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A petition to save a child’s life

A few years ago, I met Dr. Ariel King at the Battered Mothers Conference in Albany, New York. Her story is one of the worst involving an at-risk child that I have ever heard.

Dr. King’s 8-year-0ld daughter, Ariana-Leilani, has an extremely rare and dangerous disease, severe chronic neutropenia. She wants to care for her little girl, but she can’t, because Ariana-Leilani is now in the physical custody of her husband. Because Dr. King is American and her daughter and husband are German nationals, the case is stuck in international limbo. The website  is with the petition for Ariana-Leilani.

The following articles tell the story:

A UH Alumni in the fight for her daughter’s life, on

Children fall through the cracks in Ward 3, on

Dr. King sent Lovefraud the following e-mail. If you can help by signing the petition on her website, please do.

Today, I write to you, to ask for your interest and help. My now 8-year old daughter, Ariana-Leilani is very, very ill.

She is now in a fight for her life with the very rare and life-threatening severe chronic neutropenia. She is on the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry with only about 700 people worldwide.   She needs medicine (G-CSF); independent full examination, and treatment, but is not getting it. She is being denied medicine that is available and can save her life.

The website that an international coalition of supporters made for her is

Please see the short video on her website that explains her fight for life with this rare and treatable blood disease (like leukemia and AIDS in one) and consider showing your support for her treatment to secure her life.

If you can sign the petition under “speak up and be heard” and show your support for getting life-saving treatment, I would be so very appreciative. All children have the basic right to life.

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Ox Drover

I sent this to a prayer group on facebook that I belong to, and I hope that others will pass this on within their face book and social media as well as sign the petition. I can only imagine the pain the mother must be going through knowing her daughter is not getting the treatment she needs and deserves.

Unfortunately with many children who are parents of citizens of different countries/cultures, if there is a custody dispute it can be almost impossible to resolve in a timely and safe way, especially if there is abuse involved. My prayers go out to this mother and for her daughter. May God bring them peace.


Signed it and put a link on my facebook for it.


Yes, finally something we can do to help. Signed and sent to several friends via email

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