Horrifying saga of multiple predators, sexually abused children and murder

After all these years of running Lovefraud, at times I am still shocked by some people’s level of depravity.

Sara Packer, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, worked as an adoption supervisor and, along with her husband, David Packer, fostered 30 children.

In 2004, Sara and David Packer adopted Grace Packer and her brother when Grace was three years old. David Packer was later convicted of sexually abusing Grace and a learning-disabled foster child. He went to prison.

Sara Packer took up with a new boyfriend Jacob Sullivan.

Grace Packer disappeared in July 2016. She was 14 years old.

Now authorities say Sullivan beat, raped and murdered Grace, while Sara Packer watched.

There’s more. This story is unbelievable.

REVEALED: Polyamorous woman who watched boyfriend ‘rape, strangle and dismember her adopted daughter, 14,’ fostered THIRTY CHILDREN until her ex-husband was arrested for sexual abuse, on

‘Rape-murder fantasy’ has mom, man charged in teen’s killing, on

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Donna, have you heard about the young 12 year old girl in Georgia, who took her own life, and streamed it live for all to see? This tragedy occurred December 30, 2016, and I just learned of it yesterday. It seems she had to grow up very young in life, and just could not take it anymore. This story has rocked me, and my heart breaks for the life this young soul endured. It appears many people, whom she should’ve been able to count on, repeatedly let her down. Mom, Dad, Step-father, etc. Anyway, in obsessively reading as much as I could about this young girl, I stumbled on a term – Parental Alienation. A reader, who evidently is composing a book on this subject matter, was trying to get into contact with this girl’s father, thinking he (and she) were a product of parental alienation. So I got to researching…mainly because I had never heard of parental alienation, and how it affects the children and/or parents involved.

My ex, the father of my child is a sociopath (or a narcissist – probably both). I reached out to you last May via email to seek some guidance in my own personal situation. First, thank you for your response. I don’t think I said that at the time. To recap, my ex assaulted me with a gun when I was 26 weeks pregnant with our child. The incident lasted a little more than an hour, and during the entire event, he repeatedly made me think he was going to shoot me. I walked away (obviously), pressed charges, went to court, he lied, got off with a slap on the wrist, etc. I became a hot hormonal mess after delivering my baby girl – stuff like: my daughter’s not going to have a father, poor her, poor me, poor him. I ended up contacting him when she was a month old, and invited him to have a relationship with her. It lasted all of 6 months or so, during which time, I discovered I suffered from PTSD from the gun saga. So, basically, even if he’s not trying to kill me, I become extremely paranoid (in my head) that he is. I’m still not convinced that paranoia inducing wasn’t part of his master plan, to screw with my mind. Anyway….he’s been out of our lives since April of 2013.

October of 2015 I heard from someone in his family, and then started to hear from him on a monthly basis. I never bit. I never responded. I reached out to you when the fear became paralyzing, and you encouraged me to continue my stint of no contact. Which I have. He last reached out to me on Christmas Day, 2016.

Anyway, my point of all this (cuz I do have one) is: am I doing parental alienation? When I had my daughter, I never named him on her birth certificate…in effort to create a road block, albeit temporary once he decides to pursue it. I’m petrified he’ll hurt our daughter, or use her to hurt me, try to turn her against her brothers or me, mentally mess her head up – all of the above really. This whole time I justify not responding to him (which I would like to point out she had 3 birthdays before he ever reached out to her/me)as I am protecting her, and me, and us. She has asked about him a few times, and I try to keep my answers as short and non-critical of him as possible. Things like yes you do have a dad, no he’s not in heaven, I don’t know where he is; and then she starts talking of something else. I still have a big question mark in regards to how to handle answering the tough questions when they come. But – Parental Alienation…are my actions fitting that description? Am I messing her up in my quest to protect her? I don’t know that there’s a book for dummies on this particular subject. Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

I should also mention he hasn’t changed…and I sincerely don’t think he needs yet another chance. I stumbled on a social media post of a very recent ex girlfriend of his. She described a violent situation that occurred between he and her, that mirrors many situations he had with me.


I just watched the news story of the 14 year old you were reporting on above. I cannot imagine the horror that child went through! Too, too many evil people just keep surfacing!

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