Another twist on love scams: Notices from the “Bureau of Customs”

Lots of men and women in the Philippines look for foreign romantic partners — and end up getting scammed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Scammer claims to be from Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States and pursues an online relationship with the target.
  2. Scammer claims to send a package of expensive gifts to the target, like laptops, smartphones or designer bags.
  3. A few days later, target receives an email, supposedly from the Bureau of Customs, informing him or her of taxes and duties that need to be paid. It comes complete with official-looking documents.
  4. Target sends money to the designated bank account, which, of course, belongs to the scammer. Money is gone.

BoC cautions public vs online love scams, on

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So these scammers pretend to be sending laptops and smartphones and other high-tech presents? Somebody should have warned their victims to “beware of Geeks bearing gifts!”

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