Another documentary to spread the word about psychopaths

Filmmaker Alexander Davidis has directed commercials for international advertising agencies and documentaries about historic race cars. Then he had an experience with a psychopath, and now wants to help tell the world that these predators live among us.

Davidis already started by interviewing some of the world’s leading researchers on psychopathy. To complete the project, he’s listed it on Kickstarter, which is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. He wants to raise at least $60,000.

Kickstarter is interesting. Anyone can be a backer, pledging as little as $1 on a credit card. In order for the money to be collected, the project must reach its entire goal by the deadline. If the project doesn’t reach the entire goal in pledges, none of the money is collected. In other words, the backers’ credit cards are only charged if enough money is raised for the project to go forward.

So, check out the trailer that Alexander Davidis has produced for the film. If you believe the project is important, you can become a backer.

Psychopathy—and why you need to know, on

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I have confidence that you will make it out. It is a long, hard road with many steps in the journey. You’re “awake” and you’re “aware” and that is the first important step.

I made mistakes too. I went NC, I thought it was going to flipping kill me, I was in a raging depression, and just kept coming to the blog, coming to the blog, going to my therapist, reading books, regaining my strength bit by bit. You can make it happen too. I have no doubt.

Please try to stop having sex with him. It just makes things worse. It creates chemical reactions in you that are very difficult to undo. Just find ways to insert distance from your spath, bit by bit by bit, whatever you can think of.


Thank you, Athena.

I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve never before in my life, in any relationship, felt compelled to google “I think my boyfriend is a sociopath” and read/contribute to a blog on such matters. Not until this one. That says a lot.

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