Kidnapping case exposes need for society to learn about psychopaths

Reigh Storrow Mills Boss, the 7-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped by her father, Clark Rockefeller, has been safely reunited with her mother, Sandra Boss.

Last Thursday, I received a phone call from an ABC News reporter who wanted information about women who marry con men. At that point, I knew nothing about the case. The girl’s mother had just released a video appeal to the father of the child, pleading for her safe return. But I did know about marrying a con man. After speaking to the reporter for about 30 minutes, I put her in touch with Dr. Liane Leedom and two Lovefraud readers who were willing to be interviewed.

Here’s the story: How do smart women get taken by con men?

The story was mostly accurate. But one sentence exemplified the people’s confusion about con artists, sociopaths, psychopaths. The reporter wrote: “Leedom believes con artists seek out people who will be ‘good’ victims, just like a psychopath may seek out someone to kill.”

Con artists are psychopaths. And not all psychopaths are killers.

Blaming the victim

In her article about this case on Friday, Dr. Leedom drew attention to a Boston Herald columnist, Peter Gelzinis, who wrote a piece highly critical of Sandra Boss. He wrote that the con man, Clark Rockefeller, “managed to stay married to a brilliant Stanford/Harvard Business School world beater for about a dozen years before she apparently figured out her husband had no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license and no visible means of support.”

Readers posted comments in reaction to the story. Here are some of them:

She’s not missing!!!!! She’s with her father!

I agree that Ms. Boss has a lot of explaining to do. Fourteen years is a long time to remain in the dark about one’s spouse, assuming a person has two brain cells to rub together. And I think it’s pretty outrageous that she accepted a higher-paying position in England, when she knew it would damage Rockefeller’s rights to visit their child.

More support for con artist

With this, I started looking around the web for more blog comments. Here are some on the Topix web site, based on a Chicago Tribune article:

Massachusetts is notorious for taking parental rights from fathers and financially ruining them. Why wasn’t the mother prosecuted for abducting the child to England. God forbid the lunatics in the media question her…..

I think it is very important that a child has the right to a relationship with both parents therefore in Idaho where I live joint custody is the law of the land unless extreme abuse against the child can be proved, the social worker injured herself by running after and grabbing onto that car, that is ridiculous, she was never attacked, I don’t blame the Father for absconding with his child if he was required to only have supervised visits and yet the Mother was globe trotting with his child.

I do not agree that abuse against a woman or the Mother is good reason to require supervised visits because sometimes the woman starts the abuse, I have seen my sister in action and she beat the living crap out of her ex husband simply because he didn’t give her his paycheck!

Here are comments on a story published by CBS News, in which Reigh Boss’ former babysitter called Clark Rockefeller a “great father”:

The system is set up to cater to women, period. I hope this guy has a great life with his daughter.The only thing the money hungry bitch is worried about is $$$$$.

I still see that the mother is an instigator. I hope as a woman, that I would never take my child away from the man I had him/her with. No matter how much I hated him. My sister HATES her ex-husband but allows him to see his children all the time…you know why? Cause they love daddy too, it’s not just about mommy…when you do what this “shrew” did….THATS WHAT screws up a child. And now I am contradicting myself because the father has now done that. BUT SHE STARTED IT.

Learning needed

There are, of course, plenty of blog comments that supported the mother and criticized the con artist father. But I was looking for the comments that indicate how little people understand about con men, psychopaths and child custody.

Con artists are psychopaths, also called sociopaths. Here’s what we all, as a society, need to learn about them:

  • Psychopaths can be either men or women.
  • Anyone can be conned by a psychopath.
  • Psychopaths make terrible parents.
  • Psychopaths do not love their children. They use the children for their own purposes, and damage the kids in the process.
  • Children should be protected from psychopathic parents.
  • The issue is not whether the father or mother should get custody. The issue is that the healthy parent should get custody.

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Dear Kat,

In my opinion, A single parent to a baby is a MUCH BETTER OPTION than having a PSYCHOPATHIC CO-PARENT in the mix. With no “co-parent” who is manipulating and using your child for their own purposes, the drama and the insanity, and the other crap is NOT THERE. You are SAFE from the harassment and damage that the psychopath can and will do to both you and the child. Safe from the worry about what will happen to the child if you were to die or become disabled.

I have been both a married stay at home mom and a single parent, so I pretty well have the idea on who both of them work, and personally the single parent role isn’t all that bad. It is financially, but at the same time, I MADE my children a “family” of other single parents and their children, including male single parents who were good role models for my kids and “uncles” and “aunts” and “cousins” so that they were not without support and love. My little group of closely bonded single parents did things as a group with our kids, we exchanged baby sitting, we camped, we gardened, played music, and did all kinds of things as a group with the kids. In fact, my son C told me the other day (he’s 38 now) that it “was a good life” and “we had everything we needed” and “I can see how hard you worked to make sure we had support and love and male role models.”

And, looking back on those years as a single parent before I remarried (7 yrs) they WERE good. Sometimes tough financially, but LOTS OF LOVE AND SUPPORT for both me and my children.

We lived financially “hand to mouth” but we still had lots of fun.

I agree Oxy, and our family before I remarried was fun, those were some of the hardest but most rewarding years of my life. But what I meant was, lots of times with new moms, people can talk like nothing is important but the baby. I’m just saying if it was me, I would be like.. thanks bud, I really needed a baby to care for on top of getting my heart ripped out. The mommy is important too.

Oh, abslolutely, Kat, and I am so proud of how Bird has made such progress in not only taking care of BAby Birdie, but in taking care of Bird (herself) as well.

I just read the Boston news link on the other kidnapping thread that Dr. Leedom posted. This predator “Rockefeller” is such a FRAUD–and likely a murderer as well.

It must amazes me the lengths that these people go to, to put up a front and how they manage to elude the police for so many crimes. Fortunately, their arrogance brings many of them smashing down though. This guy had apparently gotten away with murder for 23 years, scamming his way across the country, presenting himself as some “hot shot” then marrying this poor deluded woman. You would have thought that he would have known he couldn’t get away with kidnapping, that the entire world would turn out looking for that little child, but his arrogance (and past successes) left him vulnerable to his own worst enemy, HIMSELF.

And this yahoo was “successful” if you equate that to staying a step ahead of the law for all those years. But his own arrogance caused his downfall.

I look back at my own situation with the ARROGANT Ps in the family and how their own arrogance brought them down–and yet, they still do not see that, they still blame others for their down fall. They just don’t get it. They are NOT the center of the world, they are NOT the smartest people in the world, and they sure as heck are NOT the MOST IMPORTANT PERSONS in the world, and not even in my world. I can’t believe that they ever convinced me that they were THAT IMPORTANT TO ME, that I couldn’t LIVE without them, that without them I was NOTHING. They have nothing to offer me, never did have anything except the “fantasy” that they painted for me on a canvas of air—well, it has evaporated, and it is GONE, and I like the VIEW from here (reality) a lot better.

Music please:

“I can see clearly now” (ta da)

Oh,yea, I know, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid, but you get the idea! LOL

I am now joining kat-o-nine, in that the sociopaths girlfriend wrote to me yesterday over email! What drama these people are into. My friend asked if I am sure it is her, and I thought that was a good question. I have no way of knowing that it is her, it could be him! My new goal in life is to CUT the drama. These people brought so much drama into my life, that I did not ask for. I want to build a healthy life for my family and focus my energy on what matters. I do not want to live my life around people who fabricate drama. You are right OxY. I will not let their arrogance and drama into my mind and life, anymore. They are not important.

My dear sweet Bird!!!!

Fly away free! It is unbelieveable that he/she/they can’t seem to forget about you isn’t it? They have to poke their heads in every so often to see if they can make your life miserable with their LITTLE DRAMA—they just want to make sure that you haven’t recovered too much so they can chuckle in glee at what a LOSER YOU ARE! LOL Well, my dear Bird you are the BIGGEST WINNER OF ALL!!! You are FREE!!!! They are so arrogant that they can’t see the truth if it hit them like a freight train!

Bird, you have come so far in such a short time with heavy responsibilities. I am so PROUD OF YOU and how you have risen to the occasion, and I know it has not been easy going through the last three months of pregnency and labor and delivery by yourself (except for your wonderful friend who was your delivery coach) and all the post-partumn stuff.

But you are a wonderful trooper, Bird and the Little Birdie is also FREE of this P-sperm donor as well. That was all my P-bio-father was, a SPERM DONOR.

The Birdie is the most fortunate child in the world, Birdie has a very smart, loving mother who has sense enough and back bone enough to put the Birdie’s SAFETY FIRST before anything else! And BTW I just happen to think too, that she is one of the most loving and caring people in the world! ((hugs))))

I’d love to hear now what those defender posters are saying now that it’s come out that the guy could be a murderer. Do they, for instance, still stick to their story that he should be allowed to “have a great life with his daughter”?

Sad part is – maybe!

I always seem to find myself in positions of saying “I said so” or “I told you so”.
But even then it’s sometimes useless.

I think of this one guy who did some work for someone I knew. I KNEW the guy was a liar and not very good at the work he was doing – screwed things up – I overheard him talking about milking some job for money, etc. etc.. Well even after he went to JAIL for some kind of theft… somehow this person I knew still felt compelled to defend the guy’s work – which was clearly shoddy.

I don’t know if the guy was a sociopath or just a 3rd rate a-hole. But it doesn’t really matter.

It’s like sometimes people are so invested (not even necessarily financially – but psychologically) in the person, they just can’t bring themselves to realize the truth. Like I swear, for some people, the sociopath (or garden variety jerk – whatever) would have to break into their house all strung out on drugs and sexually assault their wife… and they might still be saying something like “Oh, but he’s a good caterer” – while people around roll their eyes because they saw the guy spitting into the punch bowl at their last party… but the guy’s just blind because the sociopath was butt-kissing so intensely that the guy was so cross-eyed he didn’t even notice when he made a pass at his wife or engaged in theft against the guests.

This is just a fictional example, mind you – but it’s pretty much what I’ve seen happen MANY times… while I wondered – for years before I learned that the people like this were in fact sociopaths (or in some cases maybe had NPD).

But maybe this belongs on that other thread.

As usual, the media feeds the ego… and “Rockefeller” blames his wife, pretends innocence/ignorance, and denies the truth in the face of evidence:

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