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A sociopath claims, ‘We are evolution’s next step’

Do sociopaths know what they are? Many, many Lovefraud readers ask me this question. The short answer is that some of them do and some of them don’t.

The man who sent me the following email certainly has insight into his own personality:

I would like to thank you for making your videos they have given me an insight into how you people recognize us. WE are not to blame for your short comings because you are weak minded and foolish enough to be taken advantage of. We are evolutions next step we don’t allow silly emotions to cloud our judgments. In fact we use our advantage for survival because we are natures next course. I know I sound very narcissistic and apologize for that but if you are so proud and concerned and attached to your emotions why not allow someone to make you feel like a queen for something as worldly as money? We give you what you are missing just as all of the world ecosystem has since the beginning of time. It’s funny how we have been so easily classified and even now as I attempt to alter myself in order to become unparallel to descriptions of us, I find it very difficult to even perceive. I would like to boast of my strategic victories over hearts but I would fear you making another video and making this game more difficult, of course it would make it much more challenging and pleasurable when enjoying the hunt.

This email is a great example of the sociopathic perspective, whether or not individual sociopaths are aware of it. Lest we forget, here is how sociopaths view themselves, the rest of us, and the world:

1. Sociopaths are superior beings, and everyone else is a mark.

2. If marks are dumb enough to be conned, they get what they deserve.

3. Marks deserve to be targeted because of their stupid emotions and consciences.

4. Emotions and consciences are useful in marks, because they can be exploited.

5. Exploitation is a perfectly reasonable way for sociopaths to get what they want.

This is why there is no rehabilitation for sociopaths. They do not feel that they have a disorder; rather, sociopaths believe they have an evolutionary competitive advantage.

Or, for those sociopaths who don’t have the intelligence or education to analyze their place in the world, they’re simply content the way they are and see no need for change.

Lovefraud originally posted this article on June 17, 2013.

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This sounds alarmingly like the “political manifesto” heard from the UK gangster, Martin Hunt, when ranting to students at Mander College in 1981. The last time Medawar heard about Mr Hunt, via the BBC’s “Crimewatch” programme, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency were jolly keen to meet with him and he was effectively redeemable in cash at any police station in the UK or the Europol area. His present whereabouts are unknown, but somewhere in the US is likely. Mr Hunt firmly believes that there is great evolutionary virtue in “the strong” (ie: him) taking anything they want from “the weak” (ie: us.) He has some genetic material in common with David Hunt, another notorious gangster -and it really shows in their attitudes and behaviour.

One day, as a young child in a strict Roman Catholic school, I felt confused about how there could be Three Gods in One. I asked about this during our Friday afternoon visit with Father Price. He told me that because I was so young, and my brain capacity was not fully formed, I should simply trust him and have faith that if he, Father Price, said there are Three Gods in One (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) then it was absolute and true. “When I teach you, consider my voice the full authority of God,” he said. I revered him and believed him entirely.


They are actually nature’s throwbacks…they lack a mammalian brain. It is only because of modern society they are even able to survive. A society full of the likes of them would not last; it would cannibalize itself.


satya. They were around in Germany in the Twenties:

“I have met the new superman. He frightens me.” Adolf Hitler.

I agree that if these personalities become dominant, civilised society will fall. Hitler wasn’t one of them himself, but for some reason he convinced himself that he had to prepare the path for them. (He was much influenced by the science fiction novel “The Coming Race”.) Which I think explains why the British Special Operations Executive targeted Reinhard Heydrich for assassination and not Hitler. As sociopaths go, Heydrich was clear off the scale. It was Heydrich who actually chaired the Wansee conference that decided the fate of the Jews and other races.

Marxism, meanwhile, was intentionally designed as a system, appealing to idealists, that would always in practice bring sociopaths to the top. Marx WANTED to bring civilisation down, because he believed (or perhaps merely hoped) something better would spring from the ashes. There’s no way that civilisation actually continues under Marxism.


Indeed Satya. This is SO spot on


Genetic aberrations who need hosts to survive. Parasites and cockroaches have survived forever.


Evolution lol that’s a laugh. Kill me if I ever become so emotionally vacant the only activity on Earth that fills my boredom is hurting fellow humans.


When I see sociopaths and narcissists actually winning in the world and getting what they want – particularly when they are world leaders – I can’t help but wonder if sociopaths really do win in the survival-of-the-fittest game because they do seem always to win. So the end justifies the means. When sociopaths and narcissists run countries, the results are terrifying because not only do they believe they are superior but they are able to convince others of it, too. According to Jesus’ teachings, the meek will inherit the earth. But it appears on the surface as if sociopaths win just by sheer force of their conviction that they are superior and their ability to convince others of it. Normal people introspect. They admit mistakes. They have self-doubt. Sociopaths exploit these traits as a sign of weakness. In a twisted way, a sociopath’s logic has some evolutionary merit. This is discouraging and terrifying to me.


I think Big Pharma cares about making money than health. People are tryimg to change this.


“I would like to boast of my strategic victories over hearts but I would fear you making another video and making this game more difficult.” This points to the psychopath’s chronic frustration, as he is condemned to perpetually hiding his expertise.

“We are evolutions next step.” This evolution has been experimented upon, in the old USSR and other pathocratic communities, where pathologically egoistic deviants have organized themselves into upper classes who have ruled over the 80% or so of normally empathic individuals. Not fun places to live, even for the ruling psychopaths, who still have had to don their mask of sanity toward foreigners and live in constant fear of cunning and ruthless betrayal by their “friends.”


Hope Springs

What a load of horseshit. Spaths sure know how to spread horseshit.

Spaths are no great ‘evolutionary next step’. They are mentally ill and are born that way. They do definitely seem from another planet. though.

Never let them snow you. Emotions are GOOD and REAL and GENUINE.

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