Born bad

Two young girls adopted by a loving British couple took after their criminal biological mother. For the adoptive parents, it was a disaster.

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Has anyone ever seen the online movie called Child of Rage? It is the story of an adopted child who was completely evil from a very young age. She tortured the family dog and tried to kill her brother and her adoptive parents. This was based on a true story. The adoptive parents took the child to an inpatient facility who had success at helping children like this. They used that technique called “holding” (which later the same therapist was arrested for, because she suffocated a child with it). Over time, the therapy worked. The child got in touch with her rage over being sexually abused by her father as an infant and the tears underneath. After that, she was able to develop compassion and was able to change. The girl is grown now and is happy and well adjusted. She and her adoptive mom work together to help troubled kids.

This is one example where an “evil” child was just acting out her unconscious rage.

Because it’s hard to know whether it was nature, nurture, or both operating here, I don’t see the point of analyzing this tragic story. If the children were ever reachable, it’s too late now. We will never know whether they were born that way or just severely abused early in life. Or both. A terrible tragedy.

HI Star ~ I am so so so glad to “see” you.

I didn’t see that movie but I am familiar with the “holding” therapy. There are some reputable therapists out there doing it and there have been some success stories from it. I believe it is based on the theory of taking the child back to the moment of birth, then bonding with them.

I agree, a terrible tragedy, all the way around.

I have worked in in-patient settings with many children who were apparently either filled with rage or who just exhibited “duping delight” in the things that they did (hurting others) or in the fear that they generated in others.

I have never really seen any long term successes with these kids, but maybe someone else can testify to success of a sort at least.

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