Florida sex offender wins custody of child

Among the many worries parents like me have is “What will happen to my child if I die?” For that reason, I take no risks with my personal safety. I don’t ride motorcycles, always wear my seat belt in the car, and do everything I can to stay safe.

What I consider to be my worst nightmare happened to Trista Crews, mother of Miranda Wilkerson. Trista was married to registered sex offender Donald Coleman though Coleman’s offence was impregnating Crews when she was 14. In the style of Mary Kay Letourneau he married the girl when he got out of prison and fathered two more children.

The news hasn’t said much about those two who are also now orphans because Trista died a month after her daughter, Miranda Wilkerson, was born. At the time, she was married to Donald Coleman, but had filed for divorce. Because Coleman had been married to Trista he was just awarded custody of Miranda. It is also alleged that Miranda isn’t even the biologic child of Coleman. According to news reports, the couple had separated but Trista could not afford an attorney because she was supporting three children by herself.

Miranda has never lived with Coleman and has been raised by her grandparents. Coleman now lives in Georgia and reportedly also has a history of domestic violence and aggravated assault. To all those who say that the fact Donald later married Trista indicates “he took responsibility.” I say maybe but once sociopaths get their talons around a victim they often do not let go.

They also do not act based on the interests of anyone other than themselves. It sounds like Trista’s tragic life ended even more tragically and the tragedy continues to the next generation. Sounds also a bit like the life of Nicole Brown who was murdered during an abusive marriage to OJ Simpson. Although it was alleged that Simpson killed Brown, he was later awarded custody of the children.

The good news is that Florida law maker Janet Adkins has taken notice, and is considering new legislation. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to move for change, I did send her a copy of my book and wrote her on behalf of all the parents and grandparents who are fighting to protect their children.

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Coping – just a thought – but when you ‘contact’ him be sure you have ALREADY made yourself scarce where he cannot find you. That does not mean you have to go out of state but ‘hide’.

Candy- Yes I agree and am working on my gameplan…:)

Jen- Congrats on the baby. I know how hard and scary it must be for you. I see strength in you…to deal with the pregnancy while dealing with the spath and other children to boot. Wow!!
Do NOT feel guilty or bad. I wish I would have done the exact same thing. Unfortuantely despite the red flags..LOL BIG RED ROAD BLOCKS… I was still believing in the illusion.
Take good care of yourself.

haha coping: I like what you said: “BIG RED ROAD BLOCKS”; yah, I am sure we all have been THERE. I think “I” even had the flashing lights and buzzers. 🙂

The illusion is so hard to let go because they got down, right into the heart of us good people, and planted those seeds – those horrible things we think about ourselves and the ‘flicker movie’ existence. THEY did that to us. Them and their manipulations.

It will go by the wayside, sooner or later and I can’t say that I am going to be sorry nor sad to see this completely OUT of my life and I have been working on it very hard. I am going on two years now, that I have ACTIVELY been trying to get rid of it.

I meant it: spaths are like a bad case of herpes: once you get them, it never quite goes away. 😉

Hang in there…you guys are doing awesome!!!!
Welcome to a new life without the spath!


This article is typical of the courts and frankly it makes me mad. I have done many things to protect little birdie in the event of my death. The biggest one is in my will i wrote that in the event that the spath goes for custody then little birdie will not receive any inheritance until he is 21. I am making sure there is no financial reward for going for custody. My named custodian will be the conservator and will have access to money to raise birdie. In addition to naming it in the will, I have also told my named conservator that no money goes to the spath under any circumstance and I told them the spath will lie for it. I have other plans as well, but that is my security plan after I die and it needs to remain top secret:)

Dear Bird,

I’m SO GLAD to see you back here! And so glad that Baby Birdie is protected in the event of your death, which hopefully won’t be for a VERY long time, but it is GOOD that you are thinking of all options!

Baby Birdie must be a biggggg boy by now! I hope he and you are doing well! I think about you both and pray for your safety and happiness! ((((hugs))))

Bird ~! 🙂

Did you change your name again??

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