Former Penn State football coach charged with sexually assaulting boys

Pennsylvania State University, home of the storied Nittany Lions football team and its legendary coach, Joe Paterno, was rocked by allegations that one of Paterno’s former assistants, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with sexually assaulting eight young, disadvantaged boys.

The point of the article I posted earlier today, about former Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Fumo, was abuse of power. This sex abuse scandal is a variation of the same theme. Sandusky’s inappropriate behavior went on for years, probably because no one wanted to challenge a football dynasty.

According to the grand jury report:

• In 1998, Sandusky brought an 11-year-old boy into a Penn State locker room shower and behaved inappropriately. The boy’s mother reported it to Penn State University police. After a lengthy investigation, the Centre County District Attorney decided there would be no criminal charges.

• In 2000, a janitor saw Sandusky in the showers with an 11- to 13-year-old boy pinned against the wall, performing oral sex. He was distraught as he told his fellow janitors and his supervisor what he witnessed. But most of the janitors were new employees, and they were afraid that if they reported what had happened, they would lose their jobs.

• In 2002, a Penn State graduate assistant witnessed Sandusky having anal sex with a 10-year-old boy in the locker room showers. The graduate assistant told Joe Paterno. Paterno told his supervisor, Athletic Director Tim Curley. There were a few meetings, but no official investigation. In the end, all that happened was that Sandusky was told he could no longer bring boys to Penn State. Then, when the grand jury investigated, both Curley and the university’s Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz, downplayed the incident.

For more, read reporting in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

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Read the grand jury presentment

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I wish the world would gray rock that stupid woman. She is loving the attention and even the death threats. It’s just more drama for her. It would be great if she was just ignored. Narcissists hate that. But it will never happen because there are too many others like her in the world.


There are not enough gray rocks for the people deserving of them.


So true…


I would love to gray rock that woman, I would like to throw a big heavy gray rock right at her.

On that subject, does anyone else think that all the missing out of the crib, missing out of the car, missing out of the crib, no killed toddlers of late could be the Casey Anthony effect. Look she did it, lied and got away with it. ????


Just watched the news. Sandusky’s house backs up to an Elementery School. He certainly had all bases covered. Shalom


Oh jeez…Shalom, I hadn’t even thought of that. I thought it was coincidence. I need a spath 101 refresher course. 🙁

I hate to think it but humanity has shown that the copy cat affect always applies.

Ox Drover

I’m not sure if it is actually HAPPENING MORE or if we are just more AWARE of it by watching the news….could be either one I think.

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