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Count the psychopaths in ‘Hell on Wheels’


Hell on Wheels

Thor Gundersen — “The Swede” — is the ultimate psychopath in “Hell on Wheels.”

Gunslingers, industrialists, cowboys and Indians, Yankees, rebels, carpetbaggers, immigrants, Mormons, freed slaves, settlers and whores Hell on Wheels, the AMC television show about building the transcontinental railway after the Civil War, has them all.

The final season begins next month. What will happen to the hero, Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), a former Confederate officer who became the construction “boss man”?

Hell on Wheels first aired in 2011, but my husband, Terry, and I found it later on Netflix. We are totally addicted. We can’t wait to see how all the story lines will play out.

What confrontations will Bohannon face before that final golden spike is driven into the steel?

Will he find his missing Mormon wife and child the woman he married because it was the right thing to do or will he fall for the young Chinese woman who stays alive by pretending to be a man?

Will his finally put an end to his arch-enemy, Thor Gundersen (Christopher Heyerdahl), who is called “The Swede,” but is actually Norwegian?

This TV series is full of human drama and unbelievable characters including several psychopaths. In fact, the portrayal of psychopaths in this show is amazingly accurate.

Here they are:

Chang (Byron Mann) He was ruthless during Chinese rebellion, and now that he’s rich and powerful in the U.S., he’s ruthless again.

Sydney Snow (Jonathan Scarfe) A Confederate soldier who fought in the Civil War with Bohannon, he likes to kill for the fun of it.

Pete (Adam O’Byrne) an Irish tough guy who wears a special cap on his thumb so he can pry his target’s eye out.

Thor Gundersen “The Swede” This character is the ultimate psychopath. He kills Bohannon’s girlfriend just for revenge. He takes on an entirely new personality to impersonate a Mormon bishop and convinces the congregation of his holiness. He is almost held accountable for his viciousness multiple times, but escapes. He manipulates innocent people to do his dirty work. It’s really a fascinating study.

The show’s protagonist, Cullen Bohannon, is a killer, but he is not a psychopath. Bohannon has a moral core, but he does what he has to do.

The final season begins June 11, and we’ll see how everything turns out. If you’re a fan of binge TV, you may want to get the series from Netflix to tune up for the big finale.

AMC sets return date for final season of ‘Hell on Wheels,’ new series ‘The American West,’ on



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Rosie Jackson

After learning about psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists I now recognize these traits in movie characters all the time. “Spotting the Psycho” has made my movie viewing become that much more interesting. For example, the ones that seem “too good to be true” are usually anything but good. I’m just happy when they get what’s coming to them in the end….it’d be so nice if justice was served in two hours (or less) in “real life”!


Hey thanks for the heads up.

Surprise, it’s also available on Canada Netflix ~ not always so lucky. Just started watching and is looking like something one can really get into.

Gotta love binge watching… bye

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