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Fake profile fools security pros

In less than a month, an attractive, somewhat flirty cybergeek named “Robin Sage” accumulated hundreds of connections through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Her friends included people at military intelligence groups, the Department of Defense, and Global 500 companies.

Robin, however, was a fake.

Read The Robin Sage Experiment: Fake profile fooled military intelligence, IT security pros.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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my spath has probably created over 100 peeps online in THE LAST THREE YEARS.

SHE should give IT security seminars….’cept she’d be busy stealing secrets for her own nefarious use.

important line in the article: ‘how easily people give trust’…


I just realized how close this name is to my username here! I’m not Robin Sage! (I’ve become so defensive since the S/P!)

I have blond hair and blue eyes, and Sagee is the name of the mountain on which I live. The realtors told us it was an Indian word meaning “Heavenly Place” or something like that. I can’t find any information on Google… Maybe Hens has heard of it! I believe that these were the Cherokee or the Nantahala Indians in this area.

I don’t “befriend” anyone on Facebook that I don’t know.

romanticfool no more

I have a profile on both Facebook and MySpace and it is very easy to believe this. Because I played the games I got to feel like I really knew people. Unfortunately one was an on-line predator, luckily for me I was getting educated here and recognized too many traits to completely trust him. Enough that when he moved on to a much more savy woman I gave her the check list and what I knew about him (including my on line searches) Last I heard she had him so hooked she had made him give up all his Facebook accounts…and she lives in Australia and he lives in California!

You are continually bludgeoned with suggestions of new “friends”. On Facebook we had several people who repeatedly made comments about raping children, racist remarks, breaking every supposed code Facebook has. Their response to our repeated requests to delete these members were to ban our protesters. We kept up a constant battle notifying new “friends”, especially ones with children of his behavior. I’d say one out of 25 had any idea they had even added him. I now keep the accounts open only to keep track of scammers.

On both sites I used several fake addresses to hide detection from my ex. Even so, I gave out my real name and address to the predator. Glad to say Love Fraud has educated me past that point.

Ox Drover

I’m not sure what the “threat” is, but there was something on the news last night that had the US gov up for some “worm” or “virus” that could take over utility or other companies, and shut down like all the power in a city, county, state, which would of course CRIPPLE that area.

I went for no power once in the winter of 2000 for two weeks, and after a couple of days the county water system had no power to pump water and all the battery back up was used, so none of the households in the county had running water…..and about 8 hours after the black out, (mostly state wide) the land line telephone company was down and within 24 hours the CELL PHONE towers were down. The ONLY communication better than yelling was battery operated RADIOS of person to person, as the radio STATIONS were down. So was TV. So here we were ISOLATED on a farm, 20 miles from town and at that time had nothing except natural gas to keep warm, and had to use a small stove for that as the central heat was not going to run.

However, since then I have become more prepared with gasoline and a generator to keep me going for quite some time, fortunately then it was in sub zero weather and snow on the ground so my frozen food and meat didn’t spoil then, but if it had been in summer, things would have been much different, 48 hours at most that I could have kept it.

Now I am prepared to stay here on this farm and continue to eat and burn lights, cook and stay warm or even cool and be self sufficient for up to a year—but how many people can say that? How about people in the cities and in apartments, how long would their food supply last? A week? How many people don’t even have a week’s worth of baby food or formula in their home most of the time. How about WATER? How many people have access to even DIRTY water much less clean water?

98% or so of people live in cities in the US or the suburbs of those cities and only 2% or so of us live rurally where we COULD produce food even in small amounts or electricity or methane gas to burn—

Even we in the country are mostly not “prepared” to survive and I am not a “right wing survivalist” by any means just more along the line of being prepared on the line of a “boy scout.”

The thing is that no matter how good or prepared the Internet systems are or how smart the IT boys at the government is/are, there is always a way around it.

Look at the little geek that stole all those vids and records from the war and posted them on the Internet. Look at how people hack face book and other social sites, and that guy that went to jail for refusing to give out the password of San Francisco.

There is NOTHING TOTALLY SAFE on computers as long as humans run them or have access to them. There is always some geek gets better than the guy who designed the system. So it is always at risk as long as it is connected on the net!

We are all at risk for losing our electric power, and our water supply, and our transportation….since we are no longer living in individual cabins on a creek or with a well, and using a horse or jack ass for transportation. I don’t want to go back to living like that (it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!) but at the same time, I do advise people to be somewhat prepared in our lives as much as is reasonable for your situation, and also to realize that we don’t have control over these things.

ON some other threads today people were talking about how they had spent money on, or given money to the psychopath and how they now don’t have the money and wish they did, or how they quit their jobs to stay home and take care of the Ps (and their) kids and now have no credit, money or job prospects.

We can’t forge our own parts, make our own shoes, spin our own thread, make our own flu vaccines, or grind our own eye glasses—none of us are truly “independent” of the rest of society or humanity. No one can know all or do all that is necessary for our level of society and technical development but I think we all as individuals need to be more independent and prepared in our lives with education, job skills, a few necessities stuck back, and be prepared for whatever happens as much as we can. That will take some work, planning and thought on each of our parts.

That means that we keep as much of our personal information secret on FB as we can, if we choose to have FB at all. I saw an interview with a security “expert” for FB and he mentioned that his BD on FB is false, well, so is mine, from the get go. Doesn’t mean it is totally safe, but safe-er.

So I think enjoying a life in the technical level we all have (electricity, running water, etc) is a good thing, but having a back up plan is okay too. Keeping a few gallons of water and a few packages of dried food in your pantry is a good idea. For storms, earthquakes and cyber attacks on the utility company…whatever happens. A “meet up” place for you and your family in event you are separated in a natural disaster. A rope fire ladder in your second story bedroom. Whatever it is to be prepared, not a bad idea. A few bucks tucked back in case your husband turns up on Face Book getting married to someone else. Tell that to your friends as a “reason” for you to start saving money while you are “happily married” and see how crazy they think you are. BUT WE KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN TO ORDINARY PEOPLE, don’t we?. LOL ROTFLMAO No one will believe you, but tell them you are doing it because the aliens in space ships that kidnapped you wanted you to, and everyone will believe you! 🙂


Very disturbing to say the least.



Ox Drover

Dear Henry,

I hope she does”tell him off” but I think the BEST tell off would be for her to just NOT TAKE HIS CALLS. Or if he catches her on the phone to say “I do not want to talk to you” and hang up before he can say another word. I am afraid if she tries to “explain” to him why she doesn’t want to talk to him, he will suck her back in.

Tell her NO CONTACT—Henry, sweetie, this is a GREAT TEACHING opportunity for you. SPREAD the word and tell her what a psychopath is. She is vulnerable, a widow and that’s the thing that caught me. I was a lonely widow wondering if there would ever be another man who thought I was wonderful! (besides you!)

Seriously, though, a great teaching opportunity. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life. Teach this woman the RED FLAGS and not to give away trust. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I’ve spent two years “bashing you on the head” to teach you a thing or two, so now it is your turn, go out and be a teacher! Love Oxy

Frank Lee Speaking

I get this kind of thing all the time on FB. Pretty women with flirty photos sending me Freinds Requests. I do often wonder if some of them are part of a prostitution ring?


Frank Lee, the pretty woman with flirty photos sending you FRIENDS requests most likely is a MAN or a group of con-artist men. Anyone can get photos and put them on line. It’s all about the money they get from you (male or female) it doesn’t matter anymore with these Spaths … they are all a bunch of whores.

I keep telling folks, Spaths are the whores in this world. They no longer walk the streets and call out to their customers beckoning them to come hither as they pass by in cars. They are male and female whores that are at the top of the game in all corporations (private and public) throughout the globe. All dressed in suits and blazers, skirts, slacks, dress pants …

Why do you think if caught, they get a slap on the wrist by a judge who is bought and paid for by these whores.

Oh Frank Lee, if you believed in God and read His wisdom, you’d read that all of this is written. We are in end of days. 69 of the 70 prophecies have already come to pass.



This stuff happens everyday. Yes a sexy profile picture will fool many people into giving away their hearts, sex, money, or friendship. You do have to be careful though. There is one message circulating whether true or not, I don’t know, of a very sexy young girl posting scantily clad photos of herself to get thousands of friends on Facebook. One psychopaths was able to get her address, and brutally raped and murdered her. I think FB also gave 2 of my computers a virus. Recently, it sent all of my friends on it advertisements about weight loss like they were from me. It has so many security issues, I am about done with it. It did help me contact some childhood friends though.

Frank Lee Speaking

I find this video interesting for lots of reasons. Mainly because this is what sociopaths can do so well. Not saying this woman is a sociopath but you get idea of what we are up against

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