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From ‘I want to die in your arms’ to ‘get lost’

Here’s another story of an allegedly cheating married man who, when busted, first denies he is married, then claims harassment.

Married flying doctor ‘flew his lover to Paris on a private jet during eight-month fling’ on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

The story about the cheating for 8 months…typical story of lying and arrogant psychopath, especially him turning the tables on her and trying to accuse HER of harassment…..very typical of someone who is HIGH IN PSYCHOPATHIC TRAITS and has plenty of arrogance.

What STRUCK me about this story though, are the COMMENTS about “scorned woman” etc. (the one comment about the aircraft not being a “private jet” is soooo true, the DM got that one wrong!) Those comments are plain “scary”

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