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Family Law Report interview focuses on Guardian Ad Litem conflicts of interest

The Divorce Corp documentary film, book, and movement shine a bright light on the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry, exposing the appalling waste and collusion seen daily in family courts.

The Family Law Report, a Divorce Court YouTube Channel talk show, recently focused on the role of Guardian Ad Litems in child custody situations. Divorce Corp Director Joe Sorge interviewed Dr. Jerry Collins of Maine Guardian Ad Litem Alert.

In part 1, they exposed the conflicts of interest within the sordid family law industry. Dr. Collins and his organization were instrumental in convincing legislators to pass a law to rein in corruption.

Part 2, talks about how the judiciary handled the new law that attempted to spoil their insider dealings.


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Absolutely accurate! Family Court is a multi-million dollar industry and the statement asserting a party cannot question the court without suffering backlash is dead-on. Anyone who trusts his/her own divorce attorney is fooling his/herself. State judicial and attorney grievance boards are a joke! It’s the norm in our nation’s “Just Us’ system.


Try dealing with workers comp. The lawyers are on the board’s side, not their client’s. The grievance boards are a joke here too. It’s a three ring circus of outright FRAUD.
It’s a sick and disgusting waste of taxpayer money.
And it’s sad becuz workers believe they will be taken of when they are hurt on the job; they pay weekly into the system so they can use it if needed.
Never get hurt on the job…get killed. At least ur life ins will pay out then to ur family. And they wont have to go thru hell to get it either.
I was part of the abusive family court industry from the time i was a small child, as my dad would harass and terrorize my mom continually when they split. An underage child being asked where do u want to live???? JUST NOT RIGHT. My mom had other problems obviously, but when she suicided at age 34 I immediately & fully blamed my father. I still do to a large extent altho I have forgiven him and have a relationship with him even.
Why Was He Able To Do This? The family court industry that also kidnaps children away from their parents on the whims of social service workers. That then often places children in abusive foster homes (I wont start on the horrifying stories i know personally) and in abusive mandatory “counselling” (when the counsellor insists to the child that molestation has occurred and then keeps talking about it in great detail & requiring play therapy where the acts are acted out–this is robbing the child of their innocence, molesting them emotionally, not to mention creating the cognitive dissonance of false memories).
I got off easy compared to the present calamities known as family court.
Bottom line, do not participate at all in the debacle of our courts, or anymore than the absolute required minimum. Justice ceased a long time ago in America.

Divorced from Gaslighter

If somebody could give a synopsis of the video, I would really appreciate it — I live in a rural area with the world’s worst internet service. There is no way that I can get 13 minutes worth of video to run.



And divorce attorneys are from the bottom of the lawyer barrel. Psychopath lawyers are in charge in all three branches of government, big business and the lives of the people. I divorced one (psychopath lawyer) who rode his train from high prestige law firm (job he got through my brother) down the tracks to small town a jack leg southern divorce lawyer. The crux of the matter is that the profession attracts psychopaths and reinforces the lack of empathy and caring they already have. Many do not even care about truth, what is right or wrong or if justice is served. They care only who (meaning which lawyer) wins or loses or how they can work together to squeeze money from all of their clients. When they say “Justice is Blind”, they mean they can do whatever they can get away with, The moral people in the profession used to keep tabs on things but now the wolves are in charge of the chicken house.

I do not know if the number of psychopaths is increasing or if the world has just gotten too tolerant of evil. People have been taught to deny their existence and believe all people are good and that a position of responsibility means the person in it is responsible. The opposite is true more often than not now.


When I met with the GAL for the first time 3 years ago, after she had met with ex-s/p 4 different times…she said to me “we are all sociopaths; we all lie”…and that was the beginning of a GAL assignment in which she has racked up thousands of dollars, did not do her job, disregarded the complaints that the kids were voicing about their s/p dad and is now filing a judgement against me for $5000. I already paid her over $5ooo to do nothing but have conversations with ex-s/p and appear in court. It is a racket to say the least and utter abuse of the legal system. I have no respect for these people.

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