Escaping the Sociopath and Rebuilding Your Life


Escaping the sociopathPerhaps you now know that you’re involved with a sociopath or other disordered individual. You’ve been Googling “sociopath” “psychopath” and “narcissist” like crazy, and found that a lot of what you read matches the behavior that you see.

So now what? What do you do?

That’s what I will explain in Part 3 of the Lovefraud Recovery Series. The webinar takes place Thursday, June 30, at 8 pm Eastern time.

Escaping the Sociopath and Rebuilding Your Life

Here is some of what I will explain:

  • What NOT to do when you learn of your partner’s betrayal
  • Do you fight or cut your losses and run?
  • Tips and strategies for lawsuits, divorce and child custody battles
  • What can help when your brain is traumatized
  • The key to getting through the experience

There is life, and love, after the sociopath. With this course, you’ll learn how to make the transition from devastation to happiness.

Prior webinars available

If you missed the first two parts of the series no worries! Recordings are available the exact same information that I presented during the live webinars.

The previous webinars are:

Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed

What Did They Want? Psychopaths, antisocials, and other exploiters in romantic relationships

What others thought about Lovefraud CE courses

Everyone who rated my previous Lovefraud courses gave them 5 out of 5 stars! Here are some comments:

“Presentation was clear and to the point. Liked the photos of how sociopaths look like us!!! Power point presentation reinforces the verbal presentation ”¦ making it easier to understand.”  

“Thorough, informative and presented in a non-shameful way, reliable sources, much needed information.” 

Save when you purchase all 3 webinars

You’ll save money if you purchase the complete Lovefraud Recovery Series. Plus, if you want, you can catch up by watching the previous webinars before Thursday’s presentation.

Afterwards, you’ll have access to webinars for 6 months, so you can review them whenever you need a refresher.

For information, see the Lovefraud Recovery Bundle.


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I’ve learned (the hard way as usual)even when you leave your psychopath..they DO have their ways of coming back (or trying to) come back into your life. Especially if you and he had children together. He can and will use them against you, as pawns in games of one-over public or private humiliations that only YOU will understand. Mine has tried to get me to ‘friend him or his present wife’ on Facebook; I refused. Or your grown children (against your express wishes) post pictures of him, your kids and grandkids on YOUR page; and ignore your telling them NOT TO DO THIS again. Or, you will NOT be invited to get-togethers with the grandkids unless HE is there. (if you refuse, as I do, you wont see them at all or very very rarely)..I’ve been dealing with this for many years now. This will continue, I’m sure for years to come. Or to wonder (as I do now) if YOUR grown children are pyschopaths one way or another. It just never ends.


its taken me a long while, to have the courage to register and post comments online about psychopaths at all; let alone bits and pieces about My long term relationship with a psychopathic partner. I do hope that comments I post,can be used by somebody, to help them on their journey to freedom and getting well. I am recommending a book I bought from Amazon..The Psychopath Code by Pieter Hintjens. I have quite a few books/articles about psychopaths; this book is my latest buy. I am still learning about psychopaths, and this book will be a big help

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