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George Hartwig: Justice finally served?

It has been almost exactly 9 years since my life as I knew it ended with the arrest of my ex-husband. I can say I am a “survivor,” but my life will never be what it would have been had this not happened. In the wake of Barry Lichtenthal, many people have been permanently damaged. Perhaps the best marker of a sociopath is the number of broken and wounded who fall on the paths of their lives. But I am lucky, as are the rest of those who survive life shared with a sociopath free of bodily damage.

I have come to understand that the bodily damage that sociopaths inflict is both direct and indirect. George Hartwig’s story gives us an example of both. It also causes us to pause and think about the issues of justice and recovery.

Before she was really mature enough to know better, Denise Richardson made the mistake of marrying George Hartwig. She then suffered years of physical and emotional torment, the stress from which I believe contributed to her early death from cancer. There are many, many victims for whom the stress of emotional abuse at the hands of a sociopath has caused physical illness- from cancer to infection to cardiovascular disease. Many victims thus die from their tragic relationship choices. Those who inflicted the stress that contributed to the deaths are never charged with a crime, and yet they, in a sense, commit murder. Sociopaths whose torment leads victims to suicide also commit murder.

The impact of George Hartwig on Denise Richardson and her family went even further. Following an argument with Denise’s mother, George shot Denise’s sister Louisa Rodas in the face; she lost an eye and she remains permanently brain damaged. Yesterday, Hartwig, now age 43, was sentenced to a 20-year term for the attempted murder of Louisa, and a consecutive 10-year term for the attempted murder of Rodas’ brother, Thomas Richardson. He must serve nearly 26 years before he can be considered for parole. Judge DeAvila-Silebi, also imposed a $100,000 fine and said she will hold a hearing on whether Hartwig, who may have received a settlement from a worker’s compensation claim, can make the payment.

Read: Lodi man gets 30 years for shooting sister-in-law in the face, on

Denise and Louisa’s mother, BettyJean Downing- Kling, maintains a website, and posted the following on her blog, George Hartwig gets 30 years for shooting sister-in-law in the face:

DV Justice at last:
ON behalf of my daughters and their sons — I ask interested persons send letters to the Judge thanking her for her sentencing in the following case. Judge DeAvila-Silebi handed down a most fair sentence citing Domestic Violence statistics as her major consideration in making her final decision along with the testimony and guilty pleas of the defendant. It is apparent, this jurist sentenced George Hartwig to the full extent of the law within the bounds of the law, and she is to be commended for her careful, honest and thoughtful consideration of domestic violence and taking brutal offenders off the streets and refusing to fall for the defendants and his attorney’s arguments of mitigating circumstances. This Judge knows her business and we certainly need more of her on the bench all across this nation!

I, too, am glad that Hartwig received the toughest sentence possible, but why should this small modicum of justice be some unusual event that has us all writing thank you notes to the judge? Is there really any sentence here that would be considered “just” by any thinking person?

In my opinion, it is too late for justice in this case. Justice was only possible years ago when the abuse first happened, or maybe even earlier when Hartwig first manifested his disorder.

Sadly, often recovery is as incomplete as justice. What kind of life will BettyJean and her family have now that this case is finally “over”? We all wish them the most peace and happiness they can find, but we know life will not be the same as it would have been if they had never met George Hartwig.

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Ox Drover

I agree with your assessment in this case, Liane, and in the thousands of cases like it where there is never any justice or consequence for the perp.

It is a “crying shame” as we say here in the South, that this kind of justice for the victims is not an “every day affair.” In fact, though, it isn’t just the doers of domestic violence and other psychopaths that are not properly imprisoned, but the serial rapists that get out again to rape and possibly kill again, like that guy who took the photographs of you. That was a bullet you NARROWLY dodged when you were an innocent teenager.

When I worked at the Title 19 free standing community psych clinic, one of the things offered there were the “anger management classes” which were court mandated for people convicted of DV and CHILD ABUSE which I thought were a JOKE. I would occasionally still be there when the (mostly) men were gathering prior to the start of the class and I would over hear them joking about how judge X would send you to the class “if your wife’s mascara ran.” I knew a nurse who was mandated by the nursing board because one of the things she got fired from a job for was yelling at a nurse’s aid, but it didn’t change her behavior afterward. I don’t think many of the attendees saw these classes as “life changing” or “behavior changing” events.

Thanks for this article, though, at least if this guy spends 26 years at his age he will be pretty “elderly” for a convict when he gets out.

BettyJean Kling

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on our story. I would like to explain why I am satisfied with the sentence and why I am thanking the judge. Unfortunately, DV laws are weak, judges sentences are often weaker here and across the nation. Usually minimum sentences are given and they are served concurrently and rarely do you hear a judge cite DV statistics.
This case was so different – it was as they should be and a prime examply for every case.
I am working hard and would ask that you and others join my in my efforts to pass Louisa’s law will will strengthen DV laws so that judges like Liliana S. DeAvila-Silebi have a cse to hand down harsher sentence- right now they can only sentence based on the laws and sentences for what is on the books. This judge gave him all that she could and she told him why!
If we want more we will have to make specific laws to give judges the ability to sentence under. I need your help to do that. To join us in this effort email me [email protected] and put Louisa’s Law in the subject- we need and can accept donations under 501 c3 at Please get involved.
“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand: there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend; some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold.” ”“Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
J. R. R. Tolkien has the talent for putting thoughts into words that I, as her representative and that of her children cannot. How could I possibly put into words our journey and all the events that brought us to where we are today? These past three years, I have asked myself, “What does the human spirit need in order to heal and move on?”
I have settled on the following, we need a safe place to share our pain and be acknowledged, we need compassion, and need to know that we and others will be protected from the perpetrator, we need accountability — someone who will hold the perpetrator accountable, we need restitution for the losses incurred by the victim, and we need justice (not revenge) but vindication — to be set free. Scars remain, but healing is sufficient so as not to continue to be held in bondage to the trauma.

Dr. Leedom,

Thank you for bringing this up. Yes, our research here on Lovefraud proves your point—almost everyone involved with a sociopath suffers some kind of physical consequences.

In my new book, Red Flags of Lovefraud, I include the results of the Internet survey that we did last year. We asked what health issues people suffered as a result of their involvements with sociopaths. The respondents reported:

92% became anxious or depressed
77% said the stress of the relationship made them ill
65% suffered post-traumatic stress disorder

That’s why it’s so important to know what a sociopath is, so we can get out of the relationships as soon as possible and protect ourselves.

Ox Drover

Dear BettyJean,

“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand: there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend; some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold.” ”“Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
J. R. R. Tolkien

That is so true, and is a wonderful expression of what victims of domestic violence endure each day, even if there is no one explosive episode such as the one your family suffered.

Repeated episodes of violence are not looked at by the courts and most judges as the serious things that they are.

Good luck in your quest for the laws to change! You and all victims and all fighters for justice are in my prayers daily! God bless. (ps. I am a retired registered nurse practitioner and I worked with head injured victims for several years so I have an idea of what she is going through, as well as the pain of those that love her.)


I am so sorry for the losses your family has suffered because of that despicable man, and I commend your efforts to create much-needed change.



Words alone cannot adequately cover the feelings of sorrow I have for you and your family.

Thank you for your courage and efforts in fighting for change in DV laws and mandatory sentencing. These changes are long overdue.

God Bless

Thank you Dr. Leedom for bringing this cause to our attention.


The more I learn about these disordered, the less I wish I knew.

WE are a company of people who have lived horror stories that it is very difficult to understand from the outside of the situation.

And consuming for all who are in it.

This is heart breaking and triumphant at the same time. It is an incredible story of taking back lives from the abuser and putting him where he needed to be.

I am so sad for the awful things he was able to do before this could happen. And I know that in this community, there are a lot of people who understand exactly what it was like to live in the situation.

I am reminded about being lucky to be alive. And how it has come to be that I am.

There but for the grace ,,,,

I salute you Betty!

Ox Drover

The cost in terms of human suffering is monumental. I wish the courts saw this as what it is and acted accordingly.

It is unfortunate that more judges don’t know the statistics or seem to understand the suffering produced. This case and the one of the acid victim are only two among the many people whoa re killed or “worse” each day in THIS COUNTRY and the westernized countries. But in other countries where women’s rights are not enforced at all, it is much more frequent. Even in the UK where still 1 in 5 men of men of eastern culture think “honor killing” is justified. Even though these men were born and raised in the UK they still believe this is justified.

BettyJean Kling

Again thank you. I want you to know that we worked tirelessly to write this judge and she received no less that 300 letters from all over the country and several other countries as well urging her to do the right thing. See some of the letters here:

I bring this up to show that the old adage “it’s the squeeky door that gets oiled” still stands true. If you do a search you will find that we never lead up from 12/15/08 until present.
No stone was left unturned and believe me- when it seemed as if no one was on our side and no help was forthcomming we never gave up prodding , begging, asking and annoying everyone we knew and those we never knew.
We saturated the net, we sunk to the low of showing my poor baby in her despicble condition and I pleaded asking “what if this were your daughter?”

If that is what it takes – then do it and never be dismayed because shamefully, women have given up far too easily at the first few closed doors- I am here to tell you – it takes TENACITY!

Only three women showed up in court by our side yesterday and the courtroom should have been full. What message did that send? It told me that my fight and struggle was worth it and yet so many women missed the opportunity to see DV justice hich to date has been so damned rare.

Are we so used to failure that we have given up?

I stand here to urge my sisters to never give up- never give out and never let them see us sweat! Today we have won one small step for womankind BUT- we can’t give up here- we need need to move forward.

Join Louisa and I as we ask for more victories and Justice for all women everywhere!


you have my condolences for what that evil smudge of slime has perpetrated on your family.

Your efforts are commendable and I’m glad you were rewarded with some justice.

Psychopathy and other PD’s where malevolence is the central defining feature, are the root of most of the human race’s suffering. Keep on learning and educating the public. These are small steps but together, via the internet and other media, we can get there.

You have a powerful motivator, you daughter. And she is a powerful icon as well. I’m sure that is not what you imagined or hoped for her, but you’ve taken what you and she were given and you are giving back to help others. Kudos to you.


I am overwhelmed by so much here: Hartwig’s evil, the Richardson’s suffering and BettyJean’s fortitude and courage.

Bless you both, BettyJean and Louisa. I wish you both continuing strength and well being. BettyJean, you are beyond amazing, to have survived all of this and you keep on fighting.

Thank you Dr. Leedom and Donna for this powerful post.

“There are many, many victims for whom the stress of emotional abuse at the hands of a sociopath has caused physical illness- from cancer to infection to cardiovascular disease. Many victims thus die from their tragic relationship choices. Those who inflicted the stress that contributed to the deaths are never charged with a crime, and yet they, in a sense, commit murder. ”
Yes, I completely agree.

“In my opinion, it is too late for justice in this case. Justice was only possible years ago when the abuse first happened, or maybe even earlier when Hartwig first manifested his disorder.”

Blessings to BettyJean and Louisa.

sharing the journey


A lot of what you say about your ex is similar to my ex-I was married for 22 years.

There are differences of course, but some of the similaries are quite uncanny.

I also see him in some other LF’s posts but yours come the nearest in a lots of ways.

I am sorry to have hijacked the blogg but I have a burning need to know the answer to this question. Just a bit of processing I need to get over once and for all.

Why do they hate us–and why do they hide it over a long period of time? In my case six years. I have no money or assets.

I just don’t feel like searching all over the board for the answer. I need a veterans point of view NOW.

Some short, sharp shock treatment.



sharing the journey

Betty Jean

As a mum of three I can’t imagine how I would cope if this happened to me.

I admire and honour your courage.

My prayers are with you and your family.



Gosh there are so many ways to describe it that an entire book could be written on just that subject! I’ll try to just explore one layer.

It’s like they are incomplete human beings.

So they want to “be” us, whom they see as having something they don’t. In a way, they want to trade places with us. They want us to feel all the toxic shame that they have buried, so they slime us with it. And they want to “be” us because they imagine that our lives are without pain compared to theirs. My spath said, “you live the life of Riley.” and “Living is easy with eyes closed.” His voice was venomous with disgust toward me when he said these things out of the blue. He envied my innocence, which he himself had protected for 25 years, then he took it away.

Rene Girard says that the scapegoat mechanism arose along side with the domestication of animals. These animals were bred to be docile and often considered part of the family. They are treated as members in some peripheral way, such as giving them names and affection. Then they are killed to appease the gods and protect the family from violence.

So in case you missed the parallel, I was kept innocent and docile, protected and cherished, then I was slandered, accused, abused and he intended to kill me, just like the sacrificial goat. Actually he hoped I’d kill myself, then the responsibility would be mine, and I would have taken that responsibility willingly. That’s the best kind of scapegoat, the kind that marches up the aztec pyramid willingly! It makes for such a dramatic effect! But since he was going to make it look like suicide, it would have worked just the same, because the truth doesn’t matter, only what others BELIEVE is the truth, matters to a spath.

So in essence, they want us to feel their toxic shame, feel ashamed, want to die and kill ourselves. This is cathartic for them somehow.

It seems to me that it might be cathartic because they get to watch the emotions (which they are unaware that they have) being acted out on the stage (of life).

Or according to Girard, it serves the function of allowing them to not feel responsible. Spaths can’t stand to be responsible. They always say, “she deserved it.” or “he had it coming.” When they believe this, they feel catharsis and there is peace – until they feel bad again. They need to hate us so that they can believe in our guilt. When we were arguing once, I called him a name, and his response was, “keep calling me that because I need to hear it so I can hate you more.”

The tells were numerous. It was like living in a myth.

I posted an excerpt from this website:
for Coping. I don’t know if you saw it. It was about narcissistic rage. There is another section, about toxic shame, which I thought was incredibly insightful.

The desire to disappear – a normal component of shame – is experienced as a compelling annihilation of the self. Fonagy et al (2002) comment:

“Why should the brutalisation of affectional bonds, whether in the context of relationships with parents or with intimate peers, be associated with such an intense and destructive sense of self-disgust verging on self-hatred? Once again, there is a paradox: the shame concerns being treated as a physical object in the very context where special personal recognition is expected. Overwhelming mental pain is associated with experiencing a discrepancy between the representation of an actual self, based on how one is being treated, and the representation of the ideal shape of the self. The expectation of being seen and understood as a feeling and thinking person, which is created by the attachment context, clashes violently with the brutalised person’s objectification and dehumanisation. Shame is a higher order derivative of this basic affect of pain. Unbearable shame is generated through the incongruity of having one’s humanity negated, exactly when one is legitimately expecting to be cherished. [p 426]

this was written by Phil Mollen PhD.
I added the bold type.

I think when your spath raped you this was his intent. He negated you as a person during an act in which you should have been cherished. His intent was to spread his toxic shame on you. He wanted to slime you by taking away your innocence and making you feel his shame.

Sorry so long. The one consistent factor in everything about spaths, is that everything is paradoxical. That’s what causes the cog/dis and makes us twist our minds into pretzels to “get” it.



Thank you for perservering. I am sure it took a substantial toll on you and your family.

The way these events impact us physically do not come only from the Ps. They come from the police who do not believe us, the people who label us crazy or unstable, the incompetent or untrained who evaluate us, the ignorant who judge us, and on it goes.

Somebody told me that alcoholics look like Hell’s Angels members and their spouses all look like Sunday school teachers because they’re working so hard at making everything look perfect or trying to stop the insanity. The stress on the body that kind of effort must impose.

What happens is that they stuff their feelings by literally stuffing themselves with food. I don’t know if there has been any research done, but hand-in-hand with the biker/Sunday school teacher image is a domineering man with an obese wife. I suspect the image is true in many cases.

Only three women showed up in court for the judge’s ruling? That’s a shame. I wonder how many people have given up when judges keep returning children to abusive situations?

It was a victory, but we have so much more to go.

Thank you again, Betty Jean, for your efforts.


“have we given up”
I can answer that……NO!

A bow to you for your tenacity… a mother, as a citizen as an advocate for survivors.

I know you will continue to fight for DV survivors and victims……In the name of your daughter and what she endured and continues to go through.

She is lucky to have a mother with such balls and the vision to get things done!!! WE ARE ALL FORTUNATE!
A BIG KUDO”S to you darlen!!!

It does take the squeeky door……it always has, and it seems to be….always will.


sharing the journey

Skylar thanks.

That’s what I felt. He was trying to destroy my innocence and he succeded.

Sudden rages started happening without a cause. He once called me a toilet during one. I was shell shocked. I remember the first few months after I threw him out–I walked about with my head down too scared to make eye contact with people. I felt that they would know what had happened to me by just looking at me.

I remember reading one of your posts that said yours had a stepford wife fantasy. Mines did too. It was like he was trying to brainwash me to take these roles that he thought would satisfy him. I wouldn’t allow myself to get moulded and I kept challenging him on it. This deeply hurt me as his ideal was nothing like the real me. I was totally dehumanised.

This is when he became brutal towards me calling me food. He lost it totally and I ran for my life. It became clear that he wanted me to commit suicide also.

I know you are right. They are incomplete. Ten years ago after he had counselling (now I think back he probably didn’t attend after the first visit) he said to me with a bitter tone. ‘Your complete-aren’t you’. I hadn’t a clue what he meant and I just said I suppose so.

But it stuck in my mind.

Skylar thanks for replying. I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brains if I get stuck. If so let me know and I won’t.

Thanks again


BettyJean, thank you so much for your courage and my most healing thoughts and prayers go to you and your family. It is unfortunate that “justice” is something that is a rare event, these days – Courts are overflowing with the collateral damages of sociopathy, and it seems that there is no more shock or horror at what is perpetrated, anymore.

Thank you, Dr. Leedam, for this post. My feeling is that the Courts would be far less busy if there were true consequences rendered. And, I mean “TRUE” consequences. Workman’s compensation award and there’s some question as to whether or not these funds can be attached? Hundred thousand dollar “fine” for destroying so many lives? REALLY?! How is the price of any one life calculated, anyway? Is there some sort of formula that adds up the values of the victim(s) and subtracts other aspects to provide an equitable amount? Sorry for the rant, but it just makes me wonder….

Brightest blessings.

Ox Drover


I’ve been thinking about this that you said:

Only three women showed up in court by our side yesterday and the courtroom should have been full. What message did that send? It told me that my fight and struggle was worth it and yet so many women missed the opportunity to see DV justice hich to date has been so damned rare.

I wonder if the reason there weren’t more is because those who are OUT of the DV situation are working for a living, trying to support themselves and their kids and not able to get off work during the middle of the day to come to a court hearing?

I know that now when funerals are held during the week during the working hours there are so many fewer people show up. It seems to be that with people working, they can’t get “Leave” to go to a funeral unless it is a close relative (mother, father, sib, or grandparent) so people who would like to be there, unless retired are unable to go. I can imagine that it might be difficult for women to get off work to go to the court. Maybe this is part of why you had so few people there.


OxD, good point, but it may be something even more simple: people are afraid to take a stand, anymore. They have tried to stand up for themselves, to no avail, and they are afraid to invest the time and emotions in what they might believe to be a demonstration of support that won’t make a difference.

The exspath had me arrested for DV and then had the case dismissed at the Criminal hearing before it was even heard. The DV “system” is broken to such a degree that isolated episodes are taken to the mat as violent offenses, and chronic and habitual offenders have fingers wagged in their faces and told to “stop it” without any true consequences for their actions.

I don’t know the answer to any of this. I only know that it doesn’t make sense.

Ox Drover

Truthspeak, I agree the entire LEGAL SYSTEM and political system is broken….I just read a story about an Irish guy who left Ireland and went to England to make a living, got rich and came home to briing jobs to Ireland, and the political corruption and bribe demands of the politicians etc. and then the revenge when he stood up to them…broke the man, and his wife…financially and emotionally. Now, 25 years later he has finally been vindicated and the bribe takers (a few of the lower level ones) outed in the newspapers, but no real consequences….so it is everywhere and it is at all levels of “justice” and frustrating!

People have always been afraid to take a stand, this isn’t something new. Kitty Genovesee was killed and screamed for 20 + minutes and no one even called the cops.

I live in a very corrupt county about like the Irishman frankly….and I’ve seen the same thing, with a local whistle blower beaten down, literally beaten on the court house steps…and he kept on fighting (He owned the local little weekly newspaper) and it took a horrible toll on him and his family but he wanted justice, just like this family does, but the price was high. He eventually got some justice, but at what cost.

Sometimes we have to weigh our costs and decide if we are willing to pay it, if we even CAN pay it.

Sometimes we STAND ALONE.


I don’t mind at all. It helps me to blog about these things because if forces me to organize my thoughts about it.

I guess I could have said it more concisely by saying, You are the dog that he kicks because he hates himself.

It’s called transferance. He hates himself but that is unbearable, so he transfers his hatred toward the dog and kicks it, then justifies it because he truly believes the dog “deserved it.” Otherwise, why would he kick it?

But I had to write all the other stuff in order to boil it down to this very simple scapegoating concept.

Spaths are all backwards thinking so it’s hard to keep your brain on straight when thinking about them.

BettyJean Kling

STJ , G1S, ErinBrock, Truth Speaks, Ox Drover !
Wow – I sure am glad I came back to check- First thansk you again, next – obviously some of you have been to my blogs and did some research – I am honored to make your aquaintance- you are warriors indeed to have looked deeper into the story! I am deeply moved that you did so.

As to how many women were working and couldn’t make it- I wish that were the case- U am involved in a facebook page that had 789 Lodi women who are my age and retired – you would think a few of them could have showed up 3 miles away? Where were the women’s groups? They are paid to show up?
I have been a squeeky door for over 3 years- I never let up for a second- I doubt if this was a secret to many as I shamed 9 NOW presidents including the National President into sending letter on Louisa’s behalf as well as Jehmue Green and yet not one of them reported on our victory.
I will tell you why they did not show up or reoport on our victory- they are in competition with our Non- partisan efforts to unite women.
If you do a search you ill find I have essentially fough this battle alone– and I have done so because of politis! Polictics is keeping women from moving forward- we can and we must break free! Just as the suffragists Kicked the asses of the parties – so must we if we hope to ever win this war against women by both parties .
Believe me – there is a war against women and both sides are using us against each other and we are allowing it.
No one women and her daughter should have fought this alone and after winning we all should be basking in the victory alas- I am willing but they want me hidden from site and my voice quiet!
We are losing wars in courts because we are powerless and that is exactly as they want it!Church on one side barefoot and pregnant and the Liberals on the other keeping us fighting tooth and nail against half of our own kind.
We must unite to win this war- the majority divided aginst itself will never prevail against the minority united against it!
Whiel they play good cop bad cop we are myd wrestling to their delight!
Forgive my honesty- but I have been in the independent trenches for 35 years! I have run for office, and I have beat the odds by standing strong! Now all I need is the rest of womankind to stand strong too! We can do this – and if we unite – they haven’t a chance against a united front!

BJ Founder The Majority United

Ox Drover

BJ you are a warrior woman for sure! Around here our “war cry” is from Fried green tomatoes when Cathy Bates rams her car into the car of the uppity kids who got her parking place TOWANDA!!!!!

No you should not have to have fought this campaign alone, the DA, the police, the entire town should have been there with you!

No woman or man should have to fight for justice in a case like this.

In cases like this nothing will put “humpty dumpty” back together again. Your daughter’s injuries are there forever. There is NO RESTITUTION, but there should be JUSTICE for what happened to her. You should not have to “fight” for it, it should be PROVIDED by our government for all citizens.

Everyone of us here has had one or more run ins with pure psychpaths, I gave birth to one, he’s in prison for murder. My biological “sperm donor” (he wasn’t a father to me, only gave me his DNA) was a psychopath that killed at least two people I know for sure, but never went to prison. Every person here at lovefraud knows first hand the trauma that dealing with a psychopath can bring.

God bless you in your quest, warrior woman and blessings on your daughter and her children!


Betty Jean,

The work to take your individual efforts to a broader audience is not small. And will need significant funding if you want to light the fire you describe.

The first step would be search engine optimization for your blog.

The simplest way to accomplish is for people to go there and post frequently. Activity will increase your ratings.

And, it would be helpful if you had an opt in email list to send out announcements on new topics you post.

We could all set up google alerts on your website and post on new topics. I think that is the LF community could easily do to support you.

Additionally you might want to tackle topics like Bigamy and Divorce Custody cases with Psychopaths/ Sociopaths. These kinds of cases also need support because most of them don’t get near as far as you did.

The other thing you might consider is asking Love Fraud and the sites which are linked here to link with yours. Linking sites with activity will help to increase your ratings too.

Keep going. And use technology to your advantage. The virtual audience is waiting.


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