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12 Seduction strategies from the Sociopath Playbook

12 Seduction strategies from the Sociopath Playbook

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Sociopaths tend to use all the same tactics while reeling in new romantic partners, as if they were all working from the same well-known reference manual. If you were able to find this playbook, written by an alpha sociopath for the benefit of the trainees, here are ploys it would include.

1 . Listen intently to your targets, staring into their eyes and hanging on their every word. This encourages them to keep talking — and everything they tell you can later be used as ammunition against them.

How psychopathic parents can affect children

How psychopathic parents can affect children

A Lovefraud reader who posts as “Mani” asked a question that I’m sure is of interest to many others, so I’ll address it in a blog post. Mani writes:

I was one of the children who lived with a psychopath for a long time. I fought all my life not to let him a part of my personality. In comparison to what I was exposed to I think I have been successful. But is there anybody out there who can shed more light on the effects of a psychopath father on children, particularly boys?

Tuesday Aug. 14: Forgiving yourself for falling for the sociopath

Tuesday Aug. 14: Forgiving yourself for falling for the sociopath

Lovefraud is proud and honored to be hosting a webinar with Travis Vining next week:

Self-Forgiveness: Understanding and letting go of guilt
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 • 8-9 pm ET • $25
Click for more info

Travis will be addressing an important issue that I know many of us struggle with — overcoming our anger at ourselves for our involvement with the sociopath.

I know that when I finally realized that everything I believed about my disordered ex-husband was a lie, and that my entire marriage had been nothing but a financial scam, the person I was most angry with was myself.

Watch online: He Lied About Everything

Watch online: He Lied About Everything

Dr. Paolo Macchiarini.

I just watched the documentary He Lied About Everything, available online at InvestigationDiscovery.com. It’s the story of Benita Alexander, who as a NBC News producer, was seduced and scammed by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a world-famous surgeon.

I think Benita was incredibly brave in telling her story. While the good doctor was love bombing her, they both recorded plenty of videos. Benita, I’m sure, thought she was recording her fairytale romance. I don’t know what was in Macchiarini’s mind, because he obviously knew his whole involvement was a fake, so essentially what he recorded was evidence of his psychopathy.

No clear motives in Las Vegas and Aurora, Colorado mass shootings

No clear motives in Las Vegas and Aurora, Colorado mass shootings

James Holmes, convicted of killing 12 people in Colorado.

James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others during the midnight showing of a Batman movie in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Steven Paddock killed 58 people and wounded 800 who were attending a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both of these cases were in the news recently as experts said they do not have a clear motive in either of the two mass shootings.

Advice for dating again after the sociopath

Advice for dating again after the sociopath

Lovefraud received the following email from the reader who posts as “Saskgirl:”

I must say that your website is a lifesaver. It has helped me recover from a devastating relationship with a sociopath. It is amazing how many stories I read on your site and can totally identify with them. The people could be talking about the piece of garbage I was tangled up with.

I have been single for about a year and a half and have spent a lot of that time healing and working on me. I am ready to start dating (I think) but I’m afraid that it will be disastrous for me. I was so emotionally wrecked that I’m terrified of being there again. I don’t trust anyone and believe that just about every thing coming out of a man’s mouth is lies.

Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, to host free conference call support group 8/12/18 at 5 pm EST

Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, to host free conference call support group 8/12/18 at 5 pm EST

  Experience the support of people who know!  Join our free support group Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 5 pm EST.  Go to  www.destructiverelationshipshelp.com and use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page to state your interest in joining.  Do this every time even if you have joined us before!  We will reply to you with instructions to join the conference call.  It is anonymous and no personal information is displayed or shared.

Share your struggles, questions, get feedback and clarity from people who get it!  Hope to meet you there!

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Quora: How psychopaths/sociopaths view the world

Quora: How psychopaths/sociopaths view the world

Socipathic eyesThe question was asked on Quora, and self-described psychopaths and sociopaths are responding. If you want to get a better understanding of how they think, read it in their own words. Here are some gems:

“I see a world drowned by an emotional sea which I can observe, and recognize, but never feel. I watch this current sweep over the neurotypical world, causing all sorts of thoughts and behaviors which make so little sense to me that I might as well be an alien. I am able to predict some of the resulting repercussions, but for the most part, the reactions people have to this world of emotional illusion is well beyond reason. It is mass delusion and insanity, and because the majority rules, their insanity is what defines reality for the species.”

Woman talks of escaping Danueal Drayton, possible Tinder serial killer

Danueal Drayton, 27, was arrested on suspicion of brutally slaying a nurse from Queens, New York, whom he met on Tinder. He was arrested while holding another woman hostage in North Hollywood, California, and confessed to six other slayings.

Zynea Barney, 26, said she met him last November. Her description of their involvement reveals multiple strategies typically employed by sociopaths:

  • Continuous pursuit
  • Asking about her goals and dreams
  • Interested in what she had to say
  • Pretended to have similarities
  • Constant contact
  • When she broke it off, he begged her to take him back
With the sociopath, I kept my mouth shut — not anymore

With the sociopath, I kept my mouth shut — not anymore

By Eleanor Cowan

A 1929 Depression-era humorist, Andrew Glasow, once wrote, “Improvement begins with I,” and this week, I noted an example of my progress.

On Tuesday, I filled out a feedback form about a costly senior health program I attended. I complained that our well-paid lecturers felt entitled to consume 96 minutes of our time to detail their personal histories of living overseas, the languages they’d learned so quickly, and the distinguished academic careers of their high-achieving children – none of which was on the agenda. Annoyed, I chose not to return to the afternoon segment. That evening, an attendee, Ted, called to say that only the last scrunchy 25 minutes of the workshop invited seniors to move around more, augment our protein intake, and check our calcium levels regularly. Ted was upset he’d wasted his day. In contrast, I’d had a lovely afternoon.

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