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Dateline: Expose of Warren Jeffs and polygamy

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At age 19, Rebecca Musser was forced to be the 19th wife of Rulon Jeffs, the 85-year-old “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. She escaped, and has written a new book called The Witness Wore Red. NBC’s Dateline will feature her story tonight.

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Thank you for posting this story Donna! It makes my stomach churn that an 85 yr old man would force a 19 yr old(young)woman to be his wife!!! The audacity and arrogance that this man had!His son was even worse/atleast as bad-having sex with a 12 yr old (very young) girl.I don’t care if he calls it “teaching”…it’s rape! He certainly deserves that life sentence in prison!

Now that I watched the Dateline episode,I remember this story breaking.I just didn’t know about Rebecca Musser’s part in it.Learning about cults from an insider gives you so many details that it’s chilling!


The abuse of power is unbelievable. Unfortunately, the video was removed. I feel for the victims who have to undo years of brainwashing.


Stargazer, I wonder if you just ran into a glitch? The videos are still there. I only just watched them myself. If you or anyone missed anything, by all means try again!

The power these men held over their believers is amazing! We recognize it as cognitive dissonance.They lived to please the men who controlled their lives.Most were “born into” that way of life;knowing no other.

It is the sexual degradation,”made holy” by these men that was the worst of the things going on in the compound.I still can’t get the thought of child brides and those beds with chairs around them set up in the temple,out of my mind!

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