Con man kidnaps daughter from supervised visitation

It is already Friday and the daughter of Sandra L. Boss has been missing since Sunday when she was abducted from supervised visitation by her father a con artist. On behalf of other victims of love fraud, I want to tell Sandra that we are praying for her and her daughter. We also understand how an intelligent, loving, successful person can be duped.

Sandra L. Boss asks for return of daughter

Last night Sandra appeared before the cameras to ask that her former husband return the child, age 7. To see the video visit ABC News. She gave the following message: “Clark, although many things have changed, you will always be Reigh’s father and I will always be Reigh’s mother,We both love her dearly and have only her best interests and well-being in our hearts. I ask you now, please, please bring ‘Snooks’ back. There has to be a better way for us to solve our differences than this way. Reigh, honey, I love you and miss you so much. Remember you’re always a princess,”

Who was this woman who married and had a child with a con artist?

According to ABC News Sandra Boss, “is a senior partner in the London office of McKinsey & Company. She has done consultant work for New York Sen. Charles Schumer and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and has ties to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.” According to the New York Post, Sandra met her husband when he dated her identical twin sister. Apparently a friend said, “There was nothing to suspect, really. He said he was a Rockefeller and he always seemed to have money,” said the friend. “Her parents loved him.”

Who is this con man father?

According to ABC News and America’s Most Wanted, Sandra’s ex-husband and Reigh’s father is a con man with no social security number or driver’s license. He used the alias Clark Rockefeller and claimed to be a member of the Rockefeller family. He also used other aliases. Police in Boston have said Rockefeller, who is believed to be 48, has used several aliases with variations on the names James, Frederick, Mills and Clark, as well as Rockefeller. Police are actively searching for prior school records.

According to ABC news, “Investigators also are unclear about Rockefeller’s education history, the official said, despite reports that he commonly told acquaintances he attended Yale and Harvard. Some people have told authorities that Rockefeller said that his parents died in a car crash when he was young; others were told he was homeschooled as a kid.”

People apparently continue to be fooled. One neighbor who knew Rockefeller is quoted as saying, “He had a lot to offer as a person,”

The divorce

Boss and “Rockefeller” divorced last year. All the documents were sealed so we don’t know if Boss was ordered to support “Rockefeller.” Several news agencies allege a custody battle. We know that he was granted only supervised visitation.

The kidnapping

The kidnapping was planned with malice and forethought. “Rockefeller” conned a livery driver into believing he was picking up the daughter from a gay lover who would resist. So when the male social worker tried to retrieve the girl, the livery driver sped off. Another unwitting accomplice was paid $500 to drive the kidnapper and the kidnapped girl from Boston to New York.

The public is confused- and so is Sandra

To give you the full story here I read a number of articles on this story. There is a commentary today in the Boston Herald by Peter Gelzinis, Amid hoopla little girl remains missing. In it he accuses Sandra of being “self-absorbed” and equates her to the con artist! He also points out that Sandra told authorities she did not believe “Rockefeller” would harm the little girl. Police issued the Amber alert though when they gained information that led them to believe otherwise.

One person commenting on the story wrote, “I’m confused if this guy is a fraud, why do they keep saying he kidnapped his daughter. They aren’t related right? This story is confusing me. It’s his daughter? THEN WTF ARE YOU BLABBING ABOUT HIS SECRET BS IDENTITY!!??!?! Stop it and find some real information. “Ohhhh i’m abcnews, here’s a bunch of fake information this guy tells everyone. Wooooh” Find this kidnapped girl.”

Lovefraud’s Mission

It is our job here at Lovefraud.com to end the confusion and ignorance. Thankfully, I found out about this story from an ABC reporter who contacted me through Donna. The reporter asked me if I had a message for Sandra. I’ll print it here then perhaps you who also understand will add yours.

Sandra, although you might have loved this man he appears to be a psychopathic con artist. You have to put your love aside and think with your head about what that means. He is dangerous! You also have to ignore family members and the public who say “A child needs her father.” The child does not need a psychopathic con artist in her life at all. I pray that the child will be found unharmed. I am sorry that the family courts failed you. Remember the judicial system has also failed others including Dr. Amy Castillo. We have to get the courts to recognize the plight of victims of love fraud and the children that result from these acts of psychological rape.


Aug 2 The Boston Herald reports that Boss paid “Rockefeller” over 1 million dollars in the divorce settlement. He was denied custody and placed on supervised visitation when he refused to reveal his identitiy. I wonder if anyone related to Boss really understood the nature of this man.

abc News story quoting Donna, myself and Trish.

Saturday, “Rockefeller” was captured in Baltimore, MD. The girl was found unharmed and reunited with her mother. To read about the capure on CNN

Tuesday, 8/5/08 GMA reported this AM that “Rockefeller” may be tied to a CA murder. Stay tuned. As we found out regarding Fred Brito there is no such thing as a benevolent con artist!

Aug 7 The evidence linking Rockefeller to the disappearance of a California couple is quite compelling see the Boston Globe today

Today a family who hosted a German High school student says they are 100% certain that Rockefeller is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter who came to them from Bavaria at age 17. The family of Christian in Germany has also identified him. One of the aliases used by Gerhartsreiter links him definitively to the missing/dead CA couple. Reports of Christian personality indicate he had psychopathic traits going back to at least age 17. see Baltimore sun Story

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Okay, I found it—but it doesn’t say “addendum” it says PERMALINK right after Dr. L’s name as author of the post.

I’m glad that they found out who he really is.

The weapons thing is also a red flag with my P-son, who stole a gun from my step father at age 15 or so while living with them, after having fled from my home after he kicked in my ribs and I was going to turn him over to juvenile authorities, and my mother took him in AGAINST MY WILL.

When he was allowed to come back home, he almost immediately stole a gun from a customer of ours, took it to school to show off to the other kids, fortunately one of them reported this to the school cop, who came to our house and informed me. I seized the gun from him, and he fled again.

After killing his murder victim, he was so attached to the gun, that he didn’t even dispose of it as he took it home and kept it under his bed (even though it linked him to the murder). You would think a “criminal with an IQ in the top 99th percentile would be “smarter” than that, but he was SO attached to the gun that he just couldn’t give it up.

Growing up in the South where most men I know are hunters, and there are very few homes that don’t have one or more weapons in them, I know lots of “gun enthusiasts” who have them for their hobbies, their recreation, etc. but these men and women are NOT showing them off like my son or “rockefeller” did to “impress others” with how knowledgeable or tough they are, but they are responsible gun owners, with permits as needed and appropriate training, but not OBSCESSED with weapons or use them for vandalism or irresponsibly.

It says addendum. It looks like it’s the last section of the article. She has been adding things to it. You are going to feel so silly when you finally see it!


Ya got me back for the dealie-o about the diaper, Aloha. ROTFLMAO (I needed that laugh, thanks!!!!)

Besides, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for laughing at a “poore ole ‘blind woman!” Ha ha

This case is rather “interesting,” that woman with the “cloned dog” thing was also “interesting” as well. Every once in a while some thing like this gets into the news where one of these “impostors” gets exposed and no one can “believe” how cunning they have been. Some are serial killers, like a guy in Alaska was years ago, he was keeping women in his basement for mnths, then killing them and flying their bodies out to the tundra, one woman finally escaped and he got caught, another one owned a cremetorium and was burning his victims’ bodies in his kiln. They never did pin a murder on him and he ended up only getting 4 years for trying to sell illegal corneas (cadaver eyes) for transplant.

It is amazing the things they do and the things they get away with, and makes you wonder how many DON’T get caught, and I would bet probably 50% of them or more don’t get caught even for murder—like this guy did for nearly 25 years. Sheesh!


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