a normal, loving person.

You may find this shocking. In these days of medical miracles, it’s hard to believe that there is no treatment for someone who, on the surface, appears to be so normal.

So why won’t malignant people change? Here are seven reasons:

  1. They don’t want to change

For any therapy to work, you have to want to change. Malignants don’t think there is anything wrong with them. Although you and other people are distressed by their behavior, they aren’t. Therefore, they have absolutely no motivation to do the hard work of personal change.

  1. They feel superior

Malignants have no conscience and no morals. They view the rest of us, who can be troubled by conscience and feelings, with scorn. Psychopaths, antisocials and narcissists view the world as predators and prey they are the predators and everyone else is prey. They consider themselves to be at the top of the food chain.

  1. They feed off of your emotional reactions

One self-described narcissist describes this as “fuel.” Any time they provoke an emotional response from you positive or negative they are energized. They are rewarded. Why would they want to give this up by changing their behavior?

  1. They get a thrill out of lying and conning

This is called “duping delight” the sense of satisfaction, of achievement, that malignants experience when they pull one over on you. Lying and manipulating puts them in power, and they crave power.

  1. They’re wired for domination

We all have several distinct behavioral systems that are linked to specific pathways in the brain, according to Dr. Liane Leedom. One of them is the dominance system. In psychopaths, antisocials and narcissists, the dominance system is out of control. Changing it would mean changing this deep brain system extremely difficult to do.

  1. They don’t know any other way of life

The age of onset for these disorders ranges from young childhood to young adulthood. Most disordered individuals are showing symptoms by their teen years. If the malignants in your life are adults, they have probably been manipulating as long as they can remember. It’s all they know.

  1. They’re evil and they like it

Evil doesn’t happen in a vacuum it is behavior that harms or injures others. Malignants engage in evil behavior without a twinge of empathy, guilt or remorse. This makes you fear them. They like being feared it means they’re in a position of power.

Scary website reveals how they think

If you really want to know how psychopaths, antisocials and narcissists think, there is a website written by a self-proclaimed narcissist gives you the scary inside scoop. This website reveals how these malignants view themselves as superior, and the rest of us as nothing more than sources of fuel.

Reading the website is disturbing, but also enlightening. Lovefraud doesn’t want to give the author any publicity. But if you want to gain an insight into their thought processes as explained on this website, send an email to terry@lovefraud.com and we’ll send you a link to it.


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I’m often baffled by people who dismiss the harm of romance scams. They think- no biggie, just get past it and go on with your life. But when a child is born in that union, you will feel the effects of harm for your entire lifetime. And it takes a very strong constitution to go on.

As a fellow survivor who battles on despite the cruelty you’ve endured, I salute you!

So true. I have ‘changed’ so much since I have realized that SON is a SP/P and what that means. I went from a fragile person, wondering what was wrong with him, to a strong person who realizes the scope of who HE is and what I must now do for me.

I salute you, as well. It will go on for an entire lifetime, for sure.

I was hoping my 3 grown sons would NOT be psychopathic, like their dad..Im sure (now) that all 3 are, of one kind or another. I swear the oldest began, when he turned 16 and got his first driver’s license. I used to believe it was the new freedom to be his own boss behind the wheel; but now Im sure I know better..After 16, he only wanted me for clean laundry, money for meals in town (to be with his friends he said). Nothing else I offered as mom, mattered. Only his dad’s opinions/ideas counted for anything. The mockery/criticisms of me/my family, being ignored..only got stronger as he got older. The younger twin boys were somewhat better..but in the last few years I’ve lost them too.


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