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Help pass the New Jersey law to deter ‘sexual assault by fraud!’

By Joyce M. Short
Author, Carnal Abuse by Deceit, How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape

Sex fraud has defiled the lives of many Lovefraud participants! We are very fortunate that Donna has built this wonderful healing community that enables victims to exchange supportive ideas and promote healing. Here, we can escape the invalidation we often confront in society, and gain the tools we need in order to heal.

We now have the possibility to deter this heinous crime.

Sociopaths don’t stop behaving badly because we need or want them to. They stop because they’ll be exposed or because they’ll suffer consequences. Creating a law to make Sexual Assault by Fraud a crime in New Jersey is a good first step.

Thanks to the efforts of Assemblyman Troy Singleton, who had contacted Mischele Lewis several months ago when he learned of The Mystery Man story recently featured on Dateline NBC, legislation is currently pending in the New Jersey Assembly. The bill is now under review by the Legislative Judiciary Committee, and it could be derailed or stalled there without our support.

The language will go through many changes before it is finalized. But right now, it’s vital that the committee understand how important this law is to YOU because the opposition to the law is very vocal.

Please help!

This legislation can end the unfettered use of rape by fraud that harms unsuspecting victims throughout society. Please sign the petition on to convey your voice to the people who need to hear it, and do so today.

Vote ‘yes’ to Legislation #3903, Sexual Assault by Fraud

And please don’t stop there! Let everyone you know understand the importance of NJ Assembly Legislation #3908, and ask them to sign-on too!

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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Thanks for organizing this Joyce. I signed the petition and I encourage Lovefraud readers to sign it as well.


Huge thanks! We’ve all suffered enough LIES! Now, we can do something to stop it! This petition takes 2 seconds and will get everyone’s voice heard in a meaningful way!




Thank you so much for your efforts! I signed this petition and passed it on to friends and family who have been affected. Everyone needs to take a moment and sign this petition. Someday there could be a meaningful way to shut down these predators.


Joyce, well done to get this far. I don’t live in the USA, but signed it. I’ve also posted it to ladies in a USA support group who found themselves unknowingly married to a gay man. My dream would be for this law to cover them too, though I understand it would be hard to prove.

I covered the issue about marriage to gay spouses on my blog a few weeks ago. In a nutshell, if the person knew they were gay, and deliberately fooled you, that’s rape by fraud. The problem is proof. A person could claim to have been bi-sexual at the time you were having sex with them…. How could a jury find otherwise?

In all laws and court proceedings, the case will rise or fall based on proof, not truth, so it would be very difficult to prosecute.

Thanks for passing the message along!



Joyce, yes I read what you’d written on you blog, it was excellent, and hence my understanding it’s hard to prove. I think if the men even admitted they knew they were bi-sexual as opposed to being gay, that would give grounds to prosecute. Bi-sexual is still having same sex sex. Gay or bi-sexual…..wouldn’t matter to me……I wouldn’t have gone there in the first place if I’d known!

Fifty percent will never come out to their wives. Even when they’ve been caught red handed in “the act”. My gay man shared his gay fantasies with me at the beginning (and convinced me all men have them) and I recently found his gay hard-core porn, gay dating sites, gay communities, gay support groups….but he will never admit it all means “gay”. Even though he has totally rejected me sexually for over 21 years. These men have a way of criticising and blaming the woman for not turning them on. I believed it….I wasn’t nice enough for him.

Since realising he’s gay….it was the part of the jigsaw puzzle that was missing…..I now see myself as blonde, and attractive…..and I am very slim. He’s dirty looking, got a belly and is bald with 2 thin strips at the side. Yet he can never ever desire me. Well good – I don’t want him – now I know the ugly truth – he desires a penis.

The ladies are signing and also passing your link on to others.

Thank you again Joyce.

It’s so sad how people will deceive themselves and others at someone else’s expense. I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten your self esteem back.

You Go Girl!!

All the best!

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