A mostly accurate portrayal of sociopaths/stalkers

In Gold Bar, a tiny town in the state of Washington (population 2,075), the local news website posted an article entitled The Mind of the Stalker.  It’s unclear who wrote the article, because there is no byline. The author describes the behavior of stalkers, writing that many of them are textbook sociopaths.

Most of the article is accurate, and is drawn from the work of experts, such as Dr. Robert D. Hare and Dr. Hervey Cleckley. I disagree with a few statements, such as “they cannot control their behavior.” But I’m glad to see that someone in this tiny town outside of Seattle is trying to alert the community to the social predators who live among us.

I imagine that this person had a personal experience with a sociopath. Like so many Lovefraud readers, he or she was probably baffled by the experience and researched the disorder to make sense out of what happened. Then, shocked to learn that millions of people are inherently manipulative and destructive, the author did what he or she could to warn the townsfolk.

At least that’s my interpretation. Here’s the article, which was sent to me by a Lovefraud reader. What do you think?

The Mind of the Stalker, on


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Good article. Stalking is a form of mental assault.

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