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BOOK REVIEW: The Other Mrs. Jordan

“I should write a book.” Many people have said this in describing their unbelievable, shocking and downright bizarre experiences with a sociopath to Lovefraud. Mary Turner Thomson of Edinburgh, Scotland, did just that.

Thompson’s book is called The Other Mrs. Jordan—A True Story of Bigamy and Betrayal. It will have you shaking your head in disbelief—and nodding your head in understanding. If you’ve been thoroughly deceived by a sociopath, elements of Thomson’s story will be very familiar to you.

Perfect gentleman

Mary Turner Thomson was a 35-year-old single mother when the sociopath, Will Jordan, wormed his way into her life. Of course, at the time, Thomson did not know the guy was a sociopath. She thought she met a man who was “intelligent and accomplished, but humble about his achievements.” He played flawless piano (for real—Thomson heard him). He was an information technology consultant—they first met at his plush office. He acted like a perfect gentleman—opening the car door for her and attentive in conversation.

The relationship quickly became serious. Jordan met and adored Thomson’s young daughter—especially since he said he was infertile and couldn’t have children of his own. When Thomson and Jordan were together, his affection was readily apparent.

Yet often Jordan didn’t do what he said he would. He embarrassed Thomson by not showing up when he was supposed to meet her friends and family. Thomson got angry. But he always had a good excuse—usually his work.

Jordan even blew Thomson off after inviting her to a black-tie Christmas party with his biggest client. And how did he ask for forgiveness for that one? Jordan proposed and gave Thomson a diamond ring.

CIA Agent

Still, Jordan continued to be erratic about calling and showing up when he promised. In fact, his behavior was odd. So Thomson took steps to check him out. She found an address for him and drove to the house. Jordan’s Corvette was in the driveway—and children’s play equipment was in the garden.

It looked like the guy was married with kids, and Thomson was shocked and angry. But then Jordan confessed the truth—he was actually a CIA agent, and the house was his cover story.

Jordan explained that his disappearances were a result of his dangerous work. For hours, he slowly and carefully told Thomson details of his work—at least the details he could convey without risk to her. She wrote:

“On the one hand, I couldn’t help but think that he fitted the description and personality of someone who’d do this kind of work, and he was telling me about it all without a hint of bragging or humor. He was deadly serious and matter-of-fact, while staring unflinchingly into my eyes.

“On the other hand, it could all be a lie and he could be married with kids. But that would mean he had been lying from the very first e-mail—that everything I knew about him down to the smallest and deepest detail was false and twisted. He was not the type.”

Jordan offered convincing proof that he was telling the truth. Thomson believed him.

Wild read

As stated in the beginning of this post, The Other Mrs. Jordan is about Thomson’s experience with a sociopath, and we all know what that means—the guy was lying. Jordan was not infertile—he had two children with Thomson. He was married, and had five children with his other wife and two children with their nanny. And, Jordan took Thomson’s money—all of it. It got so bad that Thomson had to sell possessions to buy food for her children.

To find out the full extent of the deceit, you’ll should read the book. Let’s just say it’s a wild read.

The story received extensive media coverage in the U.K. For one saucy account, read Bigamist who masqueraded as CIA spy is jailed.

As Thomson, the author, was trying to make sense of what happened, she discovered Lovefraud. On the last page of the book she wrote, “I found incredibly helpful, as it made sense of what Will had done to me and others.”

If you’ve been swindled by a sociopath, reading this book will help you validate your experience. Yes, you were targeted. Yes, they are that good. And yes, you can recover.

Lovefraud heartily recommends The Other Mrs. Jordan.

The Other Mrs. Jordan: A True Story of Bigamy and Betrayal

The Other Mrs Jordan: A True Story of Bigamy and Betrayal

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what amazes me is HOW on EARTH normal people can be conned to believe into sociopath’s BRAZEN lies? I confess I was conned too to believe that 23 yo girl is a leutenant, table tennis champion, and a surgeon. Why? HELL knows how they do it.

Seriously, do you think that CIA agents once confronted by their misstresses, immediately blow their cover and confess that they are CIA agents?

In that case catching spies would be SO easy for the other side. Just send a girl make her sleep with the guy, then she confronts him “what did you go to embassy for?” “Oh I am sorry honey, actually I am a CIA agent”

I have noticed how many unsavoury characters claim to be ex-special ops, CIA, etc. A look at the Dallas SWAT, etc. documentaries makes it clear what caution, patience, team-membership, and confrontation-minimising is actually required. As if the typical impulsive, untrustworthy psychopath would last long in those programmes!

I guess it sounds dangerous and scary, can’t easily be disproved, and also allows one to have all kinds of unexplained gaps in one’s story.


I was reading about the B-52 crash at Fairchild Air Force Base. It was a fatal air crash that occurred on June 24, 1994, killing the four crew members of a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52 Stratofortress during a training flight.

Was that pilot a sociopath?
On March 10, 1994, Holland commanded a single-aircraft training mission to the Yakima Bombing Range to provide an authorized photographer an opportunity to document the aircraft as it dropped training munitions. The minimum aircraft altitude permitted for that area was 500 feet (150 m) AGL.

During the mission, Holland’s aircraft was filmed crossing one ridgeline about 30 feet (10 m) above the ground. Fearing for their safety, the photography crew ceased filming and took cover as Holland’s aircraft again passed low over the ground, this time estimated as clearing the ridgeline by only three feet (1 m).

The co-pilot on Holland’s aircraft testified that he was forced to grab the controls to prevent Holland from flying the aircraft into the ridge while the aircraft’s other two aircrew members repeatedly screamed at Holland, “Climb! Climb!.” Holland responded by laughing and calling one of the crew members “a pussy”.
there were a bunch of other incidents you can find them in wiki

Couldn’t the pilot have just been a lunatic? What ever happened to just plain old crazy? A lot of different disorders have similar characteristics and can be on a spectrum as a sociopath, but clearly there are other things at work.

There is a specific name for that, but I forget what it is now.



Spent today reading this book. Couldn’t stop!

It’s all so shocking – I feel that I got off *SO* lightly with my ex – but the tactics used are all so similar. Just my tendency to think ‘he can’t have been up to anything then – he rang me every night’ – seems extra ridiculous. But good lord – Mr Jordan must have been absolutely *exhausted*! How on earth could anyone live like that? I know it’s the ‘endless string of intrigues’ that Secret Monster talks about but…to have tons of people annoyed with you. It’s hard to imagine how that could be fun.

You also think of all the things he could have achieved if he’d put all that energy and ability to manipulative to a more ‘positive’ use. Duping money out of women to impress and dupe other women…then back to them again. This going back and forth and stringing people along is familiar to me now but I don’t think I’ll ever get near to understanding where the fun in it might be.

Anyway – I strongly recommend it as an excellent read and will reinforce how you feel in the same positive way this forum does.

If you’re reading this, Mary, thanks ever so much for sharing your story. (And I hope something wonderful happens to YOU today! 😉 )


I find that is yet another commonality amongst sociopath/P’s… making plans, or promises… then either not showing up or being unapologetically* late

Anyway this book sounds intriguing. I do relate to her, thanks for the rec.

I had to laugh inside when he told her his disappearances were part of his “dangerous work”. Of course, if someone told us this straight out we wouldn’t give a second thought to questioning it because of how “important” it sounds. It just wouldn’t even cross our minds to second guess them ( esp if they had drawn a facade of themselves as someone we should trust.. at least in words) But the fact that he, like clockwork, just constructed a bullshit lie in response to her UNCOVERING THE TRUTH … it’s like a reflex.. the target ( in this case, Mary ) rationalizes what the predator has been doing all along, and he simply spews more word salad.. lies on top of lies, lies to explain away hard evidence.. lies without so much a blink of an eye. It is VERY familiar to me in my past experiences.



Oh, yes…I know the “making plans and then ignoring me so he didn’t have to follow through” all too well. He did it constantly for six months straight. But I wanted to see him so I kept falling for it. He never did the “not showing up” deal with me, but he did tell me that he would do it with other woman who was in the triangulation. Yes, he admitted it! He told me that he would make plans to meet her and then “I just wouldn’t show up.” Wow. Hmmmm, they are all the same.

I have a question about something I did notice and anyone reading this who experienced this or who has any insight, please chime in. I noticed that sometimes he would tell the truth. He would blend it in with all the lies. Was this a way to throw me off track? To make me think that he must be truthful or trustworthy if he told me the truth about certain things?

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