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Donna Andersen interview on

The public relations folks for the Investigation Discovery TV show, Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, arranged for me to be interviewed by a blogger at She asked me how people get deceived by con artists, which gave me an opportunity to talk about sociopaths.

Read Are you dating a cheater?, at

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Ox Drover

Donna, Congratulations!!!

This is just another wonderful opportunity you have to spread the word both for LF the blog and LF the book, and to help others to recognize the Ps when they see them, and come into contact with them, as well as to help more to heal! Good job!


Riding the horse, in front, is DONNA ANDERSON……Whoop, whoop, whoop whoop…….go Donna…..there is no stopping her now……
Nothing can keep that woman quiet… just get out of her way!
Donna Anderson………Gold cup winner of educating the public on the dangers of SOCIPATHS!

I liked the article……I only wish she didn’t trivialize the ‘phychos’ in the dating field. But I think the demographics dictate this….gotta catch that readers eye….
But I do understand…..the article was about dating….cheating etc……and they gotta capture readers some how!

SOCIOPATHS was mentioned…….good info you gave……bring it back around Donna!


So GREAT to see the information getting out to a good audience to reach. Fantastic! I want to see it in Cosmo, you need to be interviewed on Cosmo radio….the young girls are so important to reach. Everyone really, but how different my life would have been had I realized all this at 15 when I got involved with my first sociopath!


I’m trying to cover up my gut instinct…but I’ve decided not to do that any more no matter how unpopular it makes me. Again I’m uneasy with the way it’s ‘sensationalized ‘in Marie Claire…like a big fun joke..oh is your guy a sociopath? check this quiz now….it makes it sort of ridiculous!! nearly enforcing… it will never happen me syndrome the way it’s portrayed…so no…I do not agree with it being ‘reduced’ to a fad type crazy have you heard type of phenomenon… I can see many ordinary blokes being accused…did you not do the check list? even a sociopath knows the checklist by now…it’s more insidious, noxious than that

On the up side, it will have people talking, discussing it…it will be out there as a conversation like wife beating or alcoholism…so of course that is a good thing…I’m amazed at how many sites on the internet talk about it….I ‘m a bit worried normal guys will “look” like sociopaths for having some of the traits…because on their own does not constitute a psycho…. on the otherhand a really sociopathic relationship sometimes is only apparent WELL into a “loving” realtionship…only because the mask slips…it’s a mask and therefore not something you can see…so we are pushing the psychos into being EVEN better liars than before to fool us…enabling them to up their game if you like…I have eyes in the back of my head now…I will rethink everything, face value is a thing of the past…it’s all angles, are they covered?

Donna you certainly are telling your story and getting it out there is a whirlwind way of healing and helping others at the same time…fantastic…still reading the book…wow…it’s so good…I feel very lucky to have all this knowledge and support at my fingertips…lovefraud is the best! yay for everyone on lovefraud! love and light lives here!!xx


Well any guy who doesn’t have healthy relationships with others is not someone you want in your life, whether or not he is a sociopath, true? And it is hard for a S to fake that, if you really dig.

One thing that hit me recently. My husband and I mailed out the wedding invitations 10 days after our first date. We had been in a class together for 3 months before that. So sounds like a sociopath? But looking back, there was no flattery, there were no gifts, just an instant connection on our VALUES and the most romantic thing he said was “I guess by now you know I love you”. Sex was not the big emphasis. We had sex one time before the wedding invitations went out. What we spent hours and hours doing was talking about our childhoods, religious views, values, what our goals in life were, opened up our finances to each other, etc. I was lucky, 39 years later, still married, and neither of us is a sociopath. But the flattery was not there. the putting each other on a pedestal was not there, and there were no presents, other than some daisies he gave me shortly before the wedding! And he had friends and was living with his sister with his mom and dad close by, good relations.


the P HAD healthy relationships until he got bored and dropped them too….while he was there he had everyone family, his workmates, his close male friends, His family… a chamelian… “looks” like he has a great healthy network, and he did…he just does not value anyone, that does not mean they didn’t value HIM…they still wonder what happened and make up such forgiving stories about him!! like maybe He is embarrassed about the break up and does not want to bring it up

Ox Drover

Yea, they CAN APPEAR to have “healthy relationships” with family and friends, but it is FAKE….those relationships are pretty superfiscial if you examine them at all.

Many times if you do any digging at all you can unmask them. A serial cheater on his wife is NOT “Mr. Nice guy” no matter how he puts on a show.

My mantra is LOOK FOR DISHONESTY, if it is there—RUUUUUUUN! as fast and as FAR as you can. Whether that dishonesty is cheating, lying, crime, even petty crime, theft, etc. whatever is dishonest about that person….I don’t want them in my life “up close and personal”—I’ll still work with them, be a good neighbor, even socialize with them if I have to, but let them INSIDE my circle of trust? NOPE! Not in THIS life time.

Mama Mia

THANK YOU DONNA!!!! Please continue to start raising awareness about ASPD. That’s the only way to protect the so-called “normal people”.

Thanks !!!!


Donna you’re doing so much to raise awareness – awesome 🙂

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