Histrionic personality disorder

Defense attorneys for Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach at Penn State who is accused of molesting 10 boys, may argue that the man suffers from histrionic personality disorder. So what is it? Lovefraud readers sent links to articles that explain:

What is histrionic personality disorder? on CNN.com.

What is histrionic personality disorder? on Health.Yahoo.net.

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My blood has just run cold too, on reading Truthspeak’s post, where she quotes Kevin Bacon’s character in River Wild: ‘I AM a nice guy – just a different kind of nice guy’.

It triggered a memory of something Spathetic said to me once. He said: ‘I think differently from other people’. I should have seen that red flag right then, and run a mile. At the time, I rationalised it by thinking: ‘what he means is, he is creative/sees things ‘out of the box’ etc’. Another thing he said to me was: ‘I can be complicated’. Too right. These were both real ‘tells’ – he was telling the truth, furthermore, for once! I wish I had listened to my gut…

I saw parts of “The River Wild.” It was too upsetting for me to watch the whole thing. I channel surf between commercials which is why I saw what I did.

I love Kevin Bacon. He is such an amazing actress. Meryl Streep is amazing, too.

Sky, you’re right about that being a tell.

That movie completely creeped me out. Kevin Bacon’s portrayal was the closest I’ve ever seen to capturing my mother’s character on film – particularly the difference between how she acts in public and in private.

Matter of fact, he was SO good I couldn’t stand to see him on TV for months afterwards. I remember thinking, because he’d captured my mother’s mannerisms and style so closely, that he either had to be a path himself, or must have lived very closely with someone who was.

On a lighter note, I absolutely love his wife’s series “The Closer” (Kyra Sedgewick), and all the characters on it. Love, love, love the way her character stands up to all the criminals and manipulators. Love the other actors too – particularly Lieutenant Provenza. Her character is a princess/narcissist, but a quirky, funny and effective one. And I was impressed by the episode directed by her husband (Bacon) – the one where Detective Sanchez’ brother is killed. That’s one talented family!

It took my finding out that Bacon was married to Sedgewick to get past my aversion to him, based on his “River Wild” character. I know that’s not logical, but his portrayal of that character creeped me out so badly I couldn’t see past it for ages.

Creeped me out too. Couldn’t watch the whole thing, but maybe I should give it another try to see how I react this time. Or maybe not. 🙂 X P used to say in his grandiose manner, ‘I’m not like anyone else you’ve ever known’.


Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon have been, separately, two of my favorite actors for quite some time. When I found out that they were married to each other, I thought, “Wow. I’m so like a certain type that they married each other?”

Did you see the Closer episodes where their daughter played her niece? Boy, does she look like her father.

skylar says:

“tickle monster.
spaths always tell a lie with a grain of truth. monster= truth.
tickle =lie.
it’s a tell.”

OMG you are so right again. When I first met my ex-spath, I was sick and told him the details, not only of my mitral valve problem, but of the stress I was going thru and all these other nagging problems I had been experiencing.

When I asked him about his heath, he told me that at his recent check-up, everything was fine other than his triglycerides being high, something that struck me odd for somebody thin and not particularly old.

Then, when I can across strong evidence that he was HIV+, his comment made sense. Thus, per your observation, a grain of truth (high triglycerides) but not truthful about being HIV+…

That was the spaths favorite movie and her fav actress was Meryl Streep. How creepy and I never did watch the movie. Don’t know if I want to now.

The below is an article about what Matt Sandusky told the police.

It may be triggering. He is struggling with remembering what happened to him. He says he can’t remember any sex happening, but his running away and suicide attempt speak volumes.

I understand not remember everything. I still can’t, but I don’t worry about that anymore. You don’t have memory lapses over something that never happened.

Somebody pointed out to me, count your blessings, she remembers every detail and can’t forget anything.


I also understand why Matt Sandusky testified that he had never been molested…

I also wonder if the “adoption” was to keep him quiet after he aged out of the age that was what Jerry wanted to abuse.

I can’t see the DA prosecuting him for perjury either…because I think his denial that he had been abused is what so many of us do. When the police man that I talked to about the beating and rape my P sperm donor did to me when he asked me if he had raped me, I denied it. I was ashamed. I can totally relate to what Matt did in his grand jury testimony.

I applaud him for coming forward when he did though. I think there are also probably many many more young men that may come forward, and probably many who will never come forward that were also molested.l

Charles “Jackie” Walls III molested over 1500 young men over a 20 year period while he was involved with boy scouts…and I have a feeling that Jerry Sandusky is right up there with Jackie. I think that Jerry Sandusky is one of the all time high molesters of young boys that will ever be prosecuted.

I am going to bet that his molesting has gone on for more than 40 years. I think he is one of the most evil and uncaring, monsters that has ever walked the face of the earth. I hope that more of the people who lied and helped him continue to molest young boys are also prosecuted and sent to prison.

About Dotty Sandusky, I don;’t really know what to think. She may have been trauma bonded to him to the point that she turned a knowing blind eye…but denial is no excuse either. Not any more than the wives of the guys who held Jaycee Dugard, or Ellizabeth Smart.

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