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Canadian man admits 37 years of lies to family, friends and four ex-wives

In 1977, Ronald Stan, a 32-year-old, cheating-on-his-wife, father- of-two plumber from Canada burns down his pig barn, fakes his death and moves to the US where he starts a new life in New Orleans as Jeff Walton.

After 37 years of living a lie, three American wives, and a son named Jeff Jr., Jeff Walton is coming clean to his lies and deceit. He says he initially ran from his life in Canada so his wife could pay off their debts with the insurance money from his death. (Upon hearing Stan was not dead, she returned all of the insurance money.)

“It’s been almost 40 years that I’ve lived this lie. And actually I’ve been a real good boy, except for the philandering. I paid my taxes, I did everything right,” said Walton, according to The Star.

Read the whole wild story, with graphics and maps:

Inside the secret life of Ronald Stan: Lust, lies and a new identity, from the

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OMG – This is a truly wild story.


Wild, Donna? Or does he remind you of your ex? Cheating, big stories, leaping from life to new life? Claiming to be a real good boy, except for when he wasn’t.

I liked how he claimed to love his FIRST wife while also saying he was “faithful” to his 4th. No surprise to me that he’d try to circle back in his past and seek to destroy her some more. She had all those years of peace and he had to go back and infect her world again. The friend that helped him should have kept him all to themselves.


“He is a man consumed by remorse but aware of the self-wrought nature of his plight.”

This is the journalist’s quote lol. ‘Jeff’ CHEATED ON ALL OF HIS WIVES!!! And with everything else he did, this journalist has the gall to repeat “Jeff’s” statement that he’s remorseful? A 5-year old could tell this guy isn’t capable of remorse.

No wonder education about sociopaths is so hard to accomplish. The media is by far the biggest deterrent.


My ex-spath is a plumber too.

It’s a PERFECT job for a sociopathic sexual predator–an endless number of new female victims, just sitting in their houses waiting for their toilets or sinks to be fixed, many of them the proverbial “lonely housewives”, and in walks Mr. Charming (who chatted them up from the moment he walked in the door but neglected to mention to any of them he had a live-in GF).

He probably cheated on me with dozens, if not more, women in the 6 years we were together. I found about 10 or so–logically there were probably many, many more. And most of them he met through work.

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