Judges allow psychopathic father visitation and children are murdered

Here we go again, another three children murdered after the family courts allowed a psychopathic parent unfettered access them. This is the story of doctor Amy Castillo (a pediatrician) as was told last night on Larry King Live. Dr. Castillo’s problems with her husband began in full force about two years ago when he began “staying out all night.” The couple had decided that he would stay home with the children and that she would practice. However, she was unable to go to work because he could not function in the caretaker role. Due to his behavior, she left him. After threatening to kill himself he was hospitalized.

According Larry King “court documents say that Mark was diagnosed with a mood disorder — narcissistic personality disorder, borderline and histrionic personality traits.” Please note these together are just synonyms for psychopathy. Furthermore, the pastor that knew Mark stated, “One of the things about Mark is that when he was being evaluated, he was an intelligent person. He was articulate. So he had a way of… Yes, he had a way of covering it up.” Please note this is another indication of psychopathic traits.

The courts initially restricted Mark’s visitation, then against Dr. Castillo’s wishes allowed unsupervised visitation. Dr. Castillo quotes Mark saying, “The worst thing I could do to you would be to kill the children and not you, so that you would have to live without them.”

Amy tried in vain again to restrict his access to the children and was in fact fined by the court this year for not cooperating with visitation.

Finally during his visitation time Mark drowned all three young children. A fund has been set up to help Dr. Castillo. I ask that all who read this blog donate a little something. Don’t think that because she is a doctor she is rich. Psychopathic men financially ruin women and now due to her grief she can’t practice. Please visit LoveFund4Amy.com to see pictures of the three children and donate through pay pal.

What exactly is wrong with our court system that this is happening to children? First there is a perverted view of what parenting is supposed to be about. Parenting is about taking care of children and providing them with a positive environment where they can develop to their fullest potential. Parenting isn’t about father’s rights or mother’s rights, it is about children’s rights. We shouldn’t let a disordered parent access the children because he/she is not capable of doing the job of parent so what’s the point. Let the parent recover completely first, then consider visitation.

Second, in cases where one parent is clearly functional and the other parent is clearly dysfunctional, the functional parent should decide what is best for the children. If that were in place, this would not have happened. The functional parent deserves to decide because he/she has to live with the consequences of the decision. The judges all go home to their children and grandchildren. While parents like Amy are either grief stricken or have to live with the daily pain of behaviorally and emotionally disturbed children who are traumatised by a psychopathic parent.

Third, the belief that a child needs both parents is a pie in the sky ideal that is not applicable in many cases. A child does not need a psychopathic parent anymore than anyone else needs a psychopathic individual in his/her life.

We got the first printed copies of our book Women Who Love Psychopaths yesterday. When Sandy and I were discussing the title she said, “It has got to have the words..inevitable harm.” So the subtitle is Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm. People with psychopathic personality traits are inevitably harmful to everyone who is unlucky enough to be in their lives. It is time we all accept that truth and protect the children of psychopaths.


  • Shame on Montgomery County Circuit Judge Joseph A. Dugan Jr. for denying Dr. Amy Castillo’s request for a full protective order.

  • Shame on Dr. C. David Missar who wrote, “The acute risk of harm Mr. Castillo poses to his children is low, provided he continue with his psychotherapeutic treatments.” There is no real “treatment” for narcissism. Why doesn’t he know that? Furthermore Dr. C. David Missar failed to recognize the dangerousness of the combination of mood symptoms and narcissism which together basically equate to psychopathy.
  • Shame on Circuit Judge Michael D. Mason who denied Amy Castillo’s emergency motion to end Mark Castillo’s access to the children.

To read more of the story of Amy Castillo and her brave effort to protect her children read Access to Kids a Big Issue.

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