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Former Penn State football coach charged with sexually assaulting boys

Pennsylvania State University, home of the storied Nittany Lions football team and its legendary coach, Joe Paterno, was rocked by allegations that one of Paterno’s former assistants, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with sexually assaulting eight young, disadvantaged boys.

The point of the article I posted earlier today, about former Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Fumo, was abuse of power. This sex abuse scandal is a variation of the same theme. Sandusky’s inappropriate behavior went on for years, probably because no one wanted to challenge a football dynasty.

According to the grand jury report:

• In 1998, Sandusky brought an 11-year-old boy into a Penn State locker room shower and behaved inappropriately. The boy’s mother reported it to Penn State University police. After a lengthy investigation, the Centre County District Attorney decided there would be no criminal charges.

• In 2000, a janitor saw Sandusky in the showers with an 11- to 13-year-old boy pinned against the wall, performing oral sex. He was distraught as he told his fellow janitors and his supervisor what he witnessed. But most of the janitors were new employees, and they were afraid that if they reported what had happened, they would lose their jobs.

• In 2002, a Penn State graduate assistant witnessed Sandusky having anal sex with a 10-year-old boy in the locker room showers. The graduate assistant told Joe Paterno. Paterno told his supervisor, Athletic Director Tim Curley. There were a few meetings, but no official investigation. In the end, all that happened was that Sandusky was told he could no longer bring boys to Penn State. Then, when the grand jury investigated, both Curley and the university’s Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz, downplayed the incident.

For more, read reporting in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Ex-Penn State coach charged with sex crimes

Paterno says all at Penn State were fooled by Sandusky

Read the grand jury presentment

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Ox Drover

You know how I personally feel about pedophiles, Donna, and this story has been on my radar since it came out. I am so glad to see too that the “secret keepers” are also being CHARGED for the cover ups.

Until not only the perps are charged but the people who KNEW AND DID NOTHING are charged and held accountable will this huge WAVE of crime against our youth be stopped.

Back a few years ago when Jack Pratt, one of the members of my living history group and a former park ranger for the Arkansas Department of Parks got out of prison for “kiddie porn” and then came back to our group working with kids and at the state museum, and when I went to the board of directors of our group to announce where he had “been” when he was “out of sight” (federal prison) the men in the group were angry at ME for making a scene —after all he had “paid his debt to society” with 18 months of a 3 year sentence in prison. Fortunately, the director of the museum and the women in our group and on the board were not so “understanding” as the men were, and Jack was outsted from our group and from his job at the museum.

Until Jack committed suicide several years later, he kept finding jobs with “child based” clients, like 4-H and school and museum groups. Several women and I in our group kept sending copies of the public records regarding his crimes to the various groups, but he always seemed to find another group that didn’t know about his record.

It is amazing just how tenacious these pedophiles are in finding groups of children, and how loath people are to “report” the “coach” or the “Scout leader” or the “minister” even if they have SEEN it with their own eyes.

That professionals would cover up behavior like this and eye witnesses makes my skin crawl and I hope the ones who covered this up go to prison as well. Keep us posted on the results.


I hope this case get’s LOT”S of publicity! It’s a classic example of the Edmund Burke quote~

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

This is just ONE of the problems in our society……nobody wants to stand up and call BULLSHIT!


WITNESSED the anal RAPE of a 10yr old child and DID NOT STOP IT.

That makes him a party to the rape of a child. IM expert OPINION.
^$$#*(& !!!!!!!!!

Allergic to Spandex

I went to Penn State, and let me tell you all that I am nauseated but not surprised that Paterno would be involved in a coverup on this scale.

The football program is a major source of income for that little town’s motels (often booked for months in advance on home game days), businesses, etc. and of course a huge source of revenue for the university. As such, it’s treated with near worship by the university and community alike. You can literally go to the campus bookstore and buy coffee mugs shaped like the head of Joe Paterno — personally, yuck, I’m surprised they don’t curdle whatever liquid is put inside! The university creamery has an ice cream flavor called “Peachy Paterno.” You get the idea.

Paterno’s recruitment of football players is not designed to select the well-rounded individual, to say the least. Both of my parents taught there (science and math), and each of them had several football players in their classes over the years — they were pretty surprised these guys had managed to graduate from kindergarten, let alone high school. Not only that, there was a year 8 of the starting 11 players had criminal records. Winning at any cost! Gotta please the rich alumni who come to town and buy solid gold “Nittany Lion” pins!

So yeah… it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Paterno knew about something like this and buried it as deeply as he could for as long as he could.

I’m grateful for the university’s sports MEDICINE program in that the technology developed there has also gone on to benefit people with arthritis, etc. But the actual sports programs (wrestling is pretty gross, too)? Bleh. Full of control freaks and outright dangers to life and limb.

Ox Drover

Edmund Burke quote~

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

EB, THANKS!!! I have been trying to remember who said this quote for a month now and couldn’t get the exact wording enough for Google to pull it up! THANKS!!! Dang I hate having CRS!!!! Cant remember shiat!

I think I am going to put this quote on a pillow on my couch, it is to me one of the ALL TIME GREAT “one-line philosophies.”

Look at the sexual perversions in the Catholic church that have gone on for decades? Centuries? Eons? and it is ALL COVERED UP to ‘protect the church’ PUKE!!!

Lady sweet G, I agree with you about the “religion” of sports, both college sports and professional, and how people who can throw or catch a ball are given special privileges just like the popular and successful gladiators in Rome were accorded all kinds of “goodies” and allowed to commit crimes without punishment. But then popular politicians or high up businessmen are also allowed to do all kinds of crimes and get away with it…or have the accusers bought off with payments to them from the businesses.

It’s a shame colleges and universities are no longer about education. SICK! I hope they all go to prison for covering this up!


I see the latest news.

“YOU’RE FIRED”, Mr Paterno.

Yep, they didn’t wait for the end of the season. The board fired him. There will be LAWSUITS b/c of these rapes. Only 8 boys in 15 years? NAW. That pedophile Sandusky had Far more than that.


Yep, I just saw it. Kind of surprised; I really thought they were going to let him retire.

Ox Drover

Well, glad they did that, but it doesn’t make up for what they (as a board/school) did in ignoring the reports they did have….I hope that every one of the victims sues the pants off the school, and gets a zillion dollars each, and directly out of the pockets of the people responsible and the school too…. maybe if nothing else it will scare others into do what what is RIGHT just out of fear if nothing else.


Mr Paterno did not walk his own talk. Sad that his career is defined by this but look at all the lives ruined b/c of his silence. He mis used his power and children were raped b/c people were afraid of his power. Winning football was more important than the children being damaged for life. I Got No sympathy for a person with that kind of value system. Remember, he’s Mr Pity Play with his “i shoulda done more.” He didn’t do more until he was FORCED.

Reminds me of cheaters who say they regret AFTER they were caught.”wah wah wah wah wah”.


Everyone who failed these kids should be appropriately punished so the victims can have justice and have some faith restored in the world. An entire organization failed to protect these children, and who knows how many more there were who didn’t come forward? Yeah, a slap on the wrist just doesn’t cut it. What a totally disgusting story. It was right out there in the open, and yet it was allowed to continue for years. I’m utterly disgusted.


Kip Richeal was a friend of Sandusky’s for 33 years. I saw an interview of him tonight……he said, he is a perfectly normal guy and just like the guy next door! “he was a good man”, I always knew him to be a loving person who wanted to give at risk children a life”. He helped over a 100K kids a year.
I’m surprised at the ‘supposed’ number of victims.
I didn’t know him like this.

UH…..ofcourse NOT….because if he was ‘out in the open’ with his behaviors……HE”D OF BEEN SHUT DOWN AT THE GETGO!

It’s interesting to see people respond to this type of predatory behaviors.
Its so hard for society to ‘wrap their heads’ around something that wasn’t obvious to them….OR didn’t happen to THEM personally.

A pedophile isn’t acting out in that capacity when he’s on the ball field….or at an adult christmas party, or sitting in church or behind his desk…..he’s the pedophile when he’s doing the act in PRIVATE….or not so private. But generally……NOT IN PLAIN DAYLIGHT!
Yes…’s the risk of getting caught….and thinking they can ‘talk’ their way out of it. It’s the gamble.

It’s amazing how when the mask is ripped off……people around the predator wiggle with the new info!
Crazy…….we want to believe people are good!


Even the cog/dis McQueary must’ve felt during that encounter, should not have over run his empathy. It is my opinion that he is lacking in empathy. Who the hell, at age 28, needs to run to daddy and ask what to do when he encounters a rapist?

The question is easily answered with empathy: what if *I* was the one being raped? What would I do?

Answer: beat the crap out of the rapist.

Ox Drover

Isn’t it interesting that McQueary has a JOB at Penn state where all he had to do to keep it was KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT for the last 9 years.

This whole thing makes me cringe, makes my blood boil….and yes, I once saw a child who I thought had been abused (I was doing a preceptorship with a family physician) and I reported it to him, and he DID NOT REPORT IT and I did not report it to higher authorities or the cops and I have felt guilty about that ever since and that has been decades ago, but I have not repeated that since then. I have reported every child that I even SUSPECTED was abused.

Sure, people are “reluctant” to get involved, just as I was afraid to get in trouble by going against the physician I worked for. I didn’t have the moral back bone as a student, and I can imagine myself in the shoes of that young man at that time. I too was a STUDENT at the time.

Paterno however, and the administration of the college were NOT STUDENTS, they were fully vetted ADULTS who cared more about “the program” of their foot ball team than they did about children.

I’m glad the board FIRED Paterno and I hope his entire career however many games his teams won, is smeared forever by his decided FAILURE TO ACT to save a child and to STOP a pedophile. POX ON PATERNO!


In the article that Donna just posted, it stated that the psychology professor at Virginia Tech said “McQueary could simply have been in shock”

Well, my question would be, has he stayed “in shock” for the past nine years? How could he possibly work side by side with men like Sandusky, Paterno, knowing what kind of men they were and what they were capable of. I would like to ask him two questions – Do you have children? Was the money worth it?



So Kip Richeal is defending Sandusky as such a nice guy who helped 100K at risk kids. WTF is he saying, the good outnumbered the bad?

Well Mr Richeal, what he did was set himself up with a smorgaborg of kids who didn’t have anyone to stand up for them. Not Mike McQuery (who needs to be fired too), not Joe Paterno.

My father was a pedophile. He LOOKED like a very nice man who people felt sorry for b/c my mom was such a B* to him. But what he did was take little daughters and do them on mommy’s bed when she went out for the day. Or he’d play with their peepees when he gave them their Saturday night bath until they cried bc it HURT. Such a good daddy. (sarcasm) At his funeral, we were supposed to speak about him but I couldn’t find anything to SAY. My relationship with him was defined by his pedophilia. That he was nearly killed in a car accident so I avoided “my turn” didn’t change who I watched him be from toddler age until his car accident.

I am not the only one on here with the pedo father.


Ah yes… I get your drift…
It would seem that someone who knows too much would feel endangered of being “knocked off” BUT the spaths like the powerplay. By keeping him alive and working for them, they share “a little secret” and the pedophile has slimed them all with the guilt for not reporting him.

He kept his mouth shut in exchange for a job and the spath got off on the power he had to make a grown man turn his back on his conscience.

I had suspected that spaths like to ensnare others into doing evil for a while. Then when I found my spath’s letter to God in the bible ADMITTING that he did that, I was convinced that this is one of their powerplays.


Do I have this right? McQueary is the one who actually witnessed the rape, correct? He did report it to school officials or Paterno or whoever, but he didn’t go to the police either, correct? So why will HE still be coaching this weekend?? Something is not right here! Why has he not been dismissed??!!!


I heard that days ago. I believe we have only begun to skim the surface with all this…


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Wow. this smells of spaths on multiple levels.
More heads must roll.

And the students protesting and rioting over the firing of a coach who has shown that he has no conscience, should all be butt-f***ed with something. THEN they can protest.


And just like any spath story……….there are Many many twists and turns……YES…..we have only just begun folks!
Buckle up!


Ironic how the Penn kids are now rioting?
If he was allowed to coach this weekend on out……i’m sure they’d be rioting to get him fired…..
Now that the board fired him…..they are rioting in support?
It just goes to show…..people like walking the fence line!
We sway sooooooo easily!

Fucking Lemers! just follow the rest of em!


I am feeling nothing but rage about this whole thing.


Thanks, @LadySweetG, for informing us of the Penn State track record on football players. Yuck!

This is shocking. Pursuant to my post on the “porn 101” article, this blind spot among men never ceases to amaze. If it’s OK to have educational sessions about racism and sexual harassment in the workplace, why are we not holding awareness sessions for men on how they might be looking the other way when things like this happen? At the very least, it should be “training 101” for every man pursuing a career in youth sports coaching.


Alot of bad behavior is overlooked or swept under the rug in the name of Football or any college sports, there is big money in college sports, same thing goes on in high school, bubba can play football but he cant spell jakchit…and look at these stoopid parents that get in fights at school ball games.. and these idiots that are protesting the firing of this banana nosed moron cant spell = ‘I am stupid….”just goes to show you what kind of future this planet has — grim..



All you said is true, but why isn’t McQueary being fired? This whole thing stinks!

Ox Drover

I agree, Hens, it makes me furious that the amount of money that is spent on “sports” isn’t funneled into ed-u-ma-kay-shun so them there kids can learn to rade.

I’m not against RECREATIONAL SPORTS but this play for blood carp is just tooooo much! Reminds me of the gladiator sports in Rome. Paying people MULTIMILLIONS OF DOLLARS to throw or catch a ball when teachers get diddly and soldiers and cops’ families qualify for food stamps–what is WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?


Ox – Dont even get me started with football coaches that get millions of dollars and are worshiped like Gods.. did anyone say Narcissist?

Ox Drover

Hens, NO, I didn’t say “narcissist” but I did say PSYCHOPATHS!


Isn’t there something to be said for just “HOW” so many of these ‘non scholarly’ kids make it to college football/sports?
Isn’t it the coaches who make certain these kids hands are held amd education paid for to get them through school… ensure they make passsable grades in order to play, to entice the professors to pass these kids in a pinch, to provide ‘tutors’ (or ‘help’) to ensure the kids make it to gameday…….
My impression is……the degree is NOT what most are there for……it’s the sport that brought them there….and the sport that shoots them out the other side…degree in hand.

Now….having said that…..doesn’t it raise a red flag in some sort of way that us as a society will keep that all quiet….because it’s become accepted behaviors?

How many of the Penn state (and all schools) football team get scholarly awards? Community service awards?

What happened to a kid ‘earning’ a spot on a team with his grades? These kids are athletic scholarship students……who most woulnd’t have gotten to college unless it wasn;t for their sport! Certainly NOT grades…..

When are we going to stand up for RIGHT? And not popular or the dollar?

If the coaches bring in kids on this preface…..isn’t that a ‘character’ flaw (red flag) to begin with?????


I also heard something a few weeks ago before this all hit the news that there was talk about PAYING college athletes!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!! Imagine that??


I think this is a really great article about PENN STATE.

The issue is she is looking for logic or reason. As many of us know at LoveFraud we look for logic all the time – WHAT WAS HE DOING? WHY DID HE DO THIS? WHY TO ME? And often there are no answers, really, as to WHY, aside from the simple answer of EVIL.



thanks for that link. VERY interesting.
IMO Evil = Power hungry.

My BF doesn’t keep up with this type of news, so he hadn’t heard about it until this morning when I mentioned it to him over coffee.

His reaction was to predict exactly what Madden said was happening: this scandal is about rich and powerful people feeling entitled to abuse children. BF said that they get away with it because it’s EXPECTED that in order to rise in power you accept the slime. You participate in it and you keep your mouth shut. Only then will you be honored with a rise up the career ladder. The reason? Power. Once you have accepted your part in the evil, your evil masters have power over you and allow you some power.

These children are nothing more than the sacrificial lambs being used to ensnare the participants in the power plays. By operating the Second Mile, Sandusky had a veritable “lamb factory”.

It isn’t so hard to imagine that anyone who desires AUTHORITY and power over others, could be indoctrinated into a belief that they and their cohorts are above the law, or even above having empathy. Like any other club, there are certain pledges of loyalty one has to take. Often times, they have to “prove” themselves by doing something they normally would never do.

My spath BIL, who is a cop, made his entitlement clear when he said, “the laws are in place to keep the sheep herded so that us wolves can get around them.”

When he first began dating my sister, he gave her a business card. On the back, it said, “…please extend professional courtesy to (spath sister)” This card is used whenever a member of the cop’s family gets pulled over. It’s a “get out of jail free card.” This is commonly done on many police forces. Cops won’t give each other (or their families) tickets. Part of the club mentality.

As far as ensnaring people to do evil, my own spath admitted to doing this in the letter he wrote to “god”. All spaths want others to cooperate with them in doing evil.

Ox Drover

A friend of mine taught political philosophy in a college, and he was INFORMED by the administration that he WOULD NOT flunk a ball player —-no matter what “grade” the kid got or didn’t get. He finally got so fed up he retired from teaching.

The liberal arts college where I was director of student health, with only 1200 students was FOCUSED on education, not sports, though there were many sports teams (no foot ball though) and the sports stars who didn’t get good grades didn’t play, and in fact, one who acted very inappropriately to me one day was suspended from the baseball team for two weeks by the Dean of Students in spite of the coach needing this “star player” win a “big game.” The president of the college told the coach when he complained to him about the kid being “unfairly” suspended that the student “shouldn’t have told Nurse Oxy to fark off.” LOL

After the student gave me both the verbal and written apology the Dean required that he give me (which I’m sure chapped his cheeks!) he was at least VERY polite to me afterward and adjusted his behavior, at least publicly, to what is normally expected at THAT college at least. But it is one reason that the college has a 75% freshman to graduation rate, and a 65% graduate school rate, with a high number of graduating students going on to medical school, law school, and so on. Even with an sports scholarship (and there are a few) there, if a kid doesn’t make the grades and have a high ACT/SAT score etc. s/he is NOT getting in or staying in. That is why though that a diploma from that college is respected nationally in graduate schools and in employment.


you wrote “all spaths want others to cooperate with them in doing evil”. bingo girl. simply put and clearly right on.

that’s how my husband infected my little girl. she wanted a daddy to love her. and when she did what he wanted (that would wound me), she got SOOOOooo much approval. To a lonely child that approval feels like wonderful love.

sad how being rejected is actually better for an abused child than being showered with approval (approval for doing mean evil acts to drive away the one who truly loves her).


You wrote how badly you felt about not following through to report a child being abused. What I notice is how you step up as an advocate. It’s like it was a defining moment for you. As an abused child now adult, the idea that someone had such an epiphany makes me feel really good.

As you know, it’s not just the moment of the abuse that damages, it’s what comes after, including the invisability…that we don’t exist to others and so carte blanche to abuse us, that’s the hard part. My mother didn’t even hide her abuse of us b/c people witnessed it and no one said no – it was equal to giving approval.

Maybe that’s why I am so enraged that the assistant coach caught him raping a 10yr old boy, they BOTH saw him SEE them, he KNEW what he was seeing. And he walked away. That guts me like nothing I can describe.

Ox Drover


Last night my son D and I were talking about this Penn State thing and I was talking about the little boy in the doctor’s office with the bruises on his back and I can’t get that VISION out of my mind, yea these DECADES later. My son reached up and Lightly smacked me and said “GET OVER IT ALREADY! Forgive yourself!” But you know that is the most difficult thing to do is to forgive ourselves.

Since that time I HAVE STOOD UP AS A ADVOCATE, I have fought like a banshee for kids that I knew or thought were abused. What’s that saying “there’s NO FANATIC LIKE A CONVERT!” God knows that I am a fanatic about abused kids, especially ones that have been sexually abused. I do whatever I can to see that perps don’t get a chance to do it again in my territory. Forgiving myself though, is not, and never has been, easy. No matter how much I hate or despise the men who kept their mouths shut to protect their football program, I realize that I’ve also kept my mouth shut when I should have opened it. I’ve also looked the other way when a little kid had bruises on his back, I let a doctor talk me out of reporting it to the CPS or the police with his assurance that “he’d handle it.” I realize now, and have for many years now, that’s not good enough. It will never be good enough as long as one child is suffering abuse of ANY kind.


If your son has access to your skillet, BONK.
I don’t think you are hearing me. To abused kids who assume no one cares, the knowledge that YOU got the message and the affect of your subsequent protectionand advocacy is UNMEASURABLE.

Imagine the opposite, that you didn’t stand up against that pedophile in your living history group, even when others said “he paid his debt to society”, you STOPPED him and told others so he couldn’t have carte blanche to prey on other children.

Also, imagine all those people who simply don’t feel anything. I’m Sorry you have residual guilt but at least YOU DO. You aren’t one of those empty shells. You ARE appropriate and an advocate, more so b/c of your experience with that little boy. Something to be grateful for I think.


Katy, Bingo back to ya.
When you said, “it’s not just the moment of the abuse that damages, it’s what comes after, including the invisability”that we don’t exist to others and so carte blanche to abuse us, that’s the hard part. ” You hit the nail on the head.

None of us expects to get through life without encountering evil, but when we do, we (erroneously) expect that others will come to our aid, defend us, give us justice. It is THAT lack of validation which destroys us.

When you get sick with a disease, you go to the hospital, the docs diagnose you, agree that you have a disease, offer medicine and the world has compassion for you. When you encounter a spath, nobody believes you or cares. Spaths have set it up that way intentionally.

My spath had, over the period of 18 years, moved his minions into the houses around my house. I didn’t know that he knew them. One couple were his drug customers. The others, I think, were porn addicts or something equally foul. Judging from what he described happened to the ex-gf who “committed suicide”, I would guess that he had a scenario planned for me where I would be chased by a knife wielding crazy man into the street and I would knock on doors but nobody would help me. Then a car would drive by and run me over.

The crazy husband stealing neighbor even gave me a tell. She said, “a crazy man came running out of the woods and banged on my door. he said he had left a knife in my house.”

She didn’t say she called the cops or anything else. She just said it matter of factly.

The whole thing sounds ridiculous but that’s exactly why nobody would believe it.

I hate spaths.



How on earth do you recover from all that? How? Just tell me how. How do you ever put that behind you, and just operate in the mundane world of drama free normal, people who are within the bell curve? It seems to me to be impossible.

Today I am feeling rotten again, minute by minute trying to get through the day, and I did not endure anything like you did, yet, my body is still in withdrawal from the drama, I’m still experiencing grief, I’m still shocked at WTF.



it’s because we don’t expect to encounter a “fantasy character” in real life, that these surreal encounters leave us dazed. These creatures mimic a REAL human so well that we don’t initially understand that they are not REAL humans. BTW, the crazy, husband stealing neighbor is a …. are you ready?… BANK MANAGER! lol!

The dream I had, (which I posted) about letting the Ziggy cartoon character drive my car, really spells it out: they are 2-dimensional caricatures of humans, so they can do preposterous things and get away with it.

I’m sorry you feel bad today. That’s part of being “stunned” by the caricatures.

I’m sorry, also, for adding to your rotten feeling by describing my encounter with so many spaths, but that is reality and the sooner we accept that these creatures exist and that they really are as bad as we think they are, the sooner we will find our equilibrium again. I think part of continuing to feel bad is that we want to stay in denial.

Once I accepted my parents for what they are, I felt much better. You would think it would make me feel worse, but in fact, it was just the opposite. Knowing that they are spaths made me feel better because I could walk on solid ground again. I didn’t have to be confused or confounded by their behaviors anymore. I’ve studied spaths. I know what they do, how they act and think. There is no reason for me to be confounded when I see the behavior – UNLESS – I refuse to accept that the reason for the behavior is a pathological personality disorder.

The behavior of the entire Penn-state elite is evidence that there are not that many people in the “mundane world of drama free normal, people”. To them a pedophile is not a monster, it is just another guy with “issues”.

The audacity of the Penn-state students who rioted, proves once again that these kinds of people are everywhere, those people who lack compassion and empathy. They may not be spaths but they are the ones who cover for spaths.

My spath told me once, “It’s AMAZING, how EASY it is for me to find guys who are willing to rape a girl if they think she is drugged and can’t accuse them.”

It is – amazing, isn’t it?

they’re everywhere.


Your post just describes the demographics of my bell shaped curve: on the positive end are people with integrity and consciences that respond appropriately to their consciences, in the middle are the zero caring people unless it happens to them of course, and on the other end are the sociopaths.

Yes, it does seem they are everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I can get along in the world, make a living, pay my bills, enjoy some quality life. But trust, as you pointed out, is limited to what I trust them with such as obeying traffic laws, trust is never given as a blank check.


Has anyone heard if the 10 year old ever told anyone? His parents? I am guessing he was probably too afraid.

Ox Drover

The college kids rioting “for Joe” makes me want to puke, you’d think that the KIDS would be supportive of the child that had been molested….rather than the “status quo” of the “good old boys”—I would think the college kids would be more PRO ACTIVE, but I am disappointed in their stance on it all.

The “rioting” itself, just like when the kids “rioted” in London, just doing damage for the sake of damage…WTF? (head shaking here) It is all very SAD for our country, for our world.



Are you kidding? Most of those kids aren’t going to stick up for what’s right. A lot of them (not all obviously) are sent to that school by rich parents. They are just spoiled rich kids who are just going with the flow…supporting Joe because they are sheeple. Just doing it because it’s dramatic and fun! They don’t have any loyalty to anyone!

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