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Drew Peterson: Suspect, fiancé, puppeteer

Lovefraud could have written about Drew Peterson at any time since he was declared a suspect in disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who vanished on Oct. 28, 2007.

Drew Peterson, who at the time was a sergeant in the Bolingbrook, Illinois police department, didn’t seem to be at all concerned about his wife’s whereabouts, claiming that she probably left him for another man. He cheerfully talked to the media, despite sordid allegations about his past.

After Stacy disappeared, Peterson became a suspect in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a bathtub. While they were married, police were called to the home they shared 18 times for domestic disturbance calls. She was going after his pension as part of their contentious divorce when she died.

Peterson’s second wife, Vicki Connolly, alleged a history of abuse during her 10-year marriage to him.

So why am I writing about Drew Peterson now? Because recent events in the saga seem to reveal the role that he relishes the most: Puppeteer.

Engagement and interview

On December 17, 2008, news broke that, even though Peterson was a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife and the murder of his third, he was engaged again. The news was confirmed by Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, and publicist, Glenn Selig.

Publicist? Why does a murder suspect need a publicist?

Well, probably to arrange interviews on national television. Peterson was interviewed by ABC’s Martin Bashir about his most recent engagement to Christina Raines, a 24-year-old unmarried mother of two. The interview ran on January 29, 2009 on Nightline, and on January 30, 2009 on Good Morning America.

If you want to see a grandiose, self-entitled, remorseless psychopath in action, watch how Peterson talks on the video.

  • He acknowledges that the friends and family of his young fiancé are right to be concerned.
  • He described his five years as an undercover cop as “working a con,” which was a lot of fun.
  • He admits being unfaithful to all his wives. “The big joke was that you had to lie to your girlfriend to go home and see your wife,” he said.
  • He described his reaction when he found his third wife dead in a bathtub: “It was kind of emotional. But what can you do? Life goes on.”
  • About getting involved with Christina Raines, Peterson said, “I don’t say I tricked her, but I sure romanced her real good.”
  • He admitted enjoying the early stages of romance, getting married, then losing interest in the relationship and looking elsewhere. He wants the excitement. “Why should I live without it?” he asks.

Both Peterson’s lawyer and publicist termed the portrayal of the former cop, now a suspect, as accurate.

Engagement a “stunt”

Good Morning America reported the latest twist in the story on Saturday, January 31. Because of the interview, Peterson’s fiancé, Christina Raines, had broken off the engagement. Peterson told the reporter, Martin Bashir, that “she called him a liar, packed her bags and left.”

Last week, the story got even more bizarre. On Monday, February 2, Christina Raines and her father, Ernie Raines, went on The Early Show. Although Christina dated Peterson and moved in with him for several weeks, she said it was never really an engagement—it was a stunt. “He told me that his lawyer had wanted him to be in the media and wanted to propose to someone at a restaurant,” Christina said.

Then, on Friday, February 6, Christina Raines testified before the grand jury that is investigating the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife and the death of his third.

Puppeteer Peterson

My guess is that Drew Peterson doesn’t really care what happens to him—if he gets indicted for murder, if he is found guilty, if he goes to prison. Right now, he’s having a great time as Puppeteer Peterson, pulling the strings and watching everyone else dance.

He convinces a naïve and vulnerable girl to date him, and watches her father go ballistic, calling the state police, who can do nothing. He’s spotted at a dance club with a woman who is not his new fiancé and it’s reported as news. He decides to do an interview, the reporter brags about an “exclusive,” and he sees himself on prime time TV and the morning talk shows.

Who cares about the future? Who cares about the truth? Right now, Drew Peterson is probably living his dream, manipulating people in front of a live national audience.

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Elizabeth Conley

First Wife: divorced him for infidelity
Second Wife: divorced him for infidelity, extremely controlling behavior and abuse
Third Wife: died under very suspicious circumstances – exhumed body shows signs of multiple trauma
Fourth Wife: disappeared under suspicious circumstances
“Fiance”: alleges fraud and manipulation

Peterson gets off on his law enforcement job – calls it “one long con”

actually hired a publicist to ramp up the drama while being investigated for murder of 4th wife

Homeboy did not just “snap”. What a freak of nature.

Homeboy didn’t just “snap”.

Ox Drover

This man doesn’t care what the “excitement” is and as long as he stays on the street and is able to thumb his nose at the law for what he has done, he has “won” but he wants to GLORY in his success, not just kill those two women and “lay low”—he wants people to KNOW HE DID IT BUT NOT BE ABLE TO PROVE IT. He sounds SO MUCH like my psychopathic biological father and my psychopathic son that IT MAKES THE HAIR ON THE BACK OF MY NECK STAND UP.

I think most of us, if we had done a criminal act, would want no one to notice us, but THEY HAVE TO RUB IT IN. It is “more fun” to let the world know they did it and still get away with it, EVEN if it eventually gets you caught. It is “still excitement” and they are excitement junkies. (head shaking here) Well, hopefully, his posturing and bringing himself to the attention of the law will make someone determined enough to get proof that they will charge him and convict him.

Elizabeth Conley

You are right OxDrover.

You know, I kinda write him off. In my book, he’s more a thing than a person.

I’ve got a bet for you though. I bet you there are still women chasing after him. I bet you he has a regular fan club. Once more, if he goes to prison he’ll have dozens of women sending him love letters. It’s a crazy world.

Elizabeth Conley

Indigo Dear,

Post a link, or I’ll sew a voodoo doll with your name on it and turn it into a pincushion!!!

Luv U No Shiit……akes!


Elizabeth Conley


Sorry. That was grumpy.

Go to the page you want to share. Move your cursor up to the address block, where you see http://lotsaotherstuff and tap your left mouse button lightly once. The whole line will become highlighted. While the line is highlighted, depress the control (ctrl) key while simultaneously typing “c”

Come back here, go down to the “Post a Comment block and depress the control key while simultaneously typing “v”. Post the message.

That’s how you cut and paste a link, or anything else for that matter. I think you’re cuter than a bug’s ear just how you are and sweater than taffy. You do this for me, and I’ll sing your praises that much more.

You’ll be able to express your generous spirit with ease, giving the gift of knowledge more freely and easily than ever before. Give it a whirl.


Indi: They all watched the movie Richie Rich and think they are the lead character in the movie.

Elizabeth Conley

Dear Heart, you are NOT retarded! Everyone has to have these things spelled out for them. Everyone learns these skills somehow. Give it a shot, then let me know if it’s not working for you. We’ll fine tune your technique. It’s not a big deal.

The kids and I are putting together a series of lemon batteries to try to produce some significant voltage. Pointers anyone? I’ve never done this before.

If you’ve never done something before, you need instructions or have to accept that it’s gonna be trail and error. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s what God made the Ns, Ss and Ps for! Yuk, Yuk , Yuk.

Elizabeth Conley

trail and error…

That was goofy! The trail to achievement is blazed with trial and error. Howz Dat?


This guy reminds me of Josef Fritzl by looks.
Can this be a coincidence?


My money is on DP slipping up in one of his interviews.
He’s had a taste of the camera and hopefully it will be his downfall. He loves the attention and the more he says; the more likely he is to screw up.
Myself? It amazes me that he can be so in-your-face about his lack of a genuine personality…absolutely amazing. Because they don’t really care, I would think he wasn’t even aware, but in this case I think he may be aware enough to enjoy the shock element.


Still wanting for this man to get his…..

The family who was the wife that die in the “bath tub” wants to take him to civil court for wrongful death. I for one hope they will get their day in court….

Not once did I see any type of remorse from this “ex cop” whenever I saw him in TV which is something this ex cop loves… THE SPOTLIGHTS!

What a loser!!!

Again is there something here in the water in Illinois? We have way too many s/p living here for my taste…


“It was kind of emotional. But what can you do? Life goes on.”

In September, my N said, “I don’t understand why you’re still upset, it was a year ago!” – cool as a cucumber, and genuinely not getting it.
Now, it had been almost a year since he assaulted me, but he had broken the NC order and sucked me back in with all sorts of promises of “us”, spent four months wangling his way out of charges/court, and a month later, in May, I found out about the other women. We had only been apart for three or four months.

We talked about it again on Christmas eve. He was angry that I had spoken with one of the sisters, and wanted me to “explain” why it was any concern of mine.

“You tell me” he sneered, “You’re the CSI girl! When were we together last”

Technically, it was 14 December”

“Oh! That’s when I was charged?!”

“No, that’s when we were last “together”. I spent the night.”
(I decided a long time ago to take a literal approach with him. It kept things a tad less confusing).


In his mind we were done the night of the assault. Anything afterward was just what he had to do to get his butt out of it. I clearly remember him saying, “I’ll do or say whatever I have to to get out of this”, but he also said “I’m going to sue the police for harassment; they’re keeping us apart!”. I chalked it all up to booze talk (silly me).
He figures that because he was lying the whole time; it wasn’t real. It doesn’t matter to him that he was pretending to be in a monogamous relationship with me. In fact, it appears he’s forgotten it entirely.

“…Life goes on”



Wow, Drew Peterson sounds like my S. I am finding it difficult to move on. I am afraid of all men. When they talk to me I run. My S has changed me.

I am not completely over it because I still want to see him suffer and be unhappy.

We have a child together, of which he has never seen and could care less about. He has many women and they are just so willing to take care of his broke ass.

I have tried to let it go but because of the trauma he caused I am still hurting and single 1 year later. I know I am smart, beautiful and would be a catch for any man but I want to avoid S’s in my life.


The scariest part to me was near the end of the interview where he reveals his sense of entitlement. He is “entitled” to have a woman trying to please him. He is “entitled” to look elsewhere if she fails to please him.

Nothing about what he does for a woman. There is no responsibility on his part. His role seems limited to the “con” of getting her to date/marry him. Then it is entirely her responsibility to do what he wants.


The other frightening thing about this guy (which also reminds me of my ex) is the smugly cool demeanor. You can just sense that he relishes the idea of getting other people riled up about anything and everything while he sits back and acts as cool as a cucumber, smugly feeling superior to other people that have normal emotions.

Elizabeth Conley,CST-NWS-boling02.article

Today I started thinking about Drew Peterson’s family. Who were they? What were they like? How did they feel about Drew Peterson. His father Al Morphey was angry and defensive. No real surprise there. Then I stumbled on news of his step-brother, Thomas Morphey. The day Stacy Peterson disappeared, he helped Drew move a heavy blue drum from his home. The day after, he attemped suicide for the first time in his life.

What happened to Thomas Morphey? Eventually we’ll hear his story. I suspect we’re going to get affirmation of what we all have learned: stay away from sociopaths.


why are the actions of this man reported as news? Why is he even allowed on the morning talk shows?

We need to educate the people about s/n/p so that they are NOT treated like celebrities but like the con artist/puppeteer/sociopaths that they are.


nottakingitanymore: Not only does he feel entitled, he even blames it on his wives; that they didn’t keep his interest.
He also said he liked “belonging” to someone.
So, he likes the rush of the new girl, he likes to belong to someone, he likes getting/being married, but it’s all their fault for not keeping him interested (I don’t remember his exact words), therefore he’s entitled to screw around…ad nauseum.


99% of the s’s walk. There are so many uneducated people in the “legal” system, they’ll probably do the “oh, he had a hard childhood,” or some such nonsense, & give him a slap on the wrist.



I don’t think it is merely lack of education. I’m beginning to think that the reason so many of them walk is because there are so many of them in the legal system. I almost think that a person has to be a S in order to be a lawyer.

How can a person justify trying to keep a murderer/abuser/child molester out of prison? In order to be a lawyer, you have to have a strange set of moral values or somehow compartmentalize them in order to defend a criminal like that.

And remember, most of the judges started out as lawyers. The lawyers and judges seem to have their own warped system of what is right and what is not. It isn’t based on what is fair or just; it is based on what is “legal”, what a person can get away with, where the loopholes are, what evidence can be suppressed, how things can be twisted, what deals can be made….

In my case, I think the odds are better than even that either my lawyer, the judge, or both did something unethical such as taking a bribe or a favor to throw the case. Mere incompetence could not explain it.

I have no faith in the legal system in this country. Very sad, because in other ways I am proud to be an American and I think this country has much to offer. But we are going down the path of so many corrupt systems where it’s not what’s right, but who you know or who you’ve paid off that counts. Maybe that is because there are so many S’s in positions of power.


I agree whole heartedly. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs as far as the “legal system” in this country goes. Not only is justice blind, but I think someone gouged the poor lady’s eyes out. Money talks & Bullsh*t walks.


Is anybody online? I have just had the sh*t scared out of me. I let my dogs out as soon as I got up, & I have to leave for work in about a half hour. When I let the dogs out, I noticed that my landscape fencing was out of place in the back. I had just put it back up on Monday when the weather was nice. I let the dogs back in, & was going to fix the fence real quick, & when I went out, I saw cigarette buts laying on the ground in my flower bed. They are not my brand, & they have to be fresh, otherwise they would have disintegrated over the winter. I smoke, but I never ever put my butts on the ground. I think I should stop at the police station & file a report, but will it do me any good, or will they think I’m just a crazy? I have a trial coming up on March 3 with the s., which could result in him going to jail. I have no other enemies. I am scared.

Is opn

sstiles54: If it were me I would file the report. Having been through an incident myself. It could be anything, kids running the neighborhood at night, as we have had here, or something else. It is better to be safe. That is why there is law enforcement to help. And filing a report will have officers driving around your place more keeping an eye out.


sstiles54: File the report! If you’re going to trial with him, document everything. If appropriate, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out too. Heck! Buy a nanny cam and put it in the window.


Because Drew is such an ego-maniac. He’s leaving all sorts of clues as to what his weaknesses are. All of which you mentioned. He reminds me of O.J. because he answers questions with that half-smirk. Mocking the questioner.

It’s interesting how determined he is to painting a family picture, that he’s ‘normal.’ Normal people feel sadness and depression with loss. Drew can’t replicate those emotions with any depth or for very long…until his next victim and then the cycle repeats.

Drew is an EMOTIONAL WHORE! But the scary type, he doesn’t care how he hurts people as long as his needs are met. Wait – who has Drew’s love checklist – anyone? No mind readers here. So DREW is Selfish?—DING, DING, DING! that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I relish the trap that Drew is creating for himself…like I said, he reminds me of O.J…


That’s the thing, it seems most S/P/N/’s are capable of pretending or feigning emotions very convincingly. They realize that it’s a skill they need to maintain the facade. Presumably that’s how we all landed here at LF 🙂
But DP and OJ both appear to not only be completely unable to replicate those emotions; they don’t even know enough to be embarrassed at their feeble attempts. Their arrogance radiates from them. They shamelessly sit and smirk.
They seem to be unable to match their words with the appropriate facial expressions.
It’s cold; just plain cold.


Wow, classic sociopathic behaviors. And classic move to have his fourth wife “disappear” because it’s too suspect after his other wife was found dead.

On a smaller scale, my ex, the S, lied on the reptile forum and said his snakes are living in Arkansas. He knows he’s not supposed to have them at the Army base, and he knows they scrutinize his forum activity. Same shit, different sociopath.

“It was kind of emotional but what can you do? Life goes on”???? WTF That just creeps me out all over the place.


Sstiles: Yes, file the report. You feel violated, and your property has been vandalized. No matter who did it, it doesn’t hurt to have a report on file. The more documentation the better. I filed a report for something similar. I had an altercation with an antisocial neighbor outside my bedroom window, which is right next to the green belt. The next morning, I found cigarette butts at the bottom of the window, on my patio. I filed a report. The police are not omnipresent and not always able to protect us from sociopaths. But we still need to recruit them in the battle to protect us.


Well, I can’t say this forum fills the gap from the reptile site I had to leave over the S showing up there. But at least it’s a safe place. Looks like I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get more of a REAL LIFE. Damn it. LOL


Drew Peterson was arrested yesterday! YES, FINALLY!


What took so long for the arrest to come?

I hope if I ever “drown” in a dry bathtub, someone will do a full investigation. too.

It is chilling the occupations that these sociopaths choose for themselves: doctor, nurse, police officer, YIKES!


All this time I kept hoping that they will find something on him. It must have been so horrible for Savio’s family watching him go about freely up until now.

Every time I see his face on tv, it’s just absultly chilling, his dead eyes, his smugness. Grrrhhh, I guess it brings up many memories of my own. I think I feel so strongly about this is because those of us who had to deal with all the crazy making, eel like actions of the sociopaths really the only ones have to deal with the day to day realities of these monsters. Outsiders suspect, yet rather not believe it until the s guilt is solid proven. While family members watch the s helpless.

It makes me want to send a letter to the parents of the s’s new wife, warning them. I will probably not do that, but still the wish is there.

I hope Drew Peterson never be free again.



Bail is set at $20 million. He’s not going anywhere.


I guess his lawyers are trying to reduce it to $10 million, which means that he would have to cough up $1million, but you are right he probably will stay where he is. He is not particularly wealthy and I doubt anyone will vouch for him.

I am sort of fascinated by the whole ordeal, it ‘s like a car-wreck unfolding in front of me.

It’s good to see that some of these extreme cases will have to face the law. I guess maybe Peterson was not as smart as he though. As one of his ex wives refers to him “a legend in his own head” LOL!


Did you see the footage of him being taken to court this a.m.?

He was laughing and joking and all full-of-himself, just like my ex! CREEPY!!

I agree it is fascinating to watch a psychopath completely unravel.


Same sort of church…different pew… but that young Medschool student (the Craigslist Killer)….I lost a few hours sleep that night…imagining being his fiancee. FIANCEE…engaged to be married just shy of 3 months away…planning her wedding…what she imagined to be the happiest day of her life…and while driving on the highway with her fiancee…they are pulled over by police..not for a traffic violation but to question her future husband about the murder of one woman and the robbery and abuse of another woman and potentially many others… The man she lives with , sleeps with, loves.

I hope she finds LF!!!


What took the arrest so long was a cover up by his fellow police officers. This is old news. To believe that the police force are not full of narcissists and psychopaths is naive….well, at least in Australia. I would LOVE to think that over there you have the real honest policeman. But here its been proven over and over again, all our police, judges and DA’s can be bought. Especially on the Gold Coast.


This video from Youtube is a clear example of Drew Peterson being a sociopath:

His nonchalance about it all is staggering.


Thanks for the link..

Yes, in the interview as long as Drew Peterson was in control he was willing to talk with the newsperson. But as the interview became no longer under his control Drew Peterson walks away for this interview. Drew Peterson had to maintain control of the interview and was also uncompromising and unwilling to discuss anything he thought wasn’t agree on before the interview even when the interviewer told him he (interviewer) never agree on not discussing event(s) about his missing wife Stacy. We all know how it’s important to a s/p to be in control at all times.

Reviewing reports (videos/news reports).

Drew Peterson stated that both wife’s came from abusive family life. This statement would be consisted that would have made them able to become involved with a dysfunctional relationship with Drew Peterson. We at lovefraud understand how that many of us too are from dysfunctional and abusive upbringing. So this tells me two things, one. That Drew Peterson would have been attracted to this type of persons (from dysfunctional and abusive family) and two that they would have allow this type of abuse from him because of their past abusive history. They (victims?) would have allow abuse in their relationship more so then those from a healthy abusive free family.

Also Drew Peterson himself had shift blame away from himself and then onto both his past wife’s. How Stacy was on anti-depression due to losing her sister due to cancer. Also how Drew Peterson stated that his ex wife Kathleen have a relationship of one-up man-ship. This would be a constance “power struggle” between the two. It might have allow a “physical fight” that got out of control leaving Kathleen dead. It’s also been reported how Drew Peterson had many times in the past violated her wishes for Drew not to enter into her home due to “stealing”.

Drew Peterson has also stated more then once that many of the relationship problems with both of his past wife’s was due to “menstrual cycles”. Again to shift of blame away from him unto the wife’s due to “female problems”. In short he didn’t kill them, it was PMS. This person is a joke a liar and a good bet a killer.

Here is a email from Stacy Peterson to a friend on October 17th 2007, one week before she went missing:


For us here at lovefraud these are key (red flags) words:


Peterson denies this was written by Stacy Peterson and is a “fraud email”.

Sorry folks, but something is really wrong with this picture concerning Drew Peterson.


Here is another link with Dr. Phil concerning Drew Peterson


Drew Peterson Exposed by Derek Armstrong:


“I think Drew Peterson had everything to do with the disappearance of Stacy, whether it was because she ran away or because he harmed her. I think he is a sociopath,” Derek says during a taped interview. He gives his impressions of the former sergeant. “He was there to talk about his past, his triumphs, how great of a cop he was, how great a husband he was. When people call him a monster in the media, I think Drew Peterson actually likes it. Any type of celebrity is fine by him, as long as you don’t call him a liar. He doesn’t mind being the villain, as long as he’s the famous villain.”

Derek joins Dr. Phil and Drew in the studio. “Did you come away with a feeling, a conclusion, about what you think happened in this case?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I haven’t reached a final conclusion. I’m actually still investigating. His interviews with me did not make him look particularly good,” Derek replies.

“Why did they not make him look good?” Dr. Phil inquires.

“One of the things he said to me he boasted about it was, ’I’m pretty good at the con,’ and that came from his police days.”

Dr. Phil faces Drew. “Did you say that?” he asks.

“I don’t remember saying that,” Drew says. “When I was working undercover, I had a pretty good ability to con people into believing I was something other than what I was.”

“Can you con people?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I believe, yes,” Drew answers.

“Are you conning the police now?” Dr. Phil inquires.



Is Drew Peterson a Puppeteer?

I believe he is…

He enjoys pulling the strings on the public and those who should be nearest and dearest to him…

Let’s just hope that someone can cut the stings on those who are left that in my book will also be controlled by him the puppeteer to say the least his children….

When all is said and done it’s the children that will remain the living victims of this “puppeteer”…


There is the possibility that he passed his disorder onto his kids genetically. They could turn out just like him, God forbid!!! Those children need to be examined by a child psychiatrist ASAP.


When I told h that I had just found out the sort of porn that had been found on the computer — old men /young teen, could be kidnapped? (stuff too horrible to describe here), he ignored me and jokingly asked me out for dinner. This light hearted joking attitude from him while I was in utter disgust at the revelations.


Ted Bundy had a lot to say on pornography before his execution. It is utube. It is worth looking at as he explains it.. He believes that porno is what led him to being a serial killer.


I do not know for sure, but suspect pornography involvement early on, is what began the slippery slide to the mess h’s life is in now these many decades later.

When reading/ seeing Drew P’s reactions it seemed so similar to h’s reaction to me when I attempted to have a serious discussion with him about the pornography he had been viewing. His response was to brush that aside, laugh and invite me for dinner.


I should add that since then, and even before then as I reflect back now, h has reacted this way often. But there was something about this particular instance that spoke volumes to me about him.. Probably because my eyes were just beginning to be opened up about his true character.

Ox Drover


I think what Ted Bundy said about “blaming” his serial killing career on porno is a load of BS. Porno is demeaning, mostly to women, and to me is disgusting, however, that said, it does NOT make serial killers out of anyone.

I think the cart is before the horse. Serial killers and other perverts and psychopaths, LIKE PORNO, rather than seeing porno makes one a serial killer or a porno freak.

Because psychopaths do not have the chemical ability in their brains to BOND with others through sexuality and sexual expression LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, they tend, I think, to view sex the same way a bull does or a horse, “nothing personal” just a physically pleasureable act or a dominance act, but not a bonding ritual between two people who love each other.

Of cousre the disordered would like porno more than normal people, or “deviant” sex more than “normal people.” I’m no prude by any means, but IMHO enjoying “hard core” porn including but not limited to group sex, S&M, pedophilia, pseudo-rape, beastiality, etc. is a sign of some twisted thinking. I don’t think viewing this make anyone a “better” person, but at the same time, I don’t think it “causes” anyone to become a beast themselves or a serial killer.


You are so right! OMG! There I go believing the darn psychopath again… even on his last interview before execution! I can be sooo gullible…even after all this!
Thank God I have got you to remind me. I would have been the one to help Bundy into his car when he was “struggling” with his books and walking stick (like my paraplegic mother), for sure.
It never ceases to amaze me how i can still fall for the psychopath who lies right up to the lethal injection or electric chair.
One of my ex p’s used to say to me, “the devils greatest trick was making the world believe he didn’t exist”. And even then I didn’t get it!



I think h’s aversion to intimacy is definetly a factor in the pornography thing. Any interpersonal relations between us had to be on his terms and timing. This really showed up in the area of intimacy where he kept me at arms length. But pornography, strippers, prostitutes are “safe”.

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