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Candy hearts you’d receive from a sociopath

Sociopath candy hearts

Sociopath candy hearts by the Lovefraud reader ‘elizabethbrooks.’

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These are right on point. Such a depressing day but i guess i should be glad he’s not in my life anymore.

Hope Springs


Sad, but true. A bit of dark humor 🙂

I think the fact that I actually laughed a bit when I saw this means I’ve come a long, long way from my darkest days with my SP. Recovering from a relationship with these emotional vampires is very hard, but it is possible.

Here’s a few more:

“It’s ALL about me!”

“What do I get out of it?”

“You’re too sensitive?”

“I’ll be late, again.”

“Sleep’s for wimps”

“She’s just a friend.”

“No one likes you.”


Hope Springs

I know!

Very humorous, O.N.Ward.

We HAVE to laugh sometimes. We deserve happiness, no?



Yes I had a small chuckle myself. I don’t know that I’ll ever have a hearty laugh again. Here’s my two cents.

“No big deal”

“What have you done for me lately”

“Always making a mountain out of a molehill”

“You’re a shameless person”

“The truth was easily discoverable”

“That’s your job”

“It’s all your fault”

We’ll have our own, and more important holiday, June 15th…. #TruthInRomance Day! Save the date!

The simplest candy heart of all for a Narcissist> I love ME!

Hope Springs


Too right!

I’ve also come to especially enjoy Independence Day. There’s a song with that title my Martina McBride about the end of an abusive relationship.


great great thanks!!! ,,,,humor will help u recover
I know at first nothing funny about it
,,,with time ,,,,see thing differently

great idea, really like to see these really made ,,,
thinking about adding few more ,,,good way to educate people, too

I saw an article from a psychologist who replaced the word socio with LOSER ,,,,I liked it… less clinical & less scary
to others & to self …if you say my ex was a socio
people look at you weird like something wrong with u & like u should be locked up for just thinking or saying that!!

If u say ex was a Looser bc of following ,,,people get that ,,,,

also takes some of the fear & power away form the socio
,,,socio such a scary term

I tired it works wonders,,,

I was with a Looser for 14 years …till I unhitched….
LOSER!!! ,,,nice, more empowering!

Happy Valentines
to all the broken hearts out there reading this

Remember Love is every where (except in a socios heart)
& we have walked in your shoes if not very similar ones!


Hope Springs

Good point.

Socio and psycho path carry a lot of scary weight for most people.

Loser definitely fits the bill and is easier to swallow.

These sayings on these candy hearts are hilarious. And the additions everybody has made are funny too. Laughter is the best medicine!! Getting out of these relationships is so very healing. Once you’re out you can really laughing at it.
As for labeling whether it’s psycho or Socio I’m very careful with that. And I’m also very careful about saying a loser because that just sounds like I’m bitter. I find myself saying that there are personality issues or personality disorder. Or I might say I didn’t feel I was treated respectfully in the marriage or that there was emotional and verbal abuse that I was no longer going to allow


For the phases of an experience with a sociopath, psychopath, narcissist, bottom-feeder, one-trick pony, shape-shifter, empty suit”

I would date a tree if it looked at me right :'(
My ex cheated on me and ran up my credit card bills!

Did we just become best friends?!
I think we must be soul mates!

Sorry, I’ve just BEEN SOO BUSY
You’re SO Needy!
I don’t like hard rules
My way or the highway!

She did NAAWT flirt with me!
I can’t help it if I have KAVORKA!



Excellent summary! Made me laugh! My ex psychopath used to whine “I did naaaaawt” just like you wrote it. He sounded like a 6 year old. he said most of the other stuff in your post, according to the current stage of manipulation. I am happier and happier he is gone every day. It’s been about 4 years, and life gets better and better all the time.

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