Bail reduced for William Allen Jordan, AKA Liam Allen

William Allen Jordan

William Allen Jordan mug shot.

William Allen Jordan, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, had a hearing on May 7, 2014 to reduce his bail, which was set at $60,000. Jordan, you may recall, is the con man who convinced multiple women that he was a spy. And despite claiming he was never married and had no children, he actually has 13 children with eight different women.

See the story of his arrest on April 22 here:

Lovefraud con man William Allen Jordan – AKA Liam Allen – busted by his latest victim in New Jersey, on

Mischele Lewis, Jordan’s most recent victim, attended the bail hearing. Here’s what I heard from her:

I am seriously livid……    So I went to the bail hearing today, didn’t tell anyone (like the prosecutor’s office) and just sat in the audience. That case came up and the public defender (PD) wanted $25,000 with 10% and the prosecutor wanted to keep it as it was.  The PD said that the charges were kind of wishy washy and not based on forcible sexual assault.  The prosecutor said that it goes on the basis of coercion.  The PD said “well I can meet a girl, date her and tell her I’m an NBA player and if she believes it, well then she believes it.”  So basically if you date someone and lie to them and they believe it well shame on her??  Nothing like defiling the victim while she is siting right there.  The prosecutor just shrugged his shoulders at that.  I was very lucky and thankful to walk out of the courtroom with both of them and turned to look at them and said “I’m Will Jordan’s victim and what you just said about me was rude”.  The PD said, what was rude, I’m doing my job.

The judge reduced Jordan’s bail to $45,000, with no option to pay only 10% of it. Jordan attended the hearing via video conference. Mischele reported that he sat with his arms across his chest, looking down.

Mischele plans to do everything she can to make sure Jordan is brought to justice.

I will be at EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY hearing, motion, anything that has to do with this case.  I will be in their face morning, noon and night if I need to be.

No one has posted bail for Jordan, so he is still in jail. Watch for updates on Lovefraud.


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Wow, that was really brave of Mischele to even go to the hearing. I hope no one posts this guy’s bail ever and he never gets free. I hope the courts start to take seriously when a man ruins people’s lives like this. Somehow, it seems like the consequences are so much worse if he cheats a man in business, rather than a woman in love. But I could be wrong. Good luck to you Mischele, we are all rooting for you and admire your strength.


Unfortunately, for the men world, cheating or lying is not illegal… So whomever fooled is considered stupid.. Even though they don’t voice it, that’s their rule, even between men and even in business. Now, that’s why there are laws and contracts to ensure promises between them, it seems like. But even this DOESN”T GUARANTEE. That’s why the persecutor doesn’t oppose to PD’s statement. If the judge is a male, he would think in the same way.

In business (between men), things could get a bit tougher, because if you don’t implement the law, classic male intimidation (outside-court solutions=> ie. revenge, feud) would happen, like the old age.

Lots of women consider honesty and law&rules for granted, but better to consider that this is a quality.


Two steps forward and one step backward. This is why we need to get the word out. Most of the world doesn’t know what a sociopath is. We are supposed to be able to tell when someone is being dishonest. But those who have not been duped by a sociopath have no idea what con artists they are. If judges and juries understood and could associate that label, they will appreciate how truly dangerous the person is. But it’s one of those things – it’s how to understand if you’ve never experienced it yourself. Judges and juries may get charmed by them, but if they don’t get robbed or emotionally raped, they will never experience the adverse consequences. We have a long way to go.

Vicki Kuper

I hope Mischele is prepared for more victimization, from now on in the courtroom. What the PD said is beyond rude, and unfortunately common. Victims are routinely re-victimized in the courtroom during trial. The goal is to blame the victim by attempting to ruin their credibility. Be prepared for lies to be told about you in the process. If the defense has nothing to use against you, they have no problem making things up.

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