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Evil exists, and it does not want to be discovered

Evil exists. If you need proof, just look at the horrific case of little Charleeni Ferreira.

Charleeni, age 10, of Philadelphia, Pa., died on October 21, 2009. Her father, Domingo Ferreira, 53, and stepmother Margarita Garabito, 43, were charged with murder and endangering the welfare of a child.

So how bad was the abuse? The police called it “torture.”

Charleeni actually died from an infection that resulted from broken ribs that were not treated. She had a host of new and old injuries, including a fractured pelvis and a 7-inch gash on her head that had been stuffed with gauze and covered with a hair weave.

For more details, read Signs of Charleeni’s “torture” were hidden, in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

What makes this case so appalling is that a school nurse reported suspected child abuse. In the three years before her death, Charleeni was seen by numerous doctors, a psychiatrist and a therapist. The Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) provided services to the family for five months.

Now, the DHS commissioner is trying to figure out what went wrong.


Here’s what I think happened: One or both of the parents were sociopaths, and they bamboozled the child welfare workers.

The parents denied any abuse—workers described them as “hurt” by the allegations—but agreed to intervention anyway. After a period of supervision, child welfare workers closed the case. They also recommended that Charleeni’s parents contact a legal aid agency if the school nurse continued to complain about child abuse.

Charleeni herself was also terrorized and manipulated. She told a doctor at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children that her family treated her “like a princess.” Welts on her hand occurred when she accidentally stabbed herself with a pencil in the dark. She and her parents always had explanations for her injuries, although they didn’t always match.


Police apparently believe that the stepmother, Margarita Garabito, was the main perpetrator. But the father, Domingo Ferreira, didn’t stop her. In fact, he showed no remorse and fell asleep in the police interview room. Then, Ferreira hung himself in his jail cell.

This, of course, is convenient for the stepmother. Her court-appointed attorney terms the suicide “an admission of guilt.”

See Charleeni’s death blamed on her dead father, in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I don’t know who initiated the child abuse. Women can be abusive sociopaths. They can also be accomplices, under the control of male sociopaths.

Evil exists

So what’s the lesson here?

Evil exists, but it can be concealed by seemingly plausible explanations.

Evil exists, but it can be disguised by expressions of concern.

Evil exists, but victims can be too terrorized to speak of it.

People who are in a position to see signs of child abuse—doctors, teachers, social workers—need to understand that evil does not want to be discovered, so they must pay close attention to any small clues.

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Ox Drover

Dear ERin1972,

When the time coimes (not now) start looking for HONEST UP FRONT—that means men who are HONEST, that does NOT mean he is “dishonest with others and honest with you.”

If a guy is married or otherwise attached and lying to the other partner then HE WILL EVENTUALLY LIE TO YOU. If he says she is a shrew he will call you one. People are not just “situationally honest” they EITHER IS OR AIN’T, just like dead or preg, you ain’t a little bit dead or a little bit preg. You may be recently dead or preg, but recent or remote doesn’t count for much.

Matt’s “Tions” are a good thing too


I can’t remember the rest (Gosh, I hate this CRS crap! LOL!) but I have what I call my negative DEAL BREAKERS.

It’s a DEAL BREAKER if he has:

recent or current attachment—if his wife just died or they just got a divorce or the divorce isn’t final, HE IS NOT READY, EVEN IF HE THINKS HE IS, for a new relationship, it will turn out to be a bummer.

past history of cheating on his wife/GF–you may have to find this out behind his back.

criminal background, whether it is being charged with a long list of crimes he “got off on” or actual convictions, it puts him on my DON’T DATE HIM OXY LIST.

NO friends, NO family, NO reputation in the area he lives. Frequently, Ps change venues when things get HOT for them at the old location. Look for STABILITY in friendships etc. Also look at the QUALITY of friends he has. If his “best friends” are creeps, well, remember BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.

History of drug and/or alcohol or gambling problems even if he’s been through rehab 15 times. Sorry don’t mean to hurt anyone here who has had this problem in the past and has licked it, I am just wary of the “dry drunks” in AA who can really put on a show of piety when they are really Psychopaths. I know there ARE good folks who have licked addictions, but I am cautious enough I don’t want to take a chance.

HYPER religious but little sign of spirituality.

High risk taker—drives too fast, drives and drinks, not cautious in sports activities.

Bitterness toward last ex (or others in general) —either he will be a person who hangs on to bitterness (and that is someone I’m not interested in ,even if he was JUSTIFIED in being bitter at first, I want someone who has grown from a bad association, not remained bitter over it.

If I were interested (or of an age to) have children with a partner I would also look at his family history of alcoholism, drug addiction and/or criminal back ground in the family.

Anyone with a tendency to “have to be right” to “be the smartest” to “be the best” and rub it in to those less fortunate. A tendency to be rude to anyone, like a waitress.

I’m sure everyone here could add to this list, but I doubt that many of you would scratch off any of the things I have listed as being “undesirable” traits in a potential mate.


be patient.
be autentic to your feelings.
be open to true spirits
know that you are special without needing anyone to make it so.

You are a strong woman of long tradition. YOu will prevail.


Right on OX t which I add-
watch how the men in his family treat the lady of the house.
There is a clue to how they will regard you and expect you to fit in.

Make sure you like the picture.
Make sure you will be happy in it.

Because you will be.


holy crap guys-this is a lot of work: waiting 2.5 years sounds like a darn good plan to me!

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