ASK DR. LEEDOM: Have you considered exorcism as a treatment for sociopathy?

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Recently a reader wrote asking this question regarding evil and sociopaths. Have you considered exorcism as treatment for psychopaths/narcissists? I have come to firmly believe these people – even the ones under-the-radar legally- are effected/infected by evil. As a practicing Catholic, I feel as if I have been targeted specifically. I realize you do not know me and that such claims are bizarre, but I know you have called psychopathy evil-so I wonder if you have considered what can be done spiritually?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bible makes references to sociopaths. The Bible warns, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!” There is no better metaphor for a sociopath. However, I think before we ascribe a supernatural cause to an occurrence we are obligated to fully investigate if that occurrence can be explained by other means.

I would like to share with you two excerpts from my books. The first is from Just Like His Father? The second is from my new book about sociopathy, which will be available soon.

Speaking as an armchair philosopher, I think that when we study antisocial personality disorder and how it develops, we are actually studying the means by which evil enters our world. Since we are physical beings, living in a physical world, evil has to be a physical condition. Is there any evil that is not caused by some combination of callousness, poor impulse control and faulty moral reasoning? If through more effective parenting practices, we were able to reduce the prevalence of antisocial personality traits and addiction in our society, the effect would be a reduction in the amount of evil in the world.

This is from the introduction to my next book:

This book is dedicated to the many readers who have asked us “Would somebody please tell me why s/he did this?” Reading Without Conscience by Robert Hare will give you a good idea what a psychopath is. This book explains why we use the word sociopath to describe the group of people who have invaded our lives and injured us. This book also explains why sociopaths do what they do.

After figuring out that my ex-husband and the father of my son is likely a sociopath, I realized I had to become an expert in the disorder. Recent studies reveal that this disorder is genetically transmitted in families. As a psychiatrist I already knew the diagnostic criteria, what was missing was the why. Why do sociopaths exist, how do they develop, and what causes their destructive behavior? For me to know and recite the criteria was not enough to prevent the disorder from developing in my baby, I had to learn ALL the whys.

It was with this goal that I studied the scientific literature for knowledge of this disorder and how it develops. I report to you that although our understanding is incomplete, we know enough to answer the why question. I report these answers to stop our readers from feeling baffled. There is really nothing baffling about sociopathy. I also report these results to put a stop to the cult of awe and even admiration that surrounds many sociopaths. Because people do not understand sociopaths, there is a tendency to imbue them with special powers. They have become mystical demonic beings in the minds of many. While I am not disputing that the disordered neurodevelopment that produces a sociopath may give rise to a spiritual disorder, the whys of sociopathy are fully explained by natural causes. There is no need to evoke the supernatural.

The reason I have not yet finished my next book is that I am considering how detailed I should be in explaining the biological underpinnings of sociopathy. I have written the book for those with no more than a high school biology background. I would appreciate any comments regarding whether you would want to read a complete summary of the biology of sociopathy.

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No,I DO NOT believe that genetics account for all the delight that is taken in harming others!Remember,at Genesis 1:26,27 God made man (and woman) in his image(not bodily,as God is a spirit,but giving humans wonderful attributes such as ability to love,etc).For most humans,peace is an innate desire.And 1 Corinthians 14:33 says “God is a God,not of disorder,but of peace” Yet the exact opposite is seen in the earth to day! That shows there is a spirit working in opposition to God and His purposes.That spirit being of course Satan the Devil.

As for genetics,if the Nephilim could cause so much trouble during Noah’s Day(they perished during the flood),we can be sure that it’s possible for children to be born with genetic mutations that cause the personality disorders we see so often today.

As for the story of your husband,the obnoxious neighbors,etc.I have a feeling your warning was a bit too late.He was probably already exploring ‘the dark side’.

Dear Dr. Leedom,

“There is no need to evoke the supernatural”

I’m not a strong believer in science, I mean, when it comes to psychological things and all the field of consciensness.

Concepts taken from other fields of knowledge can be relevant from the point of view of the people being confronted to a sociopath.

You name them “sociopaths” or “psychopaths”

In the psychoanalysis theory they name them “narcissist perverts”

In some paranormal/traditional beliefs they name them “emotional vampires”

For example, the concept of “emotional vampire” brings the very interesting concept of transfer, transfer of what? not of blood for sure, but some “vital energy”. This concept has no scientific ground but is nonetheless more relevant to what people report, having their life and their soul sucked out.
On the other hand the concept of sociopathy, grounded in materialistic and mechanistic science, doesn’t allow for such a thing as a transfer of something that is real. At most can it be a shift of power between a victim and a sociopath that would explain why people feel so sucked out.

Now, what do say traditions about emotional vampires, how do they advise people to protect from them… there might be something to dig out.

There might be intersting concepts in other traditions, for example the Chinese vampire, that sucks out the “qi” from their victims. Where does the Chinese vampire come from, if not from real Chinese sociopaths?
Now what does say the Chinese tradition about keeping vampire away?

I was advised by another priest to pray the prayers from the ritual for this for my spath,and others in general.I dont rule it out

Has anyone found more information on this topic, I had a deliverance with my NARC, who I am not sure which type he is. But I feel like he is seriously full of demons and he deserves to find peace. I feel like he is truly a good person with a good heart and I have seen a side to him that is nothing like a narc and I do not think it is set up, or on purpose. I think he truly sometimes shows who he really is. HE goes to a clinic for methadone use. HE used to use heroin, and he is around tons of people, he has open door ways and this allows all of those peoples demons to enter his life ten times more each day. I want to help him and want to find more information on this topic if there is more thank you

Forgot to mention that he had a traumatic childhood, he doesn’t speak about it detailed but there are things he does mention at times.His mother now, says that he was tormented as a child and as an adult, she believes he walks with demons and sees that he is tormented by demonic spirits daily. I just want to help this man so he can be a better father and I would love to have a happy relationship with him but if that is not possible my children deserve a good dad.

Ashley – the first step for anyone to heal is for them to want to heal. Does he really want to heal? Sometimes they may “go through the motions” just to keep other people providing what they need – like money, a place to live, etc.

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