Drew Peterson: Suspect, fiancé, puppeteer

Lovefraud could have written about Drew Peterson at any time since he was declared a suspect in disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who vanished on Oct. 28, 2007.

Drew Peterson, who at the time was a sergeant in the Bolingbrook, Illinois police department, didn’t seem to be at all concerned about his wife’s whereabouts, claiming that she probably left him for another man. He cheerfully talked to the media, despite sordid allegations about his past.

After Stacy disappeared, Peterson became a suspect in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a bathtub. While they were married, police were called to the home they shared 18 times for domestic disturbance calls. She was going after his pension as part of their contentious divorce when she died.

Peterson’s second wife, Vicki Connolly, alleged a history of abuse during her 10-year marriage to him.

So why am I writing about Drew Peterson now? Because recent events in the saga seem to reveal the role that he relishes the most: Puppeteer.

Engagement and interview

On December 17, 2008, news broke that, even though Peterson was a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife and the murder of his third, he was engaged again. The news was confirmed by Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, and publicist, Glenn Selig.

Publicist? Why does a murder suspect need a publicist?

Well, probably to arrange interviews on national television. Peterson was interviewed by ABC’s Martin Bashir about his most recent engagement to Christina Raines, a 24-year-old unmarried mother of two. The interview ran on January 29, 2009 on Nightline, and on January 30, 2009 on Good Morning America.

If you want to see a grandiose, self-entitled, remorseless psychopath in action, watch how Peterson talks on the video.

  • He acknowledges that the friends and family of his young fiancé are right to be concerned.
  • He described his five years as an undercover cop as “working a con,” which was a lot of fun.
  • He admits being unfaithful to all his wives. “The big joke was that you had to lie to your girlfriend to go home and see your wife,” he said.
  • He described his reaction when he found his third wife dead in a bathtub: “It was kind of emotional. But what can you do? Life goes on.”
  • About getting involved with Christina Raines, Peterson said, “I don’t say I tricked her, but I sure romanced her real good.”
  • He admitted enjoying the early stages of romance, getting married, then losing interest in the relationship and looking elsewhere. He wants the excitement. “Why should I live without it?” he asks.

Both Peterson’s lawyer and publicist termed the portrayal of the former cop, now a suspect, as accurate.

Engagement a “stunt”

Good Morning America reported the latest twist in the story on Saturday, January 31. Because of the interview, Peterson’s fiancé, Christina Raines, had broken off the engagement. Peterson told the reporter, Martin Bashir, that “she called him a liar, packed her bags and left.”

Last week, the story got even more bizarre. On Monday, February 2, Christina Raines and her father, Ernie Raines, went on The Early Show. Although Christina dated Peterson and moved in with him for several weeks, she said it was never really an engagement—it was a stunt. “He told me that his lawyer had wanted him to be in the media and wanted to propose to someone at a restaurant,” Christina said.

Then, on Friday, February 6, Christina Raines testified before the grand jury that is investigating the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife and the death of his third.

Puppeteer Peterson

My guess is that Drew Peterson doesn’t really care what happens to him—if he gets indicted for murder, if he is found guilty, if he goes to prison. Right now, he’s having a great time as Puppeteer Peterson, pulling the strings and watching everyone else dance.

He convinces a naïve and vulnerable girl to date him, and watches her father go ballistic, calling the state police, who can do nothing. He’s spotted at a dance club with a woman who is not his new fiancé and it’s reported as news. He decides to do an interview, the reporter brags about an “exclusive,” and he sees himself on prime time TV and the morning talk shows.

Who cares about the future? Who cares about the truth? Right now, Drew Peterson is probably living his dream, manipulating people in front of a live national audience.

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Thanks, Donna, I am glad that Drew was convicted and I hope that the “hearsay” as interpreted in that case will stand.

Some places allow a person to tell what another person (who is dead or dying) says…you are not testifying to the truth of what that person said, but only that they SAID IT.

I hope that they can get him for the disappearance of his last wife as well.

If anyone I have heard of in the media is a psychopath I think this man is a full blown one. The arrogance and the number of the wives he has apparently attacked.

My appreciation goes out to the cops and DAs that worked so hard on this case. They get a big TOWANDA from me!

Ohhhhh Haaaapppyyyy Daaay.
Can I hear a Towanda?

TOWANDA that he was found guilty (oh, duh).

There is no penalty that will serve “justice.” There isn’t. Even if he were sentenced to death, it would do NOTHING other than spin the wheels of the legal system for decades while more spaths commit their sins and crimes against empathetic people.

All I can say about Drew Peterson is I hope he ROTS IN HELL!

Donna, thank you for posting the link – I encourage everyone to read the article.

The most chilling part – aside from murding his wife – was Peterson dared the prosecutor to look him in the eye. Now, just how psyochpathic is THAT?!

Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves, in due time. Sadly, Peterson didn’t hang himself before he murdered innocent, trusting human beings.

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