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He admitted to being a sociopath

Spath TalesEditor’s Note: This SPATH Tale was submitted by the Lovefraud reader who goes by the name “DamnItHappenedToMe.”

I went on an online chat and began a relationship through Skype with a man in the United States who was, as I was, a dual citizen — Canadian/American.

This was in October, 2012.

He informed me he was divorced for three years.

We met in the United States for a day and then I found out on Facebook that he was married.

He admitted it and I said I wanted nothing to do with him.

He pursued me and told me he was getting a divorce. After he said he was divorced (filed) in March, 2013, he flew me to spend ten days with him in the United States where I met his family. I flew back home to pack up my life to move to the United States for him.

I started to get a bad feeling and we decided to stay friends and maybe be together in the future. I couldn’t get over the fact that he lied about being married.

A week and a half after we broke up, and he seemed to be as hurt as I was, he moved in with another woman and had posted in the exact same language how much he loved her.

I refused to talk to him until a few days ago when he admitted to being a sociopath — once I explained it to him.

He had never loved me, he used me, he was still trying to be with his wife as I ruined their marriage. He told me he regretted our relationship and faked the whole thing.

He is a dangerous, evil, callous, and bad person.

I would like to warn people who are looking for love and who are smart and aware people such as myself.


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Rule of thumb going forward: ONE lie, goodbye.


exactly!! No more 3 strikes your out…just one lie & goodbye.

Listen to your gut it will never steer you in the wrong direction ever! The book Gift of Fear by Gavin Debecker is a must read for every woman on this planet. Google “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their video on following your gut.

DamnItHappenedToMe, I am truly sorry this happened to you, you had a very strong gut reaction especially to this sociopath & that is a good thing to know. I have learned that any guy that does not listen to your initial “No” and keeps pursing you falls in the AVOID this guy ASAP category.


Sociopaths, as far as I know, don’t admit to being one. I guess unless there is a ulterior motive in it for them. Don’t know what that might be, but I am happy for you for getting out before more damage was done. Learn from this lesson, look for the tiny signs,at first, very important !!!!


For the last four month I have death with a socio/psychopath. I knew it the first go around and then he sweet talked me and of course the sex was good, so there I was hooked. I knew he had a lot of deficiencies but move forward any way. He approached me no other reason than he though, gee, easy pickings. I was in a club alone at the bar waiting for friends smoking outside.

He was tall, slim and for the most part handsome. He was very charismatic and laid his charm on right away. I fell for him immediately as there was chemistry and in my heart of hearts he felt it too. But, a psychopath is always going to be a rough time if you deal with him or her.

I believe in Karma. He will feel something one of these days that will make him regret either way.


catnoch, By definition, they are incapable of empathy, love or even remorse. Except for the remorse of getting caught. Then they can appear to be the most pathetic remorseful soul you have ever seen. They are not human, Karma does not touch them and there is no goodness in their hearts at all. They are pure evil. Run as far as you can before it is too late.

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