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Donald Trump’s abusive behavior triggers PTSD – and so does Hillary Clinton’s


Presidential nominee Donald Trump went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, the site of one of the bloodiest battles of America’s Civil War, supposedly to outline his plans for his first 100 days in office. But first, he said he’d sue the women who accused him of groping or kissing them without their consent.

Typical abusive behavior

Trump denied and threatened. That’s the typical behavior of an abuser and it’s triggering symptoms of PTSD in women who have endured sexual assault and/or relationships with sociopaths.

A Lovefraud reader wrote:

I wanted to bring up something that has been happening and it’s alarming.  While Trump has been campaigning for president, it has caused flashbacks and triggered memories of my experiences with the sociopath.

I asked this reader about her symptoms. She explained:

I know it’s a sensitive topic because some people feel very strongly about this candidate.  I however can see him for exactly the monster he is since I was married to one of these horror shows.

When I read or see stories about him my heart races, I feel sick and it throws me back to the abuse I was subjected to by the sociopath I married.  I find myself full of rage as I watch him swindle unsuspecting people.  It seems like I’m watching a metaphor of what happened to me through his swindling of my fellow Americans.  It’s so disturbing and frightening. I tried finding a therapist here in (another country) that had experience with victims of sociopaths, because after all the research I have done I feel it’s extremely important they understand in detail what happens to a victim.  No one here has that experience and speaks English so I’m just trying to deal with the negative feelings on my own.

Perhaps I have to feel these horrible feelings to come out better in the end? Should I avoid watching him at all?

I can’t imagine going thru a Trump presidency – he is one of the reasons I wanted to leave the country.  I can’t handle it.

More women report symptoms

Multiple other women who have endured sexual assault have reported PTSD flashbacks because of Donald Trump.

Huffington Post listed Trump behaviors that are typical of abusers: Controlling, evading responsibility, blaming, denial, gaslighting all while presenting himself to be the victim.

Trump is triggering domestic violence survivors with textbook abusive behavior, on HuffingtonPost.com.

One author described how watching Trump causes her body to re-experience parts of the sexual assault that she endured six years ago.

Dear Melania, your husband’s ‘boy talk’ triggered my sexual assault PTSD, on wbur.org.


A Lovefraud reader who commented below reports that her PTSD was triggered by Hillary Clinton. Women can also have personality disorders, and Hillary Clinton likely does.

Relief from symptoms

So what should survivors do?

One approach that some women have taken is to totally disconnect from media no television, no Internet, no social media. Avoiding triggers is certainly a reasonable thing to do.

Another option may be to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “tapping” to break the connection between the triggers and your physiological response.

Research with combat veterans and other trauma survivors has shown that EFT tapping is effective in relieving the symptoms of PTSD. It does this by breaking the connection between your memory and your fight, flight or freeze response. You can learn the technique on your own, or you can find a practitioner to help you. Here’s a good source of information:

Energy Psychology

About Trump’s lawsuit

Eleven women have come forward (so far) with claims of Trump’s sexual misconduct. Abusers typically threaten retaliation, but in this case, despite all his money and resources, Trump may have no chance of winning.

Why? Because he’s a public figure, and he faces the burden of proving that the women’s claims are false. Since video has surfaced of him bragging about being able to grab women whenever he wants, it will be difficult for him to make his case.

Donald Trump says he will sue sexual misconduct accusers. Law experts have doubts, on Time.com.

The nightmare election

This whole election is a nightmare. Back in August, when I wrote about the narcissistic and psychopathic traits exhibited by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, I was depressed.

Donald Trump, Hillary (and Bill) Clinton narcissists with psychopathic features, on Lovefraud.com.

The campaign has gotten worse, and now I am truly despondent. Donald Trump is disordered, but so is Hillary Clinton. Her lies and power plays would disqualify her for the presidency in the minds of many voters— if her opponent were anyone other than Donald Trump.

What to do? I will probably vote for a third-party candidate.

The men on the Libertarian ticket, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, are drawing a decent amount of support among several demographics, including young voters and the military.

Johnson Weld 2016

Jill Stein of the Green Party is popular among many environmentalists and is trying to attract the people who once supported Bernie Sanders.


And then there’s Evan McMullin, an independent candidate who is on the ballot in only 11 states, but is doing well in Utah.

Evan McMullin

I’d like to see more options in American politics. If a result of this nightmare election is to blow up the stranglehold of the Democrats and Republicans who gave us these two unsuitable and pathetic candidates, that would be good.

To all Lovefraud readers who are American citizens, please vote. If you can’t stomach either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, vote for someone else.

Dear Lovefraud readers,

I am sad to say that this dialogue, and several of the people who are participating in it, is beyond abhorrent to me. I am no longer feeling I can participate in any kind of intelligent discourse with those of you who believe in such rubbish. I see that there are a few of you trying to talk with reason, but you are wasting your breath (sadly).

I honestly will not be visiting LF any longer as a result.

Thank you Donna for all your good works.

Catherine, AKA slimone


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