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Judges allow psychopathic father visitation and children are murdered

Here we go again, another three children murdered after the family courts allowed a psychopathic parent unfettered access them. This is the story of doctor Amy Castillo (a pediatrician) as was told last night on Larry King Live. Dr. Castillo’s problems with her husband began in full force about two years ago when he began “staying out all night.” The couple had decided that he would stay home with the children and that she would practice. However, she was unable to go to work because he could not function in the caretaker role. Due to his behavior, she left him. After threatening to kill himself he was hospitalized.

According Larry King “court documents say that Mark was diagnosed with a mood disorder — narcissistic personality disorder, borderline and histrionic personality traits.” Please note these together are just synonyms for psychopathy. Furthermore, the pastor that knew Mark stated, “One of the things about Mark is that when he was being evaluated, he was an intelligent person. He was articulate. So he had a way of… Yes, he had a way of covering it up.” Please note this is another indication of psychopathic traits.

The courts initially restricted Mark’s visitation, then against Dr. Castillo’s wishes allowed unsupervised visitation. Dr. Castillo quotes Mark saying, “The worst thing I could do to you would be to kill the children and not you, so that you would have to live without them.”

Amy tried in vain again to restrict his access to the children and was in fact fined by the court this year for not cooperating with visitation.

Finally during his visitation time Mark drowned all three young children. A fund has been set up to help Dr. Castillo. I ask that all who read this blog donate a little something. Don’t think that because she is a doctor she is rich. Psychopathic men financially ruin women and now due to her grief she can’t practice. Please visit to see pictures of the three children and donate through pay pal.

What exactly is wrong with our court system that this is happening to children? First there is a perverted view of what parenting is supposed to be about. Parenting is about taking care of children and providing them with a positive environment where they can develop to their fullest potential. Parenting isn’t about father’s rights or mother’s rights, it is about children’s rights. We shouldn’t let a disordered parent access the children because he/she is not capable of doing the job of parent so what’s the point. Let the parent recover completely first, then consider visitation.

Second, in cases where one parent is clearly functional and the other parent is clearly dysfunctional, the functional parent should decide what is best for the children. If that were in place, this would not have happened. The functional parent deserves to decide because he/she has to live with the consequences of the decision. The judges all go home to their children and grandchildren. While parents like Amy are either grief stricken or have to live with the daily pain of behaviorally and emotionally disturbed children who are traumatised by a psychopathic parent.

Third, the belief that a child needs both parents is a pie in the sky ideal that is not applicable in many cases. A child does not need a psychopathic parent anymore than anyone else needs a psychopathic individual in his/her life.

We got the first printed copies of our book Women Who Love Psychopaths yesterday. When Sandy and I were discussing the title she said, “It has got to have the words..inevitable harm.” So the subtitle is Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm. People with psychopathic personality traits are inevitably harmful to everyone who is unlucky enough to be in their lives. It is time we all accept that truth and protect the children of psychopaths.




  • Shame on Montgomery County Circuit Judge Joseph A. Dugan Jr. for denying Dr. Amy Castillo’s request for a full protective order.
  • Shame on Dr. C. David Missar who wrote, “The acute risk of harm Mr. Castillo poses to his children is low, provided he continue with his psychotherapeutic treatments.” There is no real “treatment” for narcissism. Why doesn’t he know that? Furthermore Dr. C. David Missar failed to recognize the dangerousness of the combination of mood symptoms and narcissism which together basically equate to psychopathy.
  • Shame on Circuit Judge Michael D. Mason who denied Amy Castillo’s emergency motion to end Mark Castillo’s access to the children.

To read more of the story of Amy Castillo and her brave effort to protect her children read Access to Kids a Big Issue.

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I was afraid to go to the site.

It is heartbreaking.

My prayers are with her family and children.

One lesson – and I am sorry to find “a lesson” seemsto me to cheapen my response…but I will say…never underestimate these monsters. Never.

Not that Amy did….oh my heart breaks for her.

I know Amy did all she could- I cannot begin to fathom her despair.

When will society figure out these monsters cannot be trusted?

It starts with us, those who do know.

Malignant optimism, truly is malignant.

Ox Drover

I hate to say this, but that is why I would take my children and RUN—break the law—and I am very much for the “rule of law” but when the “rule of law” depends on people who are ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic themselves with power trips, who obviously become upset on the bench, I can’t tell you what I think ought to be done to these people…I think this judge if he has ANY conscience and isn’t a psychopath himself, will apologize and step down from the bench, become a monk, serving the poor in DV shelters for the rest of his life and he still won’t make up for his decision.

May the fleas of a thousand camels and the crabs and all the diseases of a hundred whores infect his crotch.

My prayers and my tears are for Amy, her children are now SAFE from their father–I hope the judge who sentences him to live in solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life (hanging is too good for him) will have more compassion than the judge who ruled that he could see his children. God bless them all that they get what they deserve—Peace, Amy.

PS> I couldn’t go to the site or view any more about this, sorry about the rant, some days it just gets to me. Makes my life even the worst of it seem like a picnic. God bless you Amy and bring you peace.


My heart goes out to Amy. The man was hospitalized for threatening to kill himself among other signs of mental illness. I cannot believe the judge did not see this and determine at the VERY MOST, that SUPERVISED VISITATION should be ordered if any visitation at all. This is so sad and I will keep Amy in my thoughts and prayers.


how do they go around the system???? million fathers are falsely accused of child molesting, and they have to hire lawyers to prove they are innocent, while psychopaths abuse their own children, and yet convince judges and CPS they are good farthers…Mark Castillo sometimes represented himself…

does that mean that normal people always lose the court battle to psychopaths?

Ox Drover


I wish I knew the answer to your questions—I think the comment about CHILDREN’s rights is the big thing that is NOT addressed.

I have stewed about this all day—it went straight to my heart and the sound you hear is my blood boiling! I am so personally frustrated with the “criminal justice system” (boy is that an OXYMORON) and I bleed for the mothers and fathers who have to “share custody” of their children with these MONSTERS…I am not sure I could do it.

There is no way I can even begin to imagine the suffering of this poor woman…knowing he killed her children to make her suffer…how she will retain her sanity or how she will ever heal from such a blow.

Makes me feel like my own problems with the Ps are chicken feed compared to such unmitigated horror. Plus, there is always the chance that the guy will pull an OJ in court and get off becuse HE IS THE VICTIM….

I am so angry I wish all kinds of EVIL upon the judge, and the only hope I have in such a horrible situation is that it becomes a NATIONAL SCANDAL AND THE JUDGES SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE, and hope that they are not the next one on CNN and that they start to listen to the nurturing parents.

As for the psychologist that said he was no or little risk–DITTO.

I realize that in “defense” of these professionals, that Ps are sometimes very convincing etc. but ….well, just but….

My heart is broken for this woman and I feel so helpless to do anything.


I can’t begin to imagine the grief this woman must be going through. It is overwhelming to even think about.

Supervised visitation was definately in order.

What a heart breaking and infuriating story. This was totally preventable.


I’m speachless….I don’t even know what to say at the moment except I feel so sorry for Amy.

Again more Legislative work needs to happen! it upsets me when children are abused. It makes me so sad that these three are gone….and this judge should more than apologise….they need to know this web site and be taught about these psychopaths.

I am going to send a package to that judge! And to the local senators in that town. I have said the legal system needs to diagnose these people. With proper diagnosis than a judge cannot give a child to one of them.

The problem is that “Forensics” inside the Family legal system is a joke! You spend if you are luck one hour with a therapist and they determine what’s the matter. It all needs to change!


This thread goes directly to my heart, as I to am a single parent. I live each day trying to understand what effects my ex sociopath will have on my children’s life as they process on to adulthood. In the beginning, after trying to pick up the many pieces of my own emotional turmoil and self worth. And then trying to deal with the many issues that my children have. I was overloaded and then had an emotional breakdown. I went to therapy and then started receiving anti-depressions. Again started to pick up the many pieces (what was left) of our life and tried again. Now let’s fast forward two years to the present date. I am now off anti-depression, I now have worked thru many of my emotional debt issues and now am stronger to deal with the many issues that my children have as teenagers as well as my own needs. I look for any “red flags” behavior (as well as myself) that I may see in my children’s emotional growth. I am learning how to approach this as a loving, caring and understanding father. There are many skills we need as parent when concerned with our relationship with our child. But please allow me to give two fundamental factors needed: 1) Go slow when dealing with any issues between parent and child. 2) Always leave options for both parent and child. In short no ultimatums! Always leave doors (issues) open. Because of these two fundamental factors my children feel validated loved and cared for..

Now for the bad news.

That the only reason I believe that I was able to achieve this in a short time (if two years is short?) is because of NC (no contact). I wish I could say that NC was my ideal, but sorry it wasn’t. No, my (our) children wanted no contact with their mother. And to be honest dear reader, even today this breaks my heart… But I do understand the need for NC. The thing that I tell myself over and over again, is that it isn’t about my rights, isn’t about her (mother) rights! No, it’s about their (children) rights. For what is best for the child is always RIGHT!


Amy and her children should have had this “option” of NC. We all will take part in this shame. But in this “shame”, we know that we need to change our laws and those that govern us. Those that are involved with police work, the court system and the mental healthcare sector must, must be educated in dealing with sociopath individuals and the harm that can and or will be cause by these type of personality disorders. I wish I knew the answer to end these types of horrendous crimes, I don’t. But I do know that we need to start changing our laws or at the least, changing those put in authority who are better educated in these type of personality disorders. Those put in authority over us must be held accountable for their decisions!

My prays go out for Amy and her children!

newworld view

as we all have learned the hard way, we couldnt have even imagined that these type of people exist…we rationalized all the red flags away….so it is probably true that the ignorant court system is doing likewise…unless living through the hell, one would never believe it to be possible…..i will jump on any bandwagon or brainstorm with any of the other members here, who would like to form a group that would like to help educate these judges and all who make decisions that affect others lives…maybe the time that we spent with these evil creatures, can now be spent in a healthy way trying to spare other innocents some of our pain

newworld view

at the very least, it should be required that as our knowledge that these creatures exist and the prevalence of their existence is becoming more and more “visible” ( despite their attempts to mask their true nature), that all those in positions that can affect control over these mutants, be educated as to the prevalence of their existence in society….this should be a MANDATORY CONTINUED EDUCATION REQUIREMENT

Ox Drover

James, et al,

I am not sure why but this story went so deeply into my heart that I can hardly write about it now without tears flowing down my cheeks—it went so directly to my heart, and injured me so deeply that my biggest response internally is to reach out in hatred to these judges and other people who allowed this to happen.

I am so aware that the P is able to make plans on how to hurt his x-victim the WORST—they know just where to stickk the knife to take away what you value most, to leave you destitute. My X-BF knew that a previous GF of his who had dumped him valued her Victorian home filled with her grandmother’s antiques etc. so he burned it to get the maximum amount of pain out of his deed.

Amy’s X telling her that he knew that the most horrible thing he could do to her was kill their children and leave her alive…so he did it, speaks to an evil even I have a difficult time imagining. My heart breaks for this woman, though I believe her children are now safe in the arms of God. I believe that as horrible as what happened to them is, that somehow unknown to me, somehow there is good will come from this. “All things work together for good to those that love the Lord”—(KJV Bible)–I can only hope that this horrible event will spark a national hew and cry for JUSTICE AND SANITY in our child welfare courts and laws, just as the loss of that little girl AMBER has sparked the national “Amber Alerts” all over the country when a child is gone missing. I know that is not a great deal of consolation to a grieving parent when it is THEIR CHILD that has become the “poster child” for EVIL but maybe SOMETHING good will come out of this that can help save untold thousands of other children from enduring a LIVING DEATH by being forced by the courts to be with a psychopathic parent.

I know that there are prayers by the thousands going up for Amy in her time of unspeakable grief, self doubt, and anger at a system that in concert with a psychopath,, killed her darling children she fought so hard to save. God bless her and all the other mothers and fathers and children who are enduring this court-mandated LIVING DEATH.



Yes, this story gave a little to close to home. I experienced a hole prism of emotions. The reality that our court system is sham and just how much in their ignorance and lust for power, they do and will hurt individuals, family and children. This should never had happen and the judge must be held responsible for his decision in this case, but will he?

Ox Drover

James, unfortunately, I doubt it. There is a story (myth or reality?) that in China a physician was held accountable for the death of the patient—by being put to death himself. I imagine it would keep down medical school applicants, but to me a judge should be held accountable for his rulings in cases like this. At the very least, removed from the bench, given mandatory training BEFORE he sits on the bench rather than just being a “lawyer” which doesn’t really give a judge any experience with PEOPLE. Many times judges are just political appointees, or are elected. Just knowing the law is NOT enough. The utter power that a judge has is unbelieveable and can have effects like this that cause death or worse (there are things worse than Death and I have a feeling that Amy’s state of mind is one of them. I pray for that woman every day that she may heal and move on over this most terrible loss, but I know that even with the comfort of God, she will never “get over it.”)

I know that you also had a horrible experience, as have many many other parents with personality disordered co-parents. One of my neighbors just “bought” his children back from his x-wife for $300. If it had been $30,000 it would have been worth it, but that a mother would “sell” her parental rights for $300 shows that she must be a psychopath at the best…and hard up for drugs as well. What a shame for those children that their mother cares of little for them,, but they are better off by far I am sure than if they were still with her. It makes my heart weep.


I almost deleted this copy of lovefraud but I am so glad I didn’t !! My daughter has been living this same nightmare with for 3 years. She has been separated from her husband since 2006. His psychological evaluation was very disturbing. He is in the ARMY, they won’t listen,eventhough his weapons have been taken from him..the psychologist says that he displays psychotic thinking, paranoia, problems with authority…the list goes on and on. I might add that the psychologist who performed the exam was one that was chosen by his attorney and all this was in the report, yet he recommends that the child be given unsupervised to her father for visitation and my daughter should go home and work on her marriage. the Judge agrees.
Child protective Services won’t listen, the Courts won’t listen, the military won’t listen…….my daughter has documentation to back up every allegation she has made. Aside from what I’ve said in the above statements, the child’s father has expressed interest in doing things of a sexual nature to his child as soon as she is old enough, this can be proven as well.
What does a terrified parent have to do to get the attention of someone who is supposed to be looking after the welfare and best interests of her children??!!! I am terrified that the same thing will happen to my granddaughter that happened to Dr. Castillo’s children!!
What has happened to this woman and her children is a horror!! how can we as a society start changing laws and protect the rights of defenseless children??
I will keep Dr. Castillo and her beautiful children in my prayers, and I will keep helping my daughter fight for the safety of her child.
Every child deserves good, decent loving parents, not psychopaths and perverts!! why does it take something this heartwrenching to wake people up?

Ox Drover


God bless you, your daughter and your granddaughter and keep on fighting. I will keep you and yours in my prayers as well. I pray for every child, man and woman in such a situation. Hopefully, the deaths of Amy’s children will spark a national backlash that will make people sit up and listen. I would suggest that you document as much about her case as you can as well, so that you can use this as an example to the social workers, judges, lawyers and courts.

Surely to God there is some social worker, some judge, some lawyer in the US that has the best interests of the children at heart! I’m beginning to wonder though. God bless (hugs)


Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don’t…

Another American woman also feared for her children’s safety, fled the United States and now faces prison.

Mark Collins’ sadistic abuse of Holly and her children is well documented: 4 year old Zachary’s fractured skull, the welts and bruises on 8 yr old Jennifer’s back, Holly’s dislocated shoulder, her many concussions and permanent hearing loss in her left ear, her miscarriage after Collins kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant, as well as numerous witness statements, police reports and even judges’ statements acknowledging the abuse the father had committed.

Yet despite this overwhelming evidence the misguided family court ordered the children to live with their father.

After many thwarted attempts to get the system to protect her children via legal means, in 1994, Holly Collins took the courageous step of fleeing with her children in the hopes that she would be able to find safety for them somewhere, and save them from the abuses the legal system had ignored.

When she arrived in the Netherlands, authorities reviewed Holly’s documentation and granted her and the children refugee status. Three years later, convinced that Holly and her children would be in danger if they returned to the United States, they were granted asylum. Ms. Holly Ann Collins is the first American to have ever received human rights asylum in the Netherlands.

What a travesty that a citizen of Minnesota had to escape the United States to provide herself and her children with the human right to live free of violence! What an outrage that even now, Minnesota considers the father the victim, and wishes to prosecute Ms. Collins for depriving him of his parental rights!

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Cutter’s blind pursuit of this prosecutorial agenda harms victims of violence everywhere – sending a message that the legal system is indifferent to abuse and that the abuser’s claim to custody and visitation is more important than the safety of the protective parent and their children.

We have to stand up for parents who try to protect their children from violence… before it is too late!

Ox Drover

Dear Childrenunderground,

I have heard rumors that there is an “underground railway” for battered parents and their children, just as there was for the run away slaves before the Civil War here in the US.

I am glad that Holland granted this woman and her children asylum. I am glad that she was able to afford the tickets to get there and managed to do so. So many parents are not able to get the money for a bus ticket to the next town because they have expended everything they had in legal fees. I think the legal-fee system here in the US deprives many parents of being able to protect their children. The poor are unable to do so, and even many “middle class” parents are paupers because of it.

Thank you for this story, at least one woman and her children escaped.

Ox Drover


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