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Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin marries for money, and his wife commits suicide

By Donna Andersen, author of

Katherine Morris, a 22-year-old student about to graduate from the University of Maryland, left a final message on her iPhone:

I am SO sorry for doing this to my parents in (sic) my friends, but I don’t see myself ever being happy again. When I look at my future I don’t see anything. I don’t see kids. I don’t see a husband. I don’t see love. I don’t see happiness. don’t see a career. I just see more misery. It’s easier this way. Please don’t let him get away with what he’s done & what he’s doing. I didn’t deserve this. I couldn’t handle this. It completely depilitated (sic) me.

Katherine’s lifeless body was discovered in her car parked at Anne Arundel Community College in Hanover, Maryland at 5:30 a.m. on May 6, 2012. According to the police report, two trays of burned charcoal were on the passenger floorboard. Katherine had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Back at Katherine’s apartment, her roommate, Michelle Harper, went into Katherine’s empty room. There she found a phone card, printed e-mails, a marriage license and a letter to Isaac Goodwin, neatly clipped together and placed on a laptop computer. In the letter to Goodwin, her husband, Katherine stated that she could not believe what he had done to her, and that this would soon be over.

Guess what? I love you

The two met at a club in February 2011. Isaac Goodwin was an Army specialist (E4) stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Katherine Morris was a junior at the University of Maryland, pursuing a degree in Family Sciences. They began dating, although their relationship was mostly phone calls and text messages. In May, Katherine baked Goodwin a birthday cake, but he never came to eat it. In June, Goodwin was transferred to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

By the summer, Katherine was unhappy about her involvement with Goodwin. She texted him the following on July 4, 2011:

I think it would be better if we just end this. I was happier when I was single. I wasn’t as lonely. I didn’t have to worry about all of the disappointment. You said you would do better, try better but you havent. Im willing to make things work only if im not the only one tryna make things work which has been the case. I meant everything I said a few Saturdays ago. I care about you deeply and I would be there for you through good and bad but that’s only if you could do the same for me and you havent. Your still the oly one I want but sometimes what we want isnt what we need. You talk a good game but fail to back it up with your actions. & a major thing is that you dont trust me and I don’t trust you and you can’t have a relationship without trust especially a long distance one. I still cant help but to feel like you have somebody else and that you never took me or us seriously. So dont be mad at me when I ignore your phone calls and texts just as you’ve done to me in my attempt to move on.

To this text, Goodwin replied, “Please call me!” and “I know u hate me, but I really need to talk to u Asap.” And on July 30, 2011, the following exchange took place:

Goodwin: Guess what?

Katherine: What?

Goodwin: I love you Kathy

Katherine: I love you too Isaac. That made me smile.

Goodwin: I can’t wait to see u

Katherine: Same here baby

Isaac Goodwin

On August 3, 2011, Goodwin and Katherine drove to Arlington, Virginia, where they married in front of a civil magistrate. Goodwin did not give Katherine a wedding ring. He convinced his new wife not to tell her parents about the wedding. Then he left, marriage license in hand.

Things that bother me

Michelle Harper and Katherine Morris became roommates in August 2011. Michelle was surprised to learn that Katherine had married Goodwin. In a notarized statement, Michelle said, “She had told me previously that he would act unreasonably jealous and controlling whenever she would go out to a party or not return his call or text right away.”

During the entire first semester, Michelle said, Goodwin came to see his new bride only twice. On numerous occasions Goodwin said he was coming, then cancelled his plans or simply failed to show up.  “Besides Isaac not showing up, Kathy confided to me that they barely spoke,” Michelle stated. “She told me that she didn’t understand why he didn’t talk to her as much since they got married, and she felt really down and sad.”

Katherine was a full-time student, working two part-time jobs in her struggle to pay the rent each month, and disappointed in her marriage. By the end of the semester, she was both angry and despondent. On December 15, 2011, she sent Goodwin information about filing for divorce in Maryland.

Katherine suspected that Goodwin was cheating on her, but he denied it. On December 18, 2011, she sent Goodwin the following email:

Things that bother me about us/you/our relationship

  1. Not romantic.
  2. I feel like you don’t really want me. The last Time we made love you wouldn’t even kiss me.
  3. Controlling. I don’t mind you being the head but you are too controlling at times.
  4. Not a man of your word.
  5. The fact that you think I should tell my parents we got married myself is f***ed up especially since you never even asked them if you could marry me to begin with. The least you could do is actually be there with me to tell them.
  6. Double standards.
  7. I have yet to meet your family.
  8. I don’t feel comfortable enough with you to talk to you about A LOT of things so I keep a lot of stuff to myself
  9. Why have I never heard about your so-called “female” friends. I don’t mind you having them but why am I just now finding out that you have them.
  10. I still don’t know why you suddenly wanted to marry me out of the blue when the last time you had mentioned marriage you said that whoever was your next relationship was who you were going to marry even though you didn’t want to get married at that time but later on. A month or less after this you told me you wanted to get married. It confused me then and still confuses me. Why me? & why so soon? & why didn’t you ask me to marry you instead of telling me we were getting married?
  11. You threatening to kill me if I cheat on you.
  12. When you ignore me & don’t say anything.

A few days later, Katherine was convinced that Goodwin was cheating. On December 21, 2011, she sent him the following email:

I hope she’s worth it. I’ve packed up all of my stuff so it’s easier for my parents. I cut the screen out of my bedroom window. Now all I have to do is take the dive and you’ll be free from having to deal with me forever. No more me stressing you out, not trusting you, accusing you, threatening to divorce you, or anything else. You can be happy now. Till death do us part. I love you.

Suicide letter

Rev. Marguerite Morris was concerned about her daughter. “Katherine was phenomenally focused, loving and precious,” she said. “But I knew something was wrong.” On December 22, 2011, she emailed Katherine. Her daughter’s reply was a suicide letter.

Rev. Morris was 90 minutes away. Panicked, she immediately called 911, who contacted the University of Maryland campus police. Their fast response, Rev. Morris stated, “may very well have saved my daughter’s life.”

Katherine was admitted to the Washington Adventist Hospital, and her parents rushed to be with her. That’s when they learned that Katherine had married Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin.

Goodwin, who was still in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was notified of Katherine’s hospitalization on December 23, 2011. He said he could not come to Maryland because of the military. Katherine’s parents attempted to contact Goodwin on December 24, 25 and 26. He did not respond. The parents then called the Red Cross, knowing that by doing so, Goodwin’s commanders would become aware of the situation. Finally, on December 27, 2011, Goodwin called Rev. Morris and said he was on his way to Maryland.

No spousal support

All semester long, Katherine had been struggling financially. Rev. Morris herself was a military spouse—Katherine’s father, Willie Morris, had served in the Air Force for 15 years and they had been married for 25 years. So she knew that Katherine was entitled to medical benefits and spousal support, called Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). But according to Rev. Morris, Goodwin repeatedly stated that he only received “$70 to $80 more per month” as spousal benefits, and the only way he could get benefits for Katherine was to bring her to Fort Bragg. Rev. Morris believed he was lying, and that he was probably receiving $900 per month in BAH payments.

On January 3, 2012, Rev. Morris sent a letter to Goodwin’s commanding officer at Fort Bragg, telling the whole story. She made the following points:

  • To date Specialist Goodwin has never informed his spouse of any entitlement to a military ID card.
  • To date Specialist Goodwin has never signed his spouse up for any medical benefits.
  • To date Specialist Goodwin has received over $4,000 in spousal benefits including January 2012.
  • We firmly believe that Specialist Isaac Goodwin filed for and has been receiving BAH for his wife Katherine Goodwin Morris and has failed to pass those benefits on to his spouse.

Shortly afterwards, a telephone conference call took place between Katherine, her parents, Goodwin and his commanding officers. Goodwin was then ordered by his chain of command to comply with the Army’s spousal support requirements. He didn’t do it willingly.

Five other women

Isaac Goodwin with weapon

Specialist Isaac Goodwin deployed to Afghanistan on March 3, 2012. Deployment is an emotional time, usually attended by the soldiers’ families. Goodwin told Katherine that he didn’t want anyone to be there—not his mother, not his family, not his wife. But Katherine followed Goodwin’s mother in Twitter, and learned that she was on her way to North Carolina to watch her son deploy.


That wasn’t the only betrayal. A few days later, Katherine hacked into Goodwin’s email account and Facebook page, and found that he was cheating on her. He was communicating with at least five other women as he traveled to Afghanistan, telling them that he loved them, missed them, and couldn’t wait to see them.

On March 9, 2012, Katherine sent the following email to all of them:

Hello Ladies,

Just wondering if you all know that Isaac Goodwin is married and messing with all of you at the same time. Well now you know. I guarantee he’ll deny it. Don’t worry as soon as he get’s back from Afghanistan I’ll b divorcing him so y’all can fight over who gets to have him then. But have a blessed day ladies!

The official Mrs. Goodwin!

Marrying for financial gain

One of the other women was a member of the military who Goodwin had been dating since late 2009. She was shocked to receive Katherine’s email—especially since she and Goodwin had talked about marriage, and went to a jewelry store where she tried on rings. The woman sent Goodwin an email:

To think that you would go ahead and MARRY someone you know likes/ cares about you just for financial gain is crazy ”¦ Or should I say just plain STUPID. DUMB. And think you weren’t going to run into any problems. Not very smart Isaac.

However please know that you HURT my feelings deeply. It’s really sad that even still I feel like your Not telling me the TRUTH about everything. But maybe that’s a good thing!!!!!

Well one thing I do know to be the truth is KARMA and I’m sure you will be receiving your share very soon!

Katherine, of course had hacked Goodwin’s email, so she saw the correspondence between the woman and him. On the morning of March 10, 2012, Katherine wrote to Goodwin:

Aww she really cares about you! Doesn’t want you to get in trouble on your job but you should tell her that if she really cared and didnt want to get you in trouble she would stop sending you emails because I have printouts of every single email she’s sent you and it doesn’t look good for you on the whole frauding the government by marrying me to get BAH or on the whole you committing adultery. She’s just digging an even bigger whole for you but I do thank her for that.

That evening, Goodwin replied, apparently worried that Katherine would report him to the Army’s Inspector General. He wrote:

I am sorry. I want talk to none of them anymore. Are you going IG? I give you the divorce. Please

A month later, Katherine wrote to Goodwin that she wouldn’t go to the IG if he told her the complete truth about everything.  She wrote:

I kno this will b hard 4 u since u seem 2struggle w/ bein honest&truthful but its the ONLY thing that will stop me from goin 2ig

Waiting for it to be over

On May 2, 2012, the other woman who was in the military contacted Katherine, wanting to talk about Goodwin. Katherine called the woman from the apartment that she shared with Michelle Harper. Harper could hear Katherine speaking in a low voice.

In her notarized statement, Harper recounted what happened:

Kathy told me that the woman said Isaac had told her that he was getting a divorce with Kathy and leaving her to marry this other woman. Meanwhile, Isaac had been telling Kathy at the same time that he was working things out with her and staying in the marriage. This threw Kathy for a loop. She did not know what to believe, but what she did know was that she was tired of being lied to over and over again. After our conversation, she went to her room to sleep, but I could hear her from the other side of the door crying.

Katherine posted 27 Twitter and Facebook messages over the next three days—messages of turmoil. At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 5, 2012, she walked out of her apartment. Harper thought she was going to church, as she always did on Saturday night.

At 8:32 p.m., Katherine tweeted:

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18 NIV)

At 9:49 p.m., she tweeted and posted on Facebook:

Waiting for this to be over.

The next morning, Katherine was discovered slumped over in her car. At 5:37 a.m., she was pronounced dead. Back in her room, she left a final note on her computer for her family. It said in part:

I want my death to bring attention to this person and what he has done so that it can stop. So that he can be stopped so that no more women will be hurt by his actions and his selfishness. So that everybody that he has continued to lie to can see the truth and everybody that thinks he is such an angel and can do no wrong can see the façade he has put on for you. I know I’m not perfect. I’ve made my mistakes. I’ve messed up. I’ve sinned. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.

I love both of my parents very much and I love my close friends just the same. I love my family and friends also, and I know that they love me in return. I never wanted to hurt you all like this but I really feel like I can’t go on. Please don’t feel guilty or like this is your fault because it’s not. I know that if I needed to I could reach out to any one of you and you would do what you could to help but I feel the only way for justice to truly be served in this situation is for me to give my life for the cause.

I’m doing what I’m doing so that others may know the truth.


Upon being notified of his wife’s death, Specialist Isaac Goodwin returned from Afghanistan, asking his military other woman to pick him up at the airport. He did not attend Katherine Morris’ funeral, but he did stop the funeral home’s office to pick up her death certificate.

Investigation and lawsuit

The Army conducted an inquiry into the communications between Katherine Morris and Goodwin’s other woman who was a service member. The brigade judge advocate determined that the woman believed that Goodwin was not married, and that they were in an exclusive relationship. The investigation found no evidence that she caused or contributed to Katherine’s death. But the investigating officer noted that Goodwin admitted his “marriage was a sham and solely for benefits.”

Katherine’s parents, Rev. Marguerite Morris and Willie Morris, were not satisfied with the Army’s investigation. They requested that the Army investigate further, and also sought the support of their congressman.

Another investigation was launched to determine whether Specialist Goodwin committed BAH fraud in marrying Katherine Morris, whether he failed to provide support during the marriage, and whether he committed adultery.

In the meantime, Rev. Marguerite Morris filed a claim in United States District Court against Prudential Financial Inc. Specialist Isaac Goodwin had taken out a $100,000 insurance policy on his wife’s life, and Rev. Morris wanted to block payment. Court documents state:

Morris has reason to believe that Goodwin’s marriage to Katherine was entered into under fraudulent pretenses, namely in order to allow Goodwin to collect a higher Basic Allowance for Housing (“BAH”) from the United States Army. Further, Morris has reason to believe that Goodwin was never faithful to Katherine throughout the duration of the marriage in that he engaged in sexual relations with a person other than Katherine.

The document further states:

Morris also has reason to believe that throughout their marriage, Goodwin was consistently abusive towards Katherine, and has further reason to believe that said abusive behavior directly contributed to Katherine’s suicide.

Sham marriages and BAH fraud

BAH fraud and marriage fraud are ongoing problems in the military. In 2008,, based in Virginia, reported a widespread scam discovered by Navy officials. Sailors were marrying foreign nationals so they could earn an extra $1,000 per month.

Last year, the Navy Times reported that Jermar Jones, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Grenada, was sentenced to four years in prison for arranging marriages between sailors and illegal immigrants. The article states:

The Navy is no stranger to sham marriages. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which investigated the case along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, estimates that its investigations into such scams have produced the convictions of more than 100 people about 60 percent of them sailors over the past four years, and uncovered roughly $1.5 million of BAH fraud.

In fact, in October 2010 Navy compensation officials offered training on spotting sham marriages leading to BAH fraud. The training PowerPoint stated, “fraudulent or sham marriages involve either fraudulent marriage documents or contractual/convenience marriages.”

BAH Fraud, according to the Powerpoint, is “knowlingly collecting BAH payments for which a member is not authorized.” An example is “marriage for the sole purpose of collecting BAH, providing spouse with military benefits (medical/dental)/green card (sometimes in exchange for monetary payment).”

The PowerPoint listed the following fraud indicators:

  • Spouse not claimed as beneficiary for salary, leave accruals or SGLI benefits (life insurance)
  • Spouse not listed in DEERS (medical benefits program)
  • Spouse not provided with an ID card
  • Records do not reflect a common dwelling

All of the warning signs applied in the Specialist Isaac Goodwin case, at least until January 2012, when his commanders ordered him to support his wife.

Second Army investigation

The second Army investigation was completed on August 3, 2012. Through a Freedom of Information request, Rev. Morris obtained a redacted copy. It showed that Specialist Goodwin applied for a military identification card, and enrolled Katherine in the military’s medical benefits program, on January 9, 2012.

The report included details of Goodwin’s Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)—his payroll and deductions information. In July 2011, Goodwin received $409.41 in BAH. In August 2011, after marrying Katherine Morris, he claimed a dependent and his BAH jumped to $923.72. In September, October, November and December, he received BAH payments of $989.70. In January, the BAH increased again to $1,022.70.

In February 2012, the records show that Goodwin enrolled his wife in the military life insurance program, although Rev. Morris said that Katherine didn’t know about it. He elected $100,000 in coverage on Katherine’s life.

In March and April 2012, the records finally show a discretionary allotment of $600 for his wife.

Sworn statements

The investigating officer collected sworn statements from nine military members, ranging in rank from private first class to major. Each person was required to respond to a set of more than 50 questions about Specialist Goodwin’s marriage and relationship with his wife. Most of the answers were “I don’t know.” None of the service members had ever met Katherine Morris, and only a few had any communication with her at all.

One question was, “Do you think SPC Goodwin married for love, entitlements, or increased money?” The answers were:

“I believe love”

“Hope and assume love”

“I think possibly he married for the extra money”

“Not sure”

“I assume he married for love. He did seem proud of his wife.”

“I don’t know. I have never seen them together.”

“I think he married for love.”

“I don’ know.”

Conclusion to inquiry

The report notes that Katherine Morris’ mother provided voluminous print-outs of electronic communication. “Because of the large amount of documentation, I have not enclosed all of these communications as exhibits to this report,” the officer wrote. “These documents are available for inspection in my office.”

The report included only three emails:

  • Katherine Morris’ communication to an Army sergeant that she’d been paid $440 in January, $250 in February, was still waiting for the remaining $250 for February, and she was supposed to start receiving $600 in March, if Goodwin set up the allotment.
  • The email Katherine Morris sent to the five women who she believed Goodwin was cheating with, along with one that the military woman sent to Goodwin accusing him of lying.
  • The email exchange between Katherine Morris and the military other woman that preceded their phone conversation.

In the conclusion of the inquiry into Specialist Isaac Goodwin’s alleged BAH fraud and adultery, the investigating officer stated:

a. I find no evidence that SPC Goodwin committed BAH fraud.

b. I find that SPC Goodwin failed to pay support from August 2011 until December 2011. I find that SPC Goodwin did pay support beginning in January 2012, although it is unclear whether he paid the full amounts owed for January and February. I do not find by a preponderance of the evidence that he knowingly violated the captain’s order to pay support because in his order, the captain did not specify for SPC Goodwin the amount of support that he was to pay.

c. I find by a preponderance of the evidence that SPC Goodwin committed adultery by having sexual relations with (redacted—the military other woman) after his marriage to Katherine Morris.

Isaac Goodwin in dress uniform

The investigating officer recommended that his report be forwarded to Specialist Goodwin’s chain of command for “consideration and action as the command deems appropriate.”

Specialist Isaac Goodwin was promoted to corporal. And, unless the District Court of Maryland decides otherwise, he stands to gain $100,000 from the death of Katherine Morris.

For more information:

Fort Bragg soldier accused of fraud after wife’s suicide, on

Army investigates allegation soldier drove UMd. student to suicide, on

To help Katherine Morris’ family pay the legal costs of pursuing justice, please visit For Kathy’s Sake.


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This makes me so angry. The army is so full of bull…. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people screwed over including myself. My ex used to beat me and his command knew and did nothing. He is still in the military and I still have the scars. I suppose if I would have thought about what this beautiful girl did at the time I would have. With lack of support from the military and a jerk like that all you think about is dying. Well Spc or corporal sh…head when you go back to afghanistan I hope karma gets you because she is a vengeful bi…


absolutely sickening. i was getting ready to eat dinner and completely lost my appetite. THEY ALWAYS WIN AND I AM SICK OF IT. Justice in this world??? Where????

kim frederick

OMG. I’m absolutely dumb-struck! What a beautiful young woman she was. This is absolutely disgusting! Another example of how spaths rise in the power heirarchy and protect their own. Sickening. And, yes, triggering. Maybe Xspathsailor married me for BAH. God, talk about the all boys club. And these are are our heroes. Wow. Just wow.

raggedy ann

This is criminal, and the military is complicit. Even without his admission, this is what I would call the horse’s mouth. Timing. Deeds. Invisibility of spouse to family or friends.

I am much more familiar with the marriage-for-greencard story — became the primary peripheral woman in the one I know best. In either version, the criminal charge should be much greater when one party was led to believe the marriage was “for real”. This kind of fraud is harder to detect than the obvious scenario of a quid pro quo exchange between two parties not emotionally entangled with each other. And it is 10,000 times more ethical that way [two non-entangled parties doing business] though still illegal.

I hope the law can change. And kudos to anyone covering this story and showing all that such horrible acts result in infamy at the very, very least.

What a devastating sickening story. Katherine sounds so self-possessed so strong and common sense in her communication with this horrible human being. That poor girl.


As shocking and heartbreaking as this is, i am not surprised this kind of injustice has occured. Injustice? Yes. Kathrine’s death in vain? In my opinion…yes. Anyone not familiar with the military, has to understand the particular “nature” of that beast, and their “mentality”. Not to put a gender label on it, but the investigating officer was a man? If that be the case, they do protect their own. (Just sayin) Normal folks, feel the outrage, injustice for Kathrine, compassion and grief for her family. I certainly do! However, look at where our society is going? Everything is sooo very screwed up? Right is wrong, wrong is acceptable, no boundries in the homes, as well as society, the “lines drawn” are no longer there. They have been erased! Oh the insanity that surrounds us all! I fear for our children and Grandchildren! God help us all! My heart just breaks for Kathrine and her family…….


This is absolutely horrible. Mine wasn’t a military situation, but I felt like Katherine did. The many times I wanted to commit suicide, I thought by doing it not only would it put me out of my misery, it would have shown what he did; how he hurt and devastated people and didn’t care.

Yes! Once again, it’s some spath getting away with it! It’s never going to stop…so disheartening.

Katherine was beautiful. I am so sad that she is gone and her family lost her.


bothers me when i read how a wife “hacked” into husband’s email or fb. hacked to me says they illegally gained access. but how is it illegal to access spousal mail? she had the RIGHT to read his emails. what kind of crappy attorney was handling this situation for her? her parents were military and they didn’t do better than this for her? wow. just wow. what a tragedy. she must have felt SO helpless and alone. so young and beautiful to have EVER thought there was no future for her.

ps yes, the military can be the shits to deal with but a good attorney sure does change their attitude, esp when publicity puts command into the hotseat.

Ox Drover

This is disgusting and I am so ashamed of our military.

Ox Drover

Donna I didn’t see your post until after I posted, I feel so sad for the family of this young woman. I hope and pray that her mother can obtain justice for her daughter’s MURDER because that is what I see it as.

For this psychopathic soldier to remain in the military much less be promoted is …well,, I can’t think of a word bad enough.


Katydid, you said she had a “right” to access his emails? Really? What right? (Please dont get me wrong, am not knocking your comment) Seems part of her despair was she was attempting to exercise “rights” by seeking the truth, trying to get the pisa shit to be honest, and so on…but to no avail. Last year, i attempted to exercisr my “right” as a spouse, by calling out the dirtbag i am still marrird to (but not for long now) about him being on a x-rated dating website; he said…I’ll fix this!”….and proceeded to go up to the credit union, and chop me off the checking acct., along with my check card! That amputation and “punishment” for calling him out lasted 10 days. I did go up to the credit to see about my card, but they treated me like i was a criminal! He completely closed the acct and opened a new one!!! To this day, i still feel humiliation over that!! I found out the hard way the “lines of rights” can be erased as well. As far as the dirtbag is concerned, he never gave it another thought. He showed me what he thought about my “rights”….. Best wishes to all!(


There is no presumption to privacy when a person is married. That’s what I meant by a right. I didn’t like that sentence in the article that implied something was wrong with her for accessing his emails/fb. It seemed wrong that he could scam her but she wasn’t allow access to know to protect herself. The military sure does pull some S* but if a person has knowledgable resource, the rules can be used against the military just as surely as they were used to harm this vulnerable girl.

For instance:
When I was married, my husband could lock me into financial contracts without my knowledge. But I also had the right to be able to pursue KNOWING about such contracts. That requires me to be able to access his communications with others, such as email, the post, the phone, and even fb and other social media.

I lost that right when we legally separated but in those months before legal separation, I investigated all I could in order to protect myself.


Appreciate your clairity, Katydid. Ughhhhh, how i wish there was no need for a site like this. 🙁 just when you think you know where you stand, you find out someone is trying to push you off the cliff.


This really breaks my HEART. I pray justice is served. Kathy was such a sweet soul. I went to high school with Kathy, she was always the sweetest girl. This DISGUSTING sorry excuse for human, let alone a man, can not get away with this.

Rest peacefully Kathy! <3

Why don’t we have a puking emoticon?

This creature is the face of evil. He knew he was driving her to suicide, that’s why he got the life insurance. I thought that life insurance was null and void if the insured committed suicide? If it’s not, then it should be the law.

Not that it would stop the spaths. I doubt that mine had insurance on me beyond the small ones I bought myself (kicking skylar in the head for being stupid).

Mine was just going to “suicide” me and get everything in my will.

They like to get minions to testify on their behalf, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those who did testify were promised a reward.

raggedy ann

“He knew he was driving her to suicide, that’s why he got the life insurance. I thought that life insurance was null and void if the insured committed suicide?”

That’s usually true, so it’s unlikely that that is why he got the insurance. There is a clause that typically runs out after some amount of time with respect to suicide.

Which would mean he might have been up to something that the army would consider more serious than driving a woman to suicide.

Raggedy Ann,
that is a possibility that he was going to kill her eventually, if she didn’t kill herself.

My spath told me about his ex gf committing suicide after about a year and a half together. She walked out into traffic and got hit by a car, he said.

In my case, he was trying hard, but I didn’t commit suicide so he had it planned to make it look like I did. Toward this end, he told everyone that I was suicidal; he moved several minions into the neighborhood -unbeknownst to me; he was stealing a few lunesta tablets at a time from my prescription; and he went crying to my pharmacist that I was “doctor shopping” to get more lunesta because I was an addict.

If this creep was going to off his wife, then the question remains, how? She wasn’t anywhere near him. He rarely visited. He must have had it planned to hire someone to do it.

kim frederick

Anybody ever had a noose hanging in their basement? WTF?

you’re kidding! right?

I know a spath kid, who has a black mom and a white dad.

After his mom tried to get him institutionalized for being a juvenile delinquent, he went to live with his white dad.

At some point, the dad decided to put up a huge confederate flag outside the house. That’s sort of like a noose, right?


Most life insurance policies have a two year suicide clause so it is possible to get a payout with suicide, but it has to be two years after taking out the policy.

Loulse, I suppose that’s good info to have. One never knows when one will have another spath take out a policy on us.

Can a person who is not a spouse, take out a policy? I really don’t think that my spath did, but…you never know.

kim frederick

Nope. Not kidding. It was hanginging from a pipe over the washer and dryer and a pile of laundry that had yet to be washed. To spath, I was a housekeeper and nothing else….I was a BAD housekeeper, and I was UNGRATEFUL…
I don’t know if spath wanted me to hang myself over the unwashed laundry, or weather spath wanted me to think he was going to hang himself over it…….FMR, cause, at this point, that’s the only way your gonna FM.

kim frederick

Keep in mind, that I had just discovered his affair. He had scratches down his back and a hicky on his neck…..ther was more, but, I never REALLY got it. So. How do I interpret this noose in my basement? I decide spath is so filled with remorse he is thinking of killing himself…….yes. it’s true.

oh, kim, that’s not what I think. Your agony was supposed to drive to you your death. They have no remorse. Anything else is just wishful thinking.

kim frederick

I found my eight year old daughter in the basement, looking up at it, fascinated. How creepy is that?
Around that same time I found my four year old son in a closet in the master bedroom, looking up and reaching for a pistol, out of his reach, thank God. I knew spath had a gun, but never really thought about it.It was not something I was afraid of….I knew spath only had it to protect his family. So, how is it my four year old son has more interest and knowledge i. n where that pistol is, than I did? I have some feelings that my spath was hoping he could erase me

Oh Kim!I have no doubt that noose was hanging there to ‘invite’ you to a ‘quick & easy way out!It sounds like your children were being affected.Whole families (except the spath!) can be erased that way.

Years ago,when I was a young mother,and felt hopeless,I have to admit,I struggled to stay alive.It would have been so easy to give in to those feelings of hopelessness and despair.There were times when I didn’t feel like I had the strength to keep going.But love for God,my little girls,family and friends kept me digging out of the pit.I know just how Katherine felt.Which is why her story triggered me so.I do not judge her.One cannot think straight when going through a spath experience.I understand her thinking that somehow her death might draw attention to her husband’s crimes.How we wish!Justice should be served so swiftly!But,as it often isn’t;the best revenge is healing and doing better than spath thought you ever could under the circumstances.There’s comfort in knowing that even when humans don’t serve justice,it will eventually be served;Romans 12:19 says “Vengeance is mine;I will repay”.


Is it too much to hope that this Goodwin turd will trip over an IED while he’s in Afghanistan?



Yes, someone other than a spouse can take out a life insurance policy on you…business partner, child, parent.


Donna, I appreciate this article because it is a clear case of “Murder By Proxy.”

I have absolutely NO words available to describe how this whole horrible story makes me feel. Katherine’s family – may they find peace and comfort. Goodwin – may he find precisely what he deserves.

There are too many examples of this type of “ending.” This man should face charges and be convicted of murder. Godalmighty….


Kim, I was threatened with suicide by BOTH exspaths. The first one threatened to murder my sons, then me, then himself – often. The second one made a veiled threat after I discovered what he was when I was considering reconciliation. I asked him, “So, what happens when you fall off of the BDS&M wagon and I find more vile porn?” He answered, “I couldn’t live with myself.” I went off my rails and raised my voice, “Are you threatening suicide? If you’re threatening suicide, then do it, right now, and end this charade!”

When people drive other people to take their own lives, it’s the most horrible of ALL crimes because they accomplish their goal of murder without having to raise a finger. When spaths threaten suicide, it’s ALSO a heinous crime becuase they have no intention (most often) of following through with their threats and it’s done to create shame for the VICTIMS – as if it’s their fault.

Eugh……this is so tragic and so vile. Just…..eugh….

Tea Light

As everyone, I’m horrified by Katherine’s story. My heart goes out to her family. Enormous respect to them for bringing her story into the public eye. May God bring them peace and strength as they come to terms with their terrible loss.


I don’t post here these days, but I dropped in and saw this story and couldn’t help but comment. This Goodwin character is so similar to the creep I dated in 2008. He was also in the army and married though lying to me about it. After reading this article, I have come to believe that he married for the BAH as well. He lied to me about his marriage, and I believe, though I never really knew for sure, that there were probably many other women in his life at the time he was courting me. After reading this article, I realize how very fortunate I am that I got out after only a few months. I’m also very fortunate that his commanding officer believed me when I told him that the creep was a sociopath. They had suspected him all along of fraud because he was faking these crazy symptoms, claiming he was injured. He never faked them around me or any of my friends. And this was enough for them to ask for sworn statements from all of us. The statements were enough evidence for the army to find him “guilty” of both fraud and adultery. I don’t know how his wife fared in this scenario because I never spoke to her. His platoon sergeant (whom I became friendly with at the time) told me that his wife had once divorced him for pathological lying but remarried him for unknown reason. They believe she could have possibly be in on the scheme. The platoon sergeant herself had once been played by a sociopath, so she knew what this guy was and was very supportive of me. I’m thinking this must be a rarity in the military culture.

The notable thing was that the army believed me, and justice was eventually served. The fact that it didn’t happen in Katherine’s case – and that this beautiful young woman lost her life over it – deeply saddens and angers me. With such a high percentage of sociopaths in professions like the military, you’d think the military would have awareness of sociopathy.

I hope this story gains more publicity and sparks a larger scale investigation. How very disturbing that this poor woman gave her life for nothing.


Responding to comments by skylae, raggedy ann and Louise concerning the pay out of the life insurance. Military members have the option of insuring their spouses for $100,000 with no Suicide clause. Once policy is in force the cause of death does not matter unless wrongful death can be proved by the beneficial.

Stargazer said: “How very disturbing that this poor woman gave her life for nothing.” So sad;she was so young and beautiful.What happened to “a life for a life” judgement?

I know the desperate thinking of Katherine….that there was no longer any hope for her….the only way out of her misery was to end it all herself….like the woman in the song “Independence Day” by Martina McBride.I much prefer the happier and positive song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack!

raggedy ann

Truth-is says:
“Responding to comments by skylae, raggedy ann and Louise concerning the pay out of the life insurance. Military members have the option of insuring their spouses for $100,000 with no Suicide clause. Once policy is in force the cause of death does not matter unless wrongful death can be proved by the beneficial.”

I have been sitting here staring at this for about five minutes. Speechless. I erased some profanity.
What indescribable evil.

raggedy ann,
I was probably thinking the same thing as you (without the profanity) as I read Truth-is’ post.That is like a FREE CARD for socialpaths-GO AHEAD,GIVE’EM LICENSE TO DESTROY LIVES!I wonder how many lives (literally or emotionally) would have been saved if the option of taking out life insurance policies on spouses wasn’t there… should be the other way around!!!

Ox Drover

Redwald, Karma is a biatch…


Let’s call it for what it is: MURDER by SUICIDE.

And many of us know how close we came to doing the same b/c we felt the same as she wrote. The ONLY reason I didn’t finish the job was b/c someone found out and made me promise to NEVER do that to her, that the trauma of my suicide would damage her forever. And I’ll admit it, I looked for ways where my promise could be broken. Now I am WAY beyond it. SO ANGRY that I let myself be put into that mindset.

I imagine the feelings of the parents and how much pain they must be in, to know and do all they knew to do, only to lose her to the SOB anyway. Is there a worse grief? A bigger hell?

Karma? Is a fickle fate. Seems to miss the spath target or else this one would have met a different end BEFORE this beautiful young woman lost herself.

My best friend from high school committed suicide by walking out into a snow storm and falling asleep, back in the late 90’s.

She had told me that she got married to “R”, because she was tired of having her heart broken. So she picked a guy who was not worthy of her, she got pregnant and married. I think, like me, she figured that by picking someone who was “lucky to have her”, that he would never leave her and never break her heart. That was true, instead he belittled her and tried to destroy her self-esteem. She divorced him.

But she kept attracting guys who would disappoint her in some way or another. Eventually she fell in with a drug addicted spath who did finally drive her to kill herself.

She had been a straight A-student. Everything she did, she excelled at. She was tall, thin, blonde and blue-eyed with the most beautiful smile.

Last night I dreamed about her. In the dream, she was 18 and wearing her letterman’s jacket from drill, smiling and loving life, succeeding at everything, just the way I remember her. But I was crying because I knew that she would die soon.

When I woke up, I realized why this bright angel kept attracting spaths who would eventually cause her death. Watching her, I could see that her brightness could make anyone envy her. If I hadn’t loved her so much, I would have been jealous of her myself. Her love of life and her optimism, shone so brightly that it attracted spaths. They like shiny things.

I had already known that spaths envy us but in this dream, I could really see how spaths see us. To them, we look like angels, floating effortlessly, shiny and happy. That’s how Mary looked in my dream last night, because that’s how she appeared on the surface, to most people.

Of course, I knew her pains and her fears. Her mother didn’t love her, her father wouldn’t pay for her college because she was a girl, so she had to join the navy to get her degree. Throughout her life, so many boys and men were attracted to her but they left her crying with her heart broken.

We grew apart after she joined the navy and moved away, but I know that she kept shining, until she just couldn’t shine anymore. Every time she let her light shine, a spath would jump up and smother it and she couldn’t make sense of what was happening because, as smart and educated as she was, she didn’t know about spaths.

Spaths destroy the very best and brightest of humanity, just out of envy. What a waste.


Skylar……..that is utterly heartbreaking to have read about your friend. And, you’re right that spaths destroy the best and brightest from their own envy. (sigh) Very, very sad….

raggedy ann

“In the conclusion of the inquiry into Specialist Isaac Goodwin’s alleged BAH fraud and adultery, the investigating officer stated:

a. I find no evidence that SPC Goodwin committed BAH fraud.

b. I find that SPC Goodwin failed to pay support from August 2011 until December 2011. I find that SPC Goodwin did pay support beginning in January 2012, although it is unclear whether he paid the full amounts owed for January and February. I do not find by a preponderance of the evidence that he knowingly violated the captain’s order to pay support because in his order, the captain did not specify for SPC Goodwin the amount of support that he was to pay.

c. I find by a preponderance of the evidence that SPC Goodwin committed adultery by having sexual relations with (redacted—the military other woman) after his marriage to Katherine Morris.”

I hope you and Katherine’s parents have access to some media outlets. Crime shows, NYT, maybe Hera’s contact at WaPo.

I don’t think these articles are going far enough yet. Future articles should be naming the individual who wrote the above. They should be naming the individuals who chose to promote him despite this story and their own official finding regarding his adultery.

The fact that this guy was withholding money from his “wife” while opting to pay premiums on life insurance with no insurance clause on her, and had to be coerced to fork over support, should be stressed.

These people should be confronted on camera. Politicians’ comments solicited regarding this story, this insurance set up with no suicide clause. This person’s payout should be contrasted with all the underfunded social programs in the US. With our deficit, our fiscal cliff. Is an insurance program with the military with the financial reserves belonging to the military? The politician should be asked to comment on the national/homeland security implications of letting sociopaths, possibly homicidal ones, run around in middle eastern/south asian regions committing God knows what new acts that serve to radicalize the newest generations of male Afghani or Iraqi or Pakistani youth there against us. And the whole concept of homeland security examined for why it doesn’t include security of private citizens from killers/predators who are fellow citizens, especially spouses.

This man’s parent’s should be asked for comment, at least on how aware they were of this marriage and what their understanding was of why she was not present at his deployment.

The story of Wanda Darling should perhaps even be resurrected for comparison. (brief marriage con… innocent, inexperienced and lonely girl pushed off of cliff — nobody look for that story right now if at all. It will double your present heartache. I will have to adjust to this new story for a long time. Probably will take a break from news for awhile, except checking for Ruby)

In time, with enough visibility, maybe even more people will come forward with more detail illustrating his mindset about Katherine. Maybe someone knows of some purchases he was planning or talking about. A house, a car.

Thank you Donna, I don’t know how you do this. Perhaps at least it puts other smaller life issues in perspective.


ya meet someone and you see all their wonderful attributes, how funny they are, how personable, their intellectual side, and they have what we mistakenly take for THEIR BLIND SPOT (what they use to Hook us), they claim to be unloved. And we rush in and say I am capable of love, I will LOVE YOU!

Only, they don’t want our love, they want to destroy and take vengence on those who can love, b/c their rage is all consuming. They didn’t get what they felt entitled to have and by gosh, YOU, the one who promises to give will be their target for destruction b/c they can’t destroy enough to satisfy their need for vengence, for dominance, their need to WIN above all those annoying punny weak emotional people who Love.

Spaths life purpose is to prevail. These type of spaths choose to prevail by destroying the one thing that can’t be destroyed, LOVE. So they destroy the people who love instead. But that’s the catch-22. Destroying the person is only a temporary victory b/c LOVE still exists, and on they go … looking for the next victim hoping it is different this time, that this time, they can destroy LOVE and finally prevail in their quest for WINNING.

Skylar’s story of her friend just makes me bawl at the murders of the very kind of people we NEED in this world. B/c once again, it was MURDER by suicide.


There’s a difference in “not finding evidence” of committing fraud vs seeing the outcome and having a gut feeling that fraud had to have occurred. Fraud is VERY hard to prove b/c it goes to intent and what’s inside someone’s head (intent) tends to stay there. Notice that when they had tangible proof/documents, they did find him at fault.

I do think one of those evening mag shows that love drama and pain would be a place to get the word out about this guy or at least this type of fraud and abuse. I can’t help but think if Katherine knew that this type of player was common, she’d realize she’d been targeted by this snake b/c she had all the gifts that made her unique and special.


I had mountains of documentation that reflected the forgeries of the exspath – enough to constitute a Federal crime. Guess what that amounted to?!

There is such a legal term called, “Circumstantial Evidence.” If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, eats duck food, lays duck eggs, and creates duck waste, it’s PROBABLY A FARKING DUCK.


KatyDid, what you’re experiencing when you read another poster’s demands or requirements of “evidence” is a bona fide TRIGGER. Having survived a spath entanglement, how many times were you ignored, dismissed, and “discounted” because you couldn’t provide “evidence” of your horrible experiences.

I would go as far to suggest that anyone who has survived spath encounter would find this to be triggering, particularly in the context of someone who was murdered, by proxy. It’s especially triggering for those who are still very raw from their experiences.

Brightest blessings

Thanks Truthy,
I have never stopped loving her. Everyone who knew her was in awe of her fearlessness, her gusto for life. And she was compassionate.

Before we met, I was introverted in 9th grade. Mary saw me and decided to bring me out of my shell. She never quite accomplished it, but I felt loved in her presence.

She was kind to everyone. She once sat down with some hobos on skid row and drank wine with them and chatted.

Another time she and her buddy, who was an army ranger, climbed up the aurora bridge, one of Seattle’s largest bridges.

She taught me how to bake blackberry pie.

Mary didn’t reject anyone, ever. I think that was part of the problem. She didn’t understand what evil was and she was too compassionate to reject anyone.

Thanks for putting up with me today, every time I dream about her, I get like this. 😥


Skylar, I identify with this type of lasting grief – the senseless loss of a beautiful and brilliant light is truly anguishing. Maybe, at some point, there will be dreams that don’t hurt like this. (((((HUGS))))))

Ox Drover

Well, there is murder by suicide, and murder by “assisted” suicide, and I don’t mean Dr. Kavorkian (or how ever it is spelled) I am talking about murder made to LOOK LIKE suicide, which is what my son had planned for me….because I was soooo “depressed” after my husband’s death. Yea, I was depressed and had PTSD from it, but I was in NO way suicidal.

I’ve been “homicidal” at times but never “suicidal”—but while I might FEEL homicidal, unlike my son, I have a conscience and am unable to carry through with homicide, no matter what the provocation, though I will and am able to defend myself from attempted homicide.

Just hearing what this scumbucket did to this young woman and how she took her own life makes me FEEL homicidal. It does UNDERSCORE AND SCREAM OUT about when people have every expressed a desire to harm themselves that THERAPY must be instituted and kept up so that they don’t later carry through with harming themselves. It also leaves the family blaming themselves for not “doing more.” One of my favorite former foster kids killed himself, but without any warning to speak of and his family was devastated, his wife and his step children were gobsmacked because no one had “seen it coming.”

Suicide, like any violent death, but especially suicide, leaves a lasting hurt on the survivors.

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