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ASK DR. LEEDOM: Have you considered exorcism as a treatment for sociopathy?

Editor’s note: The following article refers to spiritual concepts. Please read Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual Recovery.

Recently a reader wrote asking this question regarding evil and sociopaths. Have you considered exorcism as treatment for psychopaths/narcissists? I have come to firmly believe these people – even the ones under-the-radar legally- are effected/infected by evil. As a practicing Catholic, I feel as if I have been targeted specifically. I realize you do not know me and that such claims are bizarre, but I know you have called psychopathy evil-so I wonder if you have considered what can be done spiritually?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bible makes references to sociopaths. The Bible warns, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!” There is no better metaphor for a sociopath. However, I think before we ascribe a supernatural cause to an occurrence we are obligated to fully investigate if that occurrence can be explained by other means.

I would like to share with you two excerpts from my books. The first is from Just Like His Father? The second is from my new book about sociopathy, which will be available soon.

Speaking as an armchair philosopher, I think that when we study antisocial personality disorder and how it develops, we are actually studying the means by which evil enters our world. Since we are physical beings, living in a physical world, evil has to be a physical condition. Is there any evil that is not caused by some combination of callousness, poor impulse control and faulty moral reasoning? If through more effective parenting practices, we were able to reduce the prevalence of antisocial personality traits and addiction in our society, the effect would be a reduction in the amount of evil in the world.

This is from the introduction to my next book:

This book is dedicated to the many readers who have asked us “Would somebody please tell me why s/he did this?” Reading Without Conscience by Robert Hare will give you a good idea what a psychopath is. This book explains why we use the word sociopath to describe the group of people who have invaded our lives and injured us. This book also explains why sociopaths do what they do.

After figuring out that my ex-husband and the father of my son is likely a sociopath, I realized I had to become an expert in the disorder. Recent studies reveal that this disorder is genetically transmitted in families. As a psychiatrist I already knew the diagnostic criteria, what was missing was the why. Why do sociopaths exist, how do they develop, and what causes their destructive behavior? For me to know and recite the criteria was not enough to prevent the disorder from developing in my baby, I had to learn ALL the whys.

It was with this goal that I studied the scientific literature for knowledge of this disorder and how it develops. I report to you that although our understanding is incomplete, we know enough to answer the why question. I report these answers to stop our readers from feeling baffled. There is really nothing baffling about sociopathy. I also report these results to put a stop to the cult of awe and even admiration that surrounds many sociopaths. Because people do not understand sociopaths, there is a tendency to imbue them with special powers. They have become mystical demonic beings in the minds of many. While I am not disputing that the disordered neurodevelopment that produces a sociopath may give rise to a spiritual disorder, the whys of sociopathy are fully explained by natural causes. There is no need to evoke the supernatural.

The reason I have not yet finished my next book is that I am considering how detailed I should be in explaining the biological underpinnings of sociopathy. I have written the book for those with no more than a high school biology background. I would appreciate any comments regarding whether you would want to read a complete summary of the biology of sociopathy.

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I think Eastern religion attempts to address this by using techniques to enhance brain activity in the pre-frontal cortex. It is a psycho-spiritual based practice so the idea of both the body and the soul are addressed.

Also the practices a. awaken certain areas of the brain responsible for well-being and good feelings…. b. I believe the nuerochemical makeup of the brain changes also when doing these practices. c. Additionally the physical practices enhance endocrine system functioning.

All of the above seem to play in the development of a sociopath. It seems there is a problem in the makeup of one or more of the above areas in the sociopath.

I also feel this has something to do with the language areas of the brain (just a theory), I feel that when learning a language or several languages as a child, this part of the brain is highly functioning but diminishes over time so that learning a language as an adult becomes that much more difficult.

My theory is this… just as it is easier to learn several languages during early childhood, it is easy to develop a conscience. If it is not learned during this young age period, then it becomes harder and harder as we age.

The same principal behind learning a second or third language as an adult applies. When we are young it’s easy to learn new languages since that part of the brain is awake and developing rapidly. As we age, that part of the brain functioning diminishes.

I believe that we are hardwired for good and for evil. But we can change our own hardwiring with certain tecqniques. They work almost immediately and the effects increase over time. However, when the practice stops, the brain goes back to regular “mal” functioning. Unless the practice is done over many many years with great dedication.

I was very antisocial when I was younger. I stole, I cheated, I lied every chance I could, I used people for my own personal gain. I disliked people especially if they made me feel sorry for them.

When I started practicing the Eastern techniques, something switched on in me. I became calmer more loving, I didn’t lie, I stopped using people and began helping them instead, I started to feel love for people.

As my practice diminished, my old behaviors started to return and I hooked up with a sociopath whose projections were infectious.

I started lying, stealing and cheating again little by little. I began to use people again. I was ANGRY 95% and Enraged the other 5% of the time.

I was intolerable and mean. And it has escalated to the point where ALL my practices have gone out the window and I am in a heap of trouble with the law and my reputation has been scarred to say the least.

I would be very interested in being a part of a NEW study… with those with a solid education in psychology as well as those with a Eastern Background. (I am well versed in the techniques and would love to start this….)

I think these Eastern practices should be studied in a clinical setting with sociopaths.

For example…

1. Take a random selection of sociopaths from prison settings or elsewhere.

2. Have a control group where the Eastern practices are done every day with a strict schedule and proper motivation and dedication.

3. Have another group that is untreated.

4. Have another group that is treated with conventional means.

5. The before, during and after comparison testing of all three groups should be conducted with respect to a. nuerotransmitter activity b. brain wave functioning in the pre-frontal cortex c. functioning of the endocrine system.

I think this would really be a valuable study for those with sociopathy as well as giving hope to those who love the sociopath to perhaps have a more normal relationship with them.

Since the Eastern studies are grounded in the spiritual as well as physical, the question posed by the person above is addressed.

What are your thoughts?


I have a lot to say about the topic of excorcism being an answer for Sociopaths. I believe my ex was Borderline/Narcissist and quite possibly a Sociopath. He was an ex-Minister himself. He claims to have read the bible from cover to cover 100 times. He claimed to have performed excorcism-like interventions on people. He was also “sort of ex-communicated.” My understanding is that these kinds of people, at least NPD and /BPD, are often extremists of some kind. I just think that excorcism would be a joke for anyone that is truly a sociopath. I am note sure if my ex is a Sociopath or not. He is very exploitive of people. As far as I know, he didn’t try to get money from anyone… well, then again… I think he did when he was running his “ministry”.. Journey in Compassion Ministries through the South Pacific. Oh Brother, is all I can say. He was so MEAN. Sorry to go off
of topic. I just don’t think excorcism would be an answer but I do believe that evil was present. He was the cruelest human I ever encountered. I am no expert but I say no.


I just read holehearted’s post. Again, no. I too have had some training in Eastern thought. The Buddhist Nun that I have gone to retreats with has said of the prisoners that she works with “they are so deluded.” According to her, it is rare that one of them actually develops a real practice. (She runs a program called “The Prison Project”)

Also, I do not propose that anyone hold out the hope of having a normal relationship with someone that is a sociopath. For me, the issue was having no boundaries. In order to practice having good boundaries, I have decided that no matter what, I will never have any kind of relationship with my ex. Due to the nature of his past behavior, I would never be able to believe that he has been rehabilitated no matter what “evidence” he provided. The very nature of a sociopath is based on manipulation and exploitation. They can make themselves appear to be anything that they think you might want them to be in order to slip in through the crack. The best thing to do is… LEAVE NO CRACK IN THE DOOR.

Before I started reading here at, I was still fantasizing what I could say if I saw my ex again that would make him “get it.” I have let that go now. Anyone still struggling with that same thought should read the Blog entry on LoveFraud called “No Contact.” I have a friend whom also had a similiar experience as me. Her new therapist has told her that she has an “opportunity” to practice having boundaries with her ex psycho. He proposes that she allow this person in her life while setting boundaries on his behavior. So I asked her, “Does your therapist know the whole story? Or have you minimized what happened?” Guess what the answer was. I had to remind of os some of the unforgiveable things he put her through. I had to remind her that she intimidated her and scared her and so HORRIBLE things to her to which she said, “Oh yeah. I forgot about that.” The heart wants to be loved so bad that some of us will believe anything when the carrot is dangled in front of our eyes. That is what a sociopath does.. they speak to your innermost desires and once they have touched that place in your heart, the “carrot” can be covered in crap and you don’t want to admitt it your yourself.

I understand in my bones that unless you have expereinced this kind of manipulation, you can’t understand it yourself. I strongly believe that many therapists do not fully understand what this is. I struggle to describe what happened because I myself am not able to (nor would I want to) manipulate people in the way that I was. I find comfort in knowing that there are people who KNOW. I find comfort in holding true to the NO CONTACT rule. This has given me more peace than any of my fantasies about my ex somehow rehabilitating and being sorry and being the guy he said he was… not the guy he really was. That is the thing… they are not that man/woman. They are what you experienced and the hook was just part of the whole scheme. They are not and will not ever be the person of your dreams even if they seemed to be for 5 minutes, or 5 weeks., or 5 months. It was a scam and you got duped.

Having good boundaries means saying, “No” when you need to and to realize that some things are not forgiveable… at least not here on earth. By the way, my ex tried to pull that on me… “Jesus forgave for worse things. Why can’t you?” The last communication I heard from my ex was that he wanted me to know that he was ready to forgive me now! He is so sick.

No excorcism. No contact. Just let go completely and someday with work, you heart will come back to you… wiser, and hopefully with healthier boundaries. PEACE. :o)


In reply to Dr. Liane’s question, I would be interested in reading a summary of the biology of sociopathy. Knowlege keeps us free and empowered. We can make better choices and decisions when we have the most information.

I appreciate alohatraveler’s reminders about boundaries. Just like the matter of lying in an earlier blog, repeated boundary violations are a big red flag too. So is morphing into who you need them to be at the moment. When someone does not hear and respect what you say, it means you don’t exist for him as your own person.

Stepping around their stuff wears me out! It is harder when you don’t see it!


I certainly think there’s not enough information out there about the BIOLOGY of sociopaths.

I was watching 48 Hours Mysteries recently, and they had a guy on there who was definitely a sociopath. Only his lawyers tried to use that as an “insanity defense”. Well he was found mentally competant, and guilty. But the reasons he was found guilty were, I think, not the right reasons.

They interviewed the jury, and most of the jury said they didn’t think much of the science regarding a pscyhopath. They thought it was a bunch of malarky & smooth talking doctors.

In other words, they don’t believe sociopaths exist, or that there’s a scientific explanation why they behave the way they do.

Well, by all means don’t allow someone to use that as an insanity plea – because they’re NOT insane in the legal sense.

But unfortunately, believing that’s all “malarkey” is not something that will keep people being victims over and over again!

Insisting that these people are NOT mentally different, and are “just bad”, gives so many of us the idea – the HOPE – that if they’re just bad, then they can change and be good – rehabilitate and redeem themselves and make up for it.

But the biological fact is that this cannot and will never happen.

And believe me, until I found out that sociopaths were hard wired biologically, there was nothing else that convinced me so completely that there was NO HOPE for these people changing EVER, and that any actions based on the idea that they might change is foolish at best and very likely dangerous.

I think it’s very possible to explain biology in plain English that people will understand. I would be interested even not having more than high school biology class.


I am interested in the biology because I do believe that there is an inherited component to sociopathy. Yet, I also believe that the level of sociopathy will determine whether or not that child has been nurtured appropriately by a loving caregiver between the ages of birth and 2 years old. I think these years are when the child relies solely on someone for all their needs and if they are not being met then I think something happens during this most crucial part of the development process. I learned in college that the level of care during this stage in early childhood will determine and shape the personality for life and if there are added factors such as abuse, neglect and addiction in the family of origin then this will only compound the degree in which sociopathy will manifest itself. Although sociopaths all possess the same traits and characteristics, not all of them will become killers. Their consistent pattern of bad behavior was probably learned early on and they seem to know instinctively what “works” for them and it is the biological component which enables them to go on without a conscience because I believe this was inherited through bad genes. I think my youngest son is a “part” sociopath inherited through his father but I refuse to give up on teaching him the morals in which I was raised with and I want to make sure he knows the difference between right and wrong.


Alohatraveler, thanks for your comments. I was frustrated by the notion of exorcism. That just gives me the creeps. Maybe we should say the are “Toxic” instead of evil. There is no cure. Can you ever make a toxic chemical good for you? no. The sociopath I was involved with was toxic to my soul. My relationship with him affected every area of my life in a bad way. There is only one cure for me and that is no contact with him. I understand why the writers of this blog refer to them as evil because some of them are to the extreme where they can commit such crimes as rape and murder. Some just want to use you and suck all the life out of you they can… slowly and painfully. We should worry about ourselves and taking care of ourselves and not about trying to fix them. We can’t fix them and if God could he already would have.



Thanks for the comments too. I totally get what you said, “toxic to my soul.” Yes. I felt disturbed that deeply. Never before had I encountered such a cruel person. No area of my life was untouched… yes.. I totally get that. That is why I come to this site… because there are people here that totally get what I went through without having to explain it. I am feeling better… so much better. Aloha.. :o)

Fleeced Ewe

Wow. Alohatraveler-you hit the “carrot” on the top 😉 I felt like you were my own heart speaking inside my own brain. Thank you so much for saying all of the above.

How silly I was to not try and find a reason as to why my ex would question me over and over and over with the same QUESTION and he STILL wasn’t satisfied with my answers. But he would act. And I would “take” (many times just to stop the questioning!).

Lord, have Mercy.

Fleeced Ewe

Speaking of exorcism and spiritual evil-
I was married to my “ex” for 20 years before God shoved me out the door. It took me 3-4 years AFTER leaving him that I finally stopped taking the blame for the divorce and began to realize what really had went on! Praise God for my husband, who patiently helped me to “see” what he had been, and still was doing to me years after the divorce. 🙁

Anyway, what I wanted to share about the subject is:
My ex was weird and controlling from the day we dated. It is not hard to explain why I married him when one realizes what kind of home I was leaving.
However, although his traits were not very strong (perhaps because he was only 22) his drinking problem was terrible.
He did as expected when he gave up drinking-he immersed himself into something else-his choice: religion. He became fanatical. While I was seeking a true relationship with God, He was demanding that he GET ONE IMMEDIATELY.
I remember about 16 years ago, he was sitting on our couch and he said he was not getting off of it until God assured him that he was “saved”. He sat there with his head bowed for hours. Near evening, he jumped up with wild eyes and exclaimed that God “assured” him.
“What? how do you know?” I asked him.
“I got a ‘thump’ deep in my chest-in my heart!!!”
So was his testimony to everyone who would listen. I remember feeling sorry for some Christians whom he bragged to, for it caused them to doubt if they were even saved since they never did experience a “thump”.
Since, he has read the Bible through many times, pays tithes to the dime on the dollar, preaches “salvation or hell” to anyone he can corner, and forces his interpretations of the Word upon our children.

Now that I think about it, he got meaner and sneakier since the day of the “thump”. He became more controlling. less giving and got into a mode of constantly testing my faith and that of those around him.

I wouldn’t want to even suggest exorcism though. I’d be afraid of what would come out.


I married a sociopath before I knew what that was. Raised a Catholic didn’t help matters much as it entailed a old tradition of taking care of your man no matter what. Prayer helped for a while, being quiet helped for a while to keep the peace in the home, but, in the end it damaged me and the children. Thank God there was time to take care of ourselves and heal. Never married again…dated…or should I say was persued by sociopathic men in sheeps clothing, with lying matipulating lingo for the last time. Fortunately the last one, who used a date rape drug on me to get control, decided to be somewhat human and not kill me. I read some years ago when I was working in my church with a anti Porn group to protect the neighborhood school zones from the trash, that a local psychitrist reported that the rise in anti social behaviors was on the rise due to the lack of an imbeded empathy and moral disposition in the youth. Well he was right wasn’t he. We have so many more today to deal with. When are they dangerous and when are they not? Who knows….is it the luck of the draw? I believe personally that these are perople who have not had a instaliation of a moral disposition as the above professional stated…they ….also are mentally and emotionally missing something somewhere….and lack responsibility for one reason or another. In the end THEY need to be held accountable for their actions and behavior, be it criminal or not….and when is it not criminal? I also believe they need to be delivered from demonic activity within them… command of God Himself….the work of the church is to set the captives free!


I, for one, would appreciate the complete summary, but an abbreviated summary would be fine if it means we can read the book sooner! I want to know why and what caused my husband to be so “messed up” mentally. His ex girlfriend told me the whole family was strange, so that would seem to point to genetic reasons in that family.


Liane I read your post with interest and humor. Shortly after I was left to sift through the ashes of my psychopath relationship ending I was about to celebrate my 50th birthday. One option I would lightheartedly put out to my friends (I still had a few at the time) was we should have it in the church. We could drink the communion wine, hire the choir to sing, snack on the communion wafers and have the priest perform an exorcism on me while everyone prayed for me. I meant that the psychopath changed me. Left a part of me so very different that still exists today that I would still want exorcised out of me. Like a vampire/mosquito who drained the lifeblood out and in doing so left a little of the numbing venom behind. It’s a maddening itch I can’t scratch and it manifests itself in ways that are less than desirable like anger, depression and negativity.

With regard to how technical should you be when writing to a certain level of audience I certainly have my thoughts. I will start by saying I love the details. I am fascinated by the way our bodies, minds and spirits merge together supported by eons of evolutionary cause and effect that make us who we are. I like to think of myself as an armchair anthropologist.

I will contrast this by something I read recently that Alan Alda said. He is involved with a CBS science production and has an obvious interest in that sort of exploration. He was quoted saying that the scientific establishment should speak to each other in detail using all the obligatory vocabulary they please. When talking to the public they should speak in the same complete detail but use the layman terms that exist for the scientific terms instead. He went on to provide an example; He was somewhere in South America for the show and became terribly ill. He was put in a rickety ambulance and taken to the nearest South American hospital. The Brazillian doctor told him that they needed to operate immediately and cut out a portion of his intestine that had gone bad or he would not live. Once they had eliminated the bad part they would sew the two good parts together and he would be fine.

His point was the doctor didn’t leave any details out. He said exactly what he was doing and what would happen if he didn’t. Perhaps you can leave the details in just use non scientific terms where you can. You might use the top level medical term but go on to explain and define it in layman’s english. Or footnote a reference or have a terminology definition in the back of the book should you feel compelled or the reader desire to understand it from the technical perspective. As they say the devil is in the details isn’t he? I look forward to you publication of the book. It sounds just like my cup of tea. And, I for one am thirsty for this kind of information. Best, Lillian


My exspath who was born and raised as a young child in ElSalvador during the war told me a few times that when he was younger his mother and grandmother had a religious member perform an exorcism on him on more than one occasion. Just reading this article sparked that memory in me.

I am an Athiest and don’t believe in possession and do believe science has an explanation and therefore told him in my opinion it was stress caused by trauma of the war, but he swears to this day that he had a demon inside of him and never felt like it was released. And any MENTION of the word hell or demon throws him into a defensive frenzy…..

I feel he blames his neurological disorder on a demon and therefore won’t take responsibility for his actions is what I’m trying to get at….

Just thought it was interesting that he said this had happened to him….


I’m not sure what the significance of this is, but my husband seldom watched anything but the Sci-Fi channel with supernatural beings and violence. When I kicked him out, I had found some porn DVD’s of demons whipping and having sex with tied up females. He had a sick fascination with this type of stuff. I was raised to believe that some people do invite bad entities into their lives.
Whatever was going on with him, he did become a darker, more twisted person under the influence of the demonic movies.
I was told that after he watched enough sadistic violence towards women, he might want to try what he saw and I was wise to get him out of the house as he could become dangerous.

You are correct in saying that the choices one makes in entertainment can “invite bad entities into our lives”.A personal experience that happened during my first separation from spath was the first time I was an eyewitness to this.I had gone out for a few hrs,leaving my 2 teenage daughters home.In the meantime one of their girlfriends came over.They got bored and decided to borrow some movies from someone they knew.Atleast one of them had to do with a young girl being exorcised of demons.I WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED THAT MOVIE TO BE VIEWED IN MY HOME!My girls and their friend knew this,but thought since I wasn’t there,they’d watch it before I got back,and I’d never know.It just so happened I got back before they returned the movies.They knew they were in for some words from me!But they didn’t know what else they were in for(neither did I)!I had washed dishes before leaving and left them draining on the counter.I had some nice thick glass glasses among the dishes.All but 1 were picked up and dashed to the floor where they broke!I was calm as I realized what was happening.But the girls were screaming and crying!After cleaning all the glass up,I called my husband who lived 20 mins away,and we spent the night there…no one would have slept in my apt after those glasses broke!

I just wanted to add that one very important consideration in leaving my husband this time,being concious of evil increasing all the time,I didn’t want to stay around for him to to possibly receive the strength from these evil entities to do something really horrible and brutal to me!


Blossom, that experience really blows me away! How much of the evil, cunning. hurtful behavior is genetic, and how much is due to influences they attract into their lives which may cause them to become interested in sadistic evil things? This is just a hypothetical question. My husband started out with run of the mill porn (if we can call it that)when I first became aware of it, and it just got more depraved, like I said, deteriorating into sadistic sex with demons and bound up females. He became more angry and cunning with me, deceitful, lying, weird behavior. I’m not drawing conclusions; it’s just something I noticed, yet there was a huge personality change in him over the years. This could also just be his mask slipping. What do you think?

I don’t doubt that there are genetic and environmental reasons as to why sociopathy has increased through the decades.But the presence of evil entities should never be discounted;and is a major reason for the increase.

If you’re a Bible reader,you’re probably familiar familiar with the account at Genesis 6:1-6.That’s when the angels began to notice the daughters of man,that they were good-looking and “forsook their proper dwelling place”(Jude 6) and went taking wives for themselves.That in itself was a form of perversion.The offspring of this perversion was the Nephilim.They caused alot of violence in the world during Noah’s time.Ever since this,there have been different and worsening types of depravity and pervasion-showing it’s origins!These angels that were perverted did not die at Noah’s flood like the rest of flesh that wasn’t in the ark;since they were angels they became spirits again-but now they were EVIL SPIRITS,better known as demons.They were in heaven until the war occurred which is recorded at Revelation 12:7-12.Now they are in the vicinity of the earth causing much trouble.


Blossom, I am familiar with those passages, and find it interesting that the demons were so sex obsessed and porn is so rampant in the world today. Now even porn depicting sex with demonic creatures is available. I don’t know why my husband was drawn to this,unless he’d run out of new porn to look at.
I understand sociopathy is thought to be genetic, and that sociopaths lack the ability to feel empathy but I don’t quite grasp how that makes them actively seek to hurt and do evil things to people. Can genetics account for all their delight in hurting others?
Once we were having problems with our neighbors. My husband said he was looking online for ways to get rid of obnoxious neighbors. He said, “I was thinking of going to the dark side for help” I told him never to do that; he would be inviting a world of trouble! He gave me a strange little smirk. Now I wonder what else he’d got involved in.


I always said that I felt like I slept with Satan. I swear mine sold his sole to the devil and was acting out the devils work.

No,I DO NOT believe that genetics account for all the delight that is taken in harming others!Remember,at Genesis 1:26,27 God made man (and woman) in his image(not bodily,as God is a spirit,but giving humans wonderful attributes such as ability to love,etc).For most humans,peace is an innate desire.And 1 Corinthians 14:33 says “God is a God,not of disorder,but of peace” Yet the exact opposite is seen in the earth to day! That shows there is a spirit working in opposition to God and His purposes.That spirit being of course Satan the Devil.

As for genetics,if the Nephilim could cause so much trouble during Noah’s Day(they perished during the flood),we can be sure that it’s possible for children to be born with genetic mutations that cause the personality disorders we see so often today.

As for the story of your husband,the obnoxious neighbors,etc.I have a feeling your warning was a bit too late.He was probably already exploring ‘the dark side’.


Dear Dr. Leedom,

“There is no need to evoke the supernatural”

I’m not a strong believer in science, I mean, when it comes to psychological things and all the field of consciensness.

Concepts taken from other fields of knowledge can be relevant from the point of view of the people being confronted to a sociopath.

You name them “sociopaths” or “psychopaths”

In the psychoanalysis theory they name them “narcissist perverts”

In some paranormal/traditional beliefs they name them “emotional vampires”

For example, the concept of “emotional vampire” brings the very interesting concept of transfer, transfer of what? not of blood for sure, but some “vital energy”. This concept has no scientific ground but is nonetheless more relevant to what people report, having their life and their soul sucked out.
On the other hand the concept of sociopathy, grounded in materialistic and mechanistic science, doesn’t allow for such a thing as a transfer of something that is real. At most can it be a shift of power between a victim and a sociopath that would explain why people feel so sucked out.

Now, what do say traditions about emotional vampires, how do they advise people to protect from them… there might be something to dig out.

There might be intersting concepts in other traditions, for example the Chinese vampire, that sucks out the “qi” from their victims. Where does the Chinese vampire come from, if not from real Chinese sociopaths?
Now what does say the Chinese tradition about keeping vampire away?


I was advised by another priest to pray the prayers from the ritual for this for my spath,and others in general.I dont rule it out


Has anyone found more information on this topic, I had a deliverance with my NARC, who I am not sure which type he is. But I feel like he is seriously full of demons and he deserves to find peace. I feel like he is truly a good person with a good heart and I have seen a side to him that is nothing like a narc and I do not think it is set up, or on purpose. I think he truly sometimes shows who he really is. HE goes to a clinic for methadone use. HE used to use heroin, and he is around tons of people, he has open door ways and this allows all of those peoples demons to enter his life ten times more each day. I want to help him and want to find more information on this topic if there is more thank you


Forgot to mention that he had a traumatic childhood, he doesn’t speak about it detailed but there are things he does mention at times.His mother now, says that he was tormented as a child and as an adult, she believes he walks with demons and sees that he is tormented by demonic spirits daily. I just want to help this man so he can be a better father and I would love to have a happy relationship with him but if that is not possible my children deserve a good dad.

Ashley – the first step for anyone to heal is for them to want to heal. Does he really want to heal? Sometimes they may “go through the motions” just to keep other people providing what they need – like money, a place to live, etc.

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