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I Had No Idea What This Person Is

I’ve been lied to so much.. that one day I woke up you can only sleep so long, before God starts revealing the truth to you..and Lord only knows !!! how much I’ve PRAYED for an answer.

Socipathic eyesI’ve found out that this person has slept with men and women and will not confess to madness.

This person has slept with family members, mothers, brothers, and etc…

has people everywhere and most of all has people whom will lie as well.

insane and hideous….hiding under the word of God.

This person has diseases and this person is infectious and spreading its pathogens like its the thing to do disregarding human life and children

this person has had sex with minors and a wide range of men ….

He works for satan and is a sociopath liar with an exploitive personal disorder.

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You will NEVER really know who this person is, or was; when he was with YOU. He will morph into someone else, for the next person he chooses to control, manipulate and abuse.and so on and so on. He will be a different person for everybody he wants to use, abuse and discard when he’s done with them.

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