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Crazy, evil and prevention

Martin Seligman, former president of the American Psychological Association, wrote in an essay about the differences between crazy and evil.

Better mental health services won’t stop evil, on

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I thought it was a horrible article. The only thing he said that made any sense is that people can be crazy, evil, neither or both.

“We know evil when we see it: “mean,” “violent,” “full of hate,” “selfish,” “grandiose,” “without a conscience” and “bullying” all signal evil.”

The only thing here that signals evil is “without a conscience”. The others signal anger, frustration, victimization, etc.

Without a conscience can be mild mannered, soft spoken, calm, well respected, and pure evil. It is cold, calculating, usually perfectly sane and the most dangerous thing existing here on earth. We can all attest to that.

I hate mental health and crime being linked. Mental health is depression, anxiety, fear, PTSD, stress reactions, battle scars, victims. It is caused by trauma and abuse. Psychopaths and sociopaths are evil. Some of the other illnesses and personality disorders can seem evil but they are not without conscience. They are often tormented souls.

Without conscience = pure evil. Pure evil = psychopath/sociopath It has nothing to do with mental illness. People can be crazy, evil, neither or both and still be a decent person or a psychopath.

Pure evil can inflict harm for pleasure, notoriety or to gain satisfaction. They are the only ones who can do this. So get rid of gun free zones and let an armed citizen protect our children and stop these psychopathic murderers in their tracks.

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