A sociopath asks, ‘Why should we change?’

Editor’s note: Lovefraud recently received this email in response to a previous article written by a self-proclaimed sociopath.

I’ve read the article titled A sociopath claims, ”˜We are the uniquely gifted,’ and most of replies to it.

First of all I’d like to make clear that the author of that letter is narcisisstic and quite delusional as he thinks himself some kind of superhuman. But apart from that, most of the things he said are true.

Wouldn’t you use the so called ‘gift’ of manipulation if it ensured you got what  you wanted if the goal was otherwise unattainable? After all, it is you who let us manipulate you.

From replies you can clearly see that people are afraid and that’s the first sign of weakness a sociopath would spot. And I must say I’m disgusted by comments such as this: “I say put ’em all together on a tiny little island and they can lie as intelligently as they please and prove how gifted they are to EACH OTHER!!!”  Is this what I’m supposed to show pity to?In reply to the comment I say that most sociopaths are clever enough not to try it on each other. Even if we do, it’s more of a game than anything else.

Second of all, saying that we can’t feel love is a shameless lie. We are capable of loving, only it’s in our nature to be suspicious, so it takes time to form a real relationship. Only because you haven’t proven to be worthy of it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Claiming that we’re uncapable of being in a relationship or being parents is offensive.

And making a group that demonises us doesn’t exactly give us a reason to ignore our abilities so you could lead happier lives.

Other than that I believe that the idea of us being ruthless, merciless and such, unfortunately comes from our own circles, as some individuals, such as the man who wrote the article, can’t help but brag about his ‘gifts.’ Highly functioning sociopaths won’t let you know what they are, nor will you be able to recognize them in a crowd.

I don’t understand why you put criminals, killers and lunatics as an example of a sociopath and psychopath as most of us are intelligent enough not to ruin our own lives by 1st exposing ourselves and 2nd engaging in a criminal activity. Most of those criminals have far worse diagnosis than sociopathy and psychopathy to go along with these.

And lastly, why should we change? I always looked down on people my age, and as a result I used to read 5 books a week from when I was 10. I still read a lot and am working on improving myself as well as my ‘abilities’ as I admit I have no respect for today’s society in which you’re judged as a freak as soon as anyone realizes you’re too intelligent to watch ‘Big brother’ like the rest of the ‘normal’ crowd.


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The problem with waiting for the proven lies to start coming out is, most are well into the relationship by the time this happens. The proven lie didn’t come out until the Big Fat One. Caught him with the girlfriend he kept telling me he didn’t want. My rule is..cancel on me once or change the times around without a good reason and my radar is up. Do it again with or without a good reason. Red Flag! Try it again…you’re done. Stand me up once…he better be in the hospital unconscious.

**** **** was confronted by **** for his Sociopath behavior. He refused to be rebuked for his 10 year affair. Rather than being confronted, he ran away. **** **** refused to be confronted and ran away. What I read about Sociopaths, they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. **** **** does not want to change. Its good that he has been removed as **** Church in New York City. I hope he stays away.

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