Bureaucrats say victim is too upset for counseling

A woman in England is brutally raped. She is diagnosed with PTSD. When she goes for counseling, she cries. And amazingly, because she cried, she is denied further counseling.

Read Rape victim is denied NHS counseling after officials rule ‘it might make her upset’ in

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Dear OxDrover,
I feel so different than my other siblings and my other family members. I’m not afraid to go get help or to write here whatever is going on. My other siblings except the youngest feels that they owe my family their time and resources. The fact that I cutoff and that I’m going to cutoff family members is in their mind out of the question. My mother and her side feel that I should be getting into fights or arguments. This whole mentality is to show that we are “strong”. I’m going away to college next week in another state. This is going to decrease the drama only cause I pay my own phone bill. So I’m not obligated to call every day. Next year I hope to gain scholarships and grants a lot more to weed out my dad in paying my tuition. But since I’m getting a campus job this also decreases my time dealing with my father. I’m going to college 4-5hrs away from home. As for my mom’s side the only ones I can handle are my grandmother and my mom’s stepdiblings. I can’t handle her two stepsisters. There’s so much to do at this particular college.

Dear Hurtnomore,

I am so glad that you will be able to go to college and also glad that you will be quite a ways away from home and the drama.

Being sane in a world of insanity is difficult, but you can do it. I think you are very strong. We all had a lot to learn when we realized we were not the crazy ones. LOL So keep on learning and growing and reaching toward the sky! (((Hugs)))

ps.; what major course of study will you be studying?

Dear OxDrover,
I hope to really do well when I go away next week. I’m majoring in Human Service Studies. I really want to be a social worker particularly a family social worker or a child social worker. My parents fear that I will barely get paid with the major I chose.

Dear Hurtnomore,

Well, that profession is not a high paying one, and jobs are usually for those with a master’s degree, but at the same time, MONEY IS NOT THE ONLY MOTIVATION FOR A JOB—if your job is only motivated by money, you will be very unhappy.

I think the course of study may help you mature and learn to take care of yourself, and also giving back to others is a good thing for us all. Personally having some of understanding of what a child who is abused feels like is also a good thing for a social worker as well.

I hope you enjoy your course work, make wonderful new friends, and start to experience your independence in adult life.

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