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Been to counseling because of abuse? Fill out the Therapy Satisfaction Survey – closing soon!

300x250_therapy_survey_AIf you sought professional counseling because of an involvement with someone who may be disordered, Lovefraud wants to know about your experience.

Working with Dr. Liane Leedom and the University of Bridgeport, we are gathering data for scientific research about the therapeutic experience of those who sought therapy in the context of an abusive relationship. The survey is completely anonymous no personal information is collected at all.

What did you experience? Did the therapist understand what you were talking about? Did he or she help you realize what you were dealing with?

Or was the counselor completely clueless about personality disorders? Did the person make you feel worse instead of better?

Your relationship could have been with anybody:

  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Boss
  • Other

The survey will ask you questions like:

  • What issue most brought you to therapy?
  • Did you engage in couples or joint counseling?
  • How satisfied were you with the services you received?

You’ll have opportunities to describe your experience in your own words. For example, one question asks, “What aspects of your therapy were helpful?” Here are comments some of the survey respondents wrote:

“She reminds me of my strengths and progress navigating through the past year and a half of hell when I feel like I’m back to square one again.”

“Helped me to pinpoint the times when I was most vulnerable to taking him back.”

“None. An additional duping.”

The Therapy Satisfaction Survey will be closing soon. So if you haven’t completed it yet, please do so. The information you provide will help towards understanding how mental health professionals may be helping or failing people who find themselves in abusive relationships.

To share your experience, please click the following link:

Therapy Satisfaction Survey


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