Friday June 20, 10 pm: Katherine Underwood story on ABC 20/20, with commentary by Donna Andersen

Katherine Underwood 20-20

Katherine Underwood conducted surveillance of her ex in disguise.

Finally, some nationwide exposure to the problem of sociopathic con men.

On Friday, June 20 at 10 p.m. (Eastern), the ABC 20/20, the network’s news magazine, will tell the story Katherine Underwood’s campaign often in disguise to collect the money owed to her by her former boyfriend, Budimir Drakulic. I am interviewed in the show explaining how it’s possible for someone to give her partner more than $410,000.

I broke the story back in April in an article for the Daily Mail:

I’m not done wig you! The many disguises woman wore to spy on an ex-lover who owes her $1.6 m after 20 years.

Like a true sociopath, Drakulic never paid. But maybe he will now. ABC News hired a private investigator to track Drakulic, and then a process server to help Katherine garnish his wages. Here’s a preview of the show:

Woman dons disguises to get money back from ex, on ABCNews.go.com.

Lovefraud readers: Tune in. Tell your friends and family to tune in. Sociopaths live among us, and we all need to know how about these sweet-talking predators.


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This has been an interesting feed. I personally walked away from pretty much everything. It was essential to my sanity at that time. It was a hard decision which cost me more than I care to think about, and it sucked.

Each of us has our own path to healing. I prefer to celebrate Katherine Underwood’s campaign. If it ultimately gives her what she needs to heal, all the better.

Justice with sociopaths is a difficult commodity to quantify. What is justice in one case may not be justice in another case. We all have to judge at what cost we are willing to pursue justice. I think what is important here is that because of this, more people are learning about what sociopaths are and maybe in the knowledge someone is saved. Think of how worthwhile that information is to someone who recognized a sociopath and was saved from this hard life lesson.

Excellent commentary by Donna on this.
I am wondering if she was successful in getting the money back.


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