Evidence that negative interactions lead to inflammation

New research documents the link between negative social interactions and the production of proteins that trigger inflammation in the body.

Read Social friction tied to inflammation, on ScienceNews.org.

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I realize that for young people to have a dream is a wonderful thing…but actually you don’t have to have a college degree to open a fashion botique, Or you can study on line….right now you are going to get tghe BEST education you can get and that is learning how to support yourself, find an apartment, pay your own way with a job, and manage your money.

You can keep your dad out of your life now and don’t have to have anything to do with him or anyone else who has been hateful to you. Good luck.

Yes OX he is full of drama, always been, and from a family of spaths, I think she was worried that it will screw up her marriage, if her husband finds out that she is talking.

But my bottom line is now, why do we women want to hide abuse on a woman from husbands, when we are trying to help her, and if we are so right why do we worry about our own marriage, if we do there is something seriously worng in the marriage itself.

Anyway I am feeling fine today, these little ripples, specailly you are out of touch one topic for years, kind of brings bad memories. Only one thing came to my mind, thank god, I am not in middle of this……

Yea, My heart, it is all a “drama rama” and people who engage in it are not living an authentic life. It is a shame, but it is very common. IN the meantime, culling this kind of person out of your life will make YOUR life better! It is called “setting boundaries.”

what about an online store?
if you have designs for clothes that you created, or if you have purchased clothes that you can sell, start your own store.

Get an Etsy.com store. That type of experience would be great to get under your belt and much cheaper to start than a brick and mortar store.

If you get one together, post a link here so we can see.

Skylar- What a great idea! I definitely will post one.
OxDrover- I guess I get kinda scared when they say if business fails and you have no college degree let alone a master’s degree then you will be unemployed. Its almost like people will look down on you for not obtaining the highest degree. I mean you are right. I don’t need a degree to open up my own online and actual store.
Thank you both by the way!


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