FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin on psychopathy

FBI Law Enforcement BulletinIn July 2012, the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin focused on the topic of psychopathy. The publication provides an overview of  what law enforcement officials should know about psychopaths as criminals.

Lovefraud readers will also find the information helpful. Topics include:

  • Psychopathy: An important forensic concept for the 21st century
  • Perspective: The predator when the stalker is a psychopath
  • Looking behind the mask: Implications for interviewing psychopaths
  • Case study: No more bagpipes the threat of the psychopath
  • The language of psychopaths: New findings and implications for law enforcement

 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin on Psychopathy, on FBI.gov

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Oops, I don’t see a link. Did I miss something? Anyway the bulletin is here:


Hi Donna. Thanks for bringing this info up. I went on the FBI site and read these articles. I especially liked the one on interviewing. I have lots of experience unfortunately in seeing others being played like puppets and utterly clueless that it’s happening. Nice to see the Feds are educating regarding the twisted mental process of psychopaths. Looks like there’s a lot more articles on that site on the subject too.


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