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Instead of protecting children, abusing them

Lovefraud readers have forwarded a rash of sordid stories about adults in positions of trust over children who turned out to be molesters and child porn addicts. They should all be prosecuted, along with those who covered up their actions.

Records show Boy Scouts failed to report abuser, on

Stacy Schuler, Ex-Ohio teacher, convicted of having sex with 5 students, on

How child-porn case led to Hershey School, on

Roman Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images, on

And then there is a child  beater and a serial killer:

Judge so furious at abusive mother who left her baby severely disabled he has to take break from court so he does not ‘jail her through anger,’ on

Is this the worst UK child killer? Robert Black is cnvicted of murder of a fourth schoolgirl ”¦ and linked to 13 other unsolved deaths, on

Finally there’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, taking action. Maybe we need more bounty hunters.

Dog the Bounty Hunter gains custody of grandson on

Duane ‘Dog’ the Bounty Hunter awarded temporary custody of grandson after chilling alleged abuse tape released, on

‘I am going to hurt them’: What Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son-in-law threatens to neighbours in new recording as son beating row escalates, on


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Ox Drover

The first person I ever knew that for sure was a child molester was Charles “Jackie” Walls III. Jackie’s father, a local attorney (later a judge) and friend of our family was as honest and upright a man as I have ever known. Jackie worked with my ex husband at Remington Arms near the small town in which we lived in the Arkansas Grand Prairie. Jackie’s wife and kids went to church with us and were very nice people. I knew but did not like Jackie himself. I didn’t know much about him except that he was a “jerk” and my Now-ex husband felt and expressed the same opinion and didn’t like working with Jackie.

Years later, after I was divorced and had moved away from the town, Jackie was arrested. For over two decades, Jackie had been a Boy Scout Leader. One of the boys that he had molested had informed his parents, then Jackie had told him he must kill his parents, which he did, but got caught….and things went down hill for Jackie from there and the story of his decades long molestation of about 1,500 (that is fifteen hundred) kids, including his own nephews, one of whom killed himself afterward. I thanked God that Jackie’s mother had died before this all came out. His father locked himself inside his home.

Jackie had been removed from the Scouts several years before his arrest when there had been “talk” about him being or possibly being a molester, but he “skated”—not that he didn’t continue to go and attend out of state Scout events under a false name…even had his photograph made at one. Jackie Walls got LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE in the Arkansas state Prisons and the prosecuting attorney said “If we could have asked for the death penalty we would have.”

Later, a member of my living history group, a man named Jack Pratt, who was an employee of the Arkansas State Parks Department, was arrested in an FBI child pornography sting…but the parks department seemed to have covered it up. There was only ONE SMALL article in the newspaper where he worked before he went to federal prison. Once he got out, I was surprised to see Jack’s picture in the newsletter of our Living History Group and went to the board of directors males who said “Oh, he’s paid his debt to society and we can’t force him to leave.” So I went to the females on the board and got an entirely “nuther” opinion….I also called Jack’s parole officer though the feds don’t call them that any more—they “eliminated” “parole”—by calling it supervised release—and discussed with his supervisor the need in my opinion of Jack not working with children in our group. I called Jack’s new boss and informed him of Jack’s criminal record and parole status and the museum director didn’t want him working with children either!

Jack seemed to find more jobs working with children though, through 4-H and volunteering at his wife’s school where she taught….but as many of these jobs and schools as I could find out, received copies of Jack’s criminal records. in 2007 Jack Pratt committed suicide after being questioned by his local police department. He was still trying to find ways to work with kids at that time.

Most recently, a minister that I knew, and particularly did not like his know-it-all and self-righteous attitudes, but found he was arrested for trying to solicit a 14 year old girl on the internet for a one year period before being arrested.

Notice how these men ALL THREE put themselves in a position of trust to work with children. Even after being “outed” the first two continued to try to work with children.

The third man, Dickie Ray Chance, still hasn’t been sentenced, but I did go to his court hearing where he plead guilty and hope to be able to speak to the judge at his sentencing. Being a “man of God” though, he has “repented” and sent letters to all the churches where he had preached who have of course welcomed back the “poor sinner” who has “repented.” The churches are also trying to “keep it quiet” as much as possible.

The judge in England that took the break didn’t give the woman much of a sentence in my opinion…but the UK laws and sentencing are such that only a couple of dozen people who have committed multiple sadistic rape murders are REALLY in prison for “life”—a “life” sentence seems to be about 12 years, out on parole in much less than that.


By the time I was 14, I learned two huge lessons in the way of the world.

#1 was if you are a kid, people can do anything they want to you and there’s nothing you can do about it except wait until you are old enough to leave home and they can’t make you come back.

#2 was, the people who CLAIM to help you are not really there to help. Rather they are there so others talk about how wonderful they are. It’s all about them, not about helping. (corollary: People who really want to help just do it.)

I had a best friend. We became close b/c we shared a secret. My father was a pedophile and her stepfather is one. My father was in a bad car accident and I THOUGHT (wrongly) that he was no longer a pedophile but that didn’t stop MY awful childhood memories. HER stepfather would not peek under their bedcovers if I spent the night so I spent the night a LOT. When she was 12, he raped her. She told her mom who accused her of trying to destroy her happiness. When her sister was 12, he raped her. My BFF was so enraged, she went with her sister and reported him. There was a court case and social worker was brought in. The social worker testified that my BFF and her sister were liars (I was not allowed to testify.) and that her stepfather was a saint for taking on a wife (who had received a HUGE inheritance) and all those kids (five girls, two boys). Stepfather WON (surprise!). My BFF’s sister was then arrested for pot found in her pillowcase and sent off to girls state school, never to come home ever again. (PIGFACE Planted the Pot and then called the cops. But YOU figured that out, right??!!) For the final years, he raped ALL the girls, he was given carte blanc!! After raping the last one, he abandoned her mom for a new woman and he had more children, girls. We assume he raped them when the time came.

The social worker who testified on his behalf. I called her a BITCH. She got all upset and cried why would I say such a thing b/c she was a person who dedicated her life to helping people. Even at 14, I knew it was all ABOUT HER, and not about the victims she was supposed to help.

ALL my life, my mother beat the holy hell crap out of me. I was the only kid in my family without congenital birth defect so I NEVER saw a doctor except for when I had an “accident” and I was an “accident prone” kid. ASK me if it EVER occurred to me to tell anyone or ask for help. NO. I KNEW it would do no good.

Contrast that with my neighbors who took me away sometimes (to “give my mom a break” was the excuse.) They FED me, we went camping, they taught me to waterski, how to drive a car, and they were the ONLY ones to come to my high school graduation. I am still VERY GOOD friends with their daughter, all of whom I would do anything (but they don’t need anything from me.) They were MY role models for how I raised my daughter and how I conducted MY life. And NOBODY knows all the wonderful things they did for me, b/c even they think what they did was NORMAL.

That the dif in LIFE, that’s MY life lessons learned, the dif between goody two shoes (yep, I called that social worker goody two shoes, and yes, she reported me to my mom who beat the holy crap out of me for my mouth.) – and truly GOOD people.


My point, and I did have one, is that it’s clear my childhood BFF had a stepfather who was a sociopath. But the person who could have protected her and her sisters, instead she GAVE these young sweet girls to that monster to RAPE, in exchange for flattery and attention. Social worker may not have been spath, but SHE was no less a MONSTER TOO.

Ox Drover


I am so sorry that you had such horrible “life lessons” and your friend as well…..I can’t remember who said it first but (paraphrased) “all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” When people turn a blind eye to evil behavior either knowingly or because they don’t want to “get involved” then evil flourishes.

Doing good for others is like you pointed out, for self agrandisement, or as Jesus commanded instead, to be “done in Secret” where God sees, but you get no “credit” here on earth. It is common for charities to give “credit” to the large donors by hosting them at large parties, photos in the newsletter or the news paper….giving them titles etc. to encourage rich people to step up to the plate with their donations so they too can be NOTICED and commended. Sure the money does good (we hope at least) but the donor gets their reward by having their name NOTICED….


Things weren’t so nice sometimes when I was a kid. But others had it worse and strangely, that was a comfort to me, knowing that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

But I think people should know that while bad childhoods screw you up (takes a while to raise yourself!!) but it doesn’t have to make you spath. I learned how to be empowered to make my way in the world with hard work and dignity, like my neighbors who were so good to me. Vindictiveness felt bad to me, a waste of time, a distraction from pursuing a career, home, family.

And it is with forgiveness of myself b/c I understand how I wanted so badly to be loved for myself that I got involved with my husband and didn’t see him as the spath that he was, that the red flags should have signified to me. My husband pretended to love me for myself, that I was special, even though I was not pretty, but that my personality made me attractive, my enthusiasm for life, my passions from curiousity about subjects and history and social structures, and my enormous love and care for my child whom I strived to be the best parent she could ever have (NOT her buddy, her parent – the one who cared for her best interests). My husband used MY back door to corrupt me and then glorified in how he did it, and how stupid and easy I was to corrupt (proving to me and others that I wasn’t the good person that I thought I was. In fact, it was proven that NOBODY who knew me liked me, and that they only pretended to if they seemed to like me at all. That msg destroyed any connection to anybody and why I feel SO ALONE.)

I call my husband the GREAT CORRUPTOR, b/c that’s how he worked to get people to choose to behave in ways I don’t think they’d have chosen if they knew ALL THE FACTS. He did it in little bits, so that it wasn’t until time passed and enough little incidents happened that a person came to realize how they sold their soul. He got to me through my pride, my vanity. Others he corrupted via their greed, their vices, their arrogance, their envy, etc.

So when I call him EVIL, I do mean it. Literally.

See why LF was such a blessing to me? I’m not alone anymore.


KatyD ~

My hope is that everyone reads your story and makes a decision to become “neighbors”, the kind you had growing up.

Whether it is the child next door, down the street, in your neighborhood, your child’s school or through a boys and girls club. Be one of the good guys who can be there for a child. Take the time to listen and advocate, maybe we can make a difference, one child at a time.

Bless you KatyD.


So true! It takes a Village!!! I believe this.

Today, I am wrestling with my ‘family’ situation.
I’m wavering about not getting to affected that none of them stood up to the wrongdoing around my uncles funeral.
(NOT to compare this to Katy’s abuse or her BFF’s)
But in regards to nobody wanting to take the HARD steps to stand up to the abusers!!!!!

My cousin called yesterday. He called….which I thought was odd and not his wife.
He did the obligitory…..Hi, howz kids yadayada….then said. Hey….sorry about how that all went down (that all….not noting anything specific about situation….just ‘that all’). I didn’t say a word.
Then immediatly went into a diatribe about how his daughter is off to college and they don’t know how they can afford it yadyaydad……and OH, EB, before I forget…..You know that wheelchair you loaned my dad. (4 years ago)….it was my electric wheelchair I used when I was ill.
He said, if i’ts okay with you, I need to make room in my barn…..and I want to sell it. I said….OH? He said yeah, well I was thinking I could sell it, and pay my mother back for the money she put into it….she put a new battery and wheels on it a year ago…..and what’s left I could send YOU.
WTF????? I paid $650 for it….it had a FINE battery and wheels when I loaned it to them…..they used it for 4 years…..and THEY want their money for the battery and tires?
I said…..I need to call you back, i’m in the middle of doing somehting……

Last night and today ive been wrestling with my anger. This just resparked it all.

How ‘disposable’ we are… they view us as a pushover… trample on.
They all went along like lemers!!!!

And I have to go along with them making money off MY BELONGINGS NOW!
FUCK OFF!!!!!!

My kids are PISSED OFF….but not shocked about this funeral preclusion.
They’ve asked me to NOT bring up Thanksgiving or holidays to them again…..(going down to visit). They are DONE!

And my cousins just think they can sweep it all under the rug?!?!?! And go on as if nothing ever happened.
My aunt hasn’t contacted me……still…..and this was the first call from my cousin…..
Not even a pretend schmooze……just get straight to the point….of Dads dead….I want this reminder wheelchair gone. (Oh, and btw….I’ll sell it to recoup my money!!!)

None of these fucking people offered to BUY the fucking wheelchair off me after a few years they had it…..(moneys’ not an issue with my aunt)…..
I’t s the all too familiar ME, ME, ME, ME, ME,ME song…..

Sorry….I totally got off tract.

I just wish more people had the BALLS to stand up for each other….what is right…..and what is just….but this world seems to be all about me, me, me, me……I, I, I,I, I, I,……and those of us who do stand up….are frowned upon and have the tables turned on us!!!!


You are a gift that will keep on giving here at LF. The courage you had in surviving is enough of a reason to admire you. It is the courage to share your story that makes you a hero. Flashing the V sign and sending you hugs. I am spending the rest of my life loving that little girl that no one heard..she is me. Shalom


EB ~ I think I would say “No, I would like it back and I think a new battery and wheels is a small price to pay for 4 years worth of use.” “Glad your Dad got so much use out of it”.

What a bunch of idiots.


Without a word, just go there and take the wheelchair. no heads-up.

Don’t let spaths take money, possessions, or emotions from you, because it only feeds them. Be nice, smile and be shallow when you go get it. Then gray rock them. Only give them fake emotions. You know the drill.

You and your kids need the money and it’s YOURS to sell. If you don’t need it send it to ME! Don’t give it to spaths!!

They are not worth any of your time or energy. Your mother and her sister have spread their evil genes and memes, it’s too late for the infected ones. You are so lucky you were adopted.

Just keep on standing up for what is right.


for what it’s worth, you are now using the horrible experiences of your childhood to spread a message. Your voice counts now and it WILL make a difference.


I am so glad I read what you wrote. i was moved by the feeling of happiness for you and i could sense the self respect you have. Which gave me a glimpse of my hope.
i thought i had lost it. it is good to hear you say, “others had it worse’ too. even though the movie mother dearest look like a comedy compared to what was going on in our home when i was a kid. there always was another family of kids that appeared to be worse off.
i had an O.k. today and if it is cause i am writing, then i will continue to do so.
i do have to tell you that my own brother is incapable of having a girlfriend. thank goodness he knows cause he beats them up. i am not sure if he is aware he is beating up his mother. i often wondered how he did not turn out to be a serial killer. perhaps because she did not do any sexual shit. man, i thought if i let a boy touch my boob she would find out, out of fear i stayed a virgin til i was going on eighteen. back then that was not the norm.
when i think back…….. sick very, very sick women that should not have had children.
Again, i am so happy for you Kathy, that you were able to have some reprieve. 🙂


I am so glad to read one of your GREAT life missions. You got “it”, that Life is NOT to be mean to others, we are to be loving towards ourselves. TOWANDA.

I try not to compare bad stuff, we ALL have bad stuff. Mine is no worse than anyone elses. It’s about standing up for what’s right, not submitting to abuse or standing by watching it happen to others. People don’t have to get involved. Just a call to police or child services can make all the dif to a child who thinks no one cares.

I DO like to compare GOOD stuff. I like to celebrate other people’s victories against abusers and oppressors. So I LOVE your posts b/c I either LEARN something so I can better take care of myself, or I get to live vicariously through YOUR victories and/or wickedly funny good humor. You’re my hero. 🙂

ps I agree he deserves the space in his barn. Arrange a time to pick it up. Ask him how he can sell something that doesn’t belong to him? That they used up parts and replaced them is the proper thing to do when you borrow someone’s property. I’d say, “Your welcome for all the money saved when they used it.” grumble grumble the audactity of some people. grumble.


Jr and I need to go down to the ‘city’ on Wed. I think i’ll just buzz by their house and get it!

I don’t think cousin is a spath… all. I think he’s selfish and a dupe……and it would be VERY uncomfortable for him to be confronted! That is what he was dancing around.
He KNEW it was wrong…..but he went along with being the messenger…..regardless.

So…..if he was gonna put himself into an uncomfortable postition to ‘protect’ his mother…..I don’t have to shut up either!

I’m REAL ANGRY right now!!!!


I just read Skylar’s post. DITTO. Do dat. I support ya. What a loada… no notice. It’s yours. He complained. Job done. (even if you don’t want it, you kin donate it somewhere worthy.)


Thank you for all that you share of yourself.
You are a ROCK!
Thank you-Thank you!


Ya know,
It just dawn on me to express that I was a good Mom, cause Marie (my mother) was such a resentful person.
I vowed I was not going to be her. Naturally, there undesirable traits I had as a parent. I was not perfect.
Marie had six children, she gave the forth one away. I say she sold him. There was four different fathers involved, that she had so much shame, the poor women for so many years kept all her secrets from her kids.
It really sucks that she just wasn’t able to be honest. Maybe, then my little fingers would not have been burned for touching my sisters Lp’s.
I can still see the gleam in her eyes , when it was time for a beating. I was certain that my kids were to be successful member of society.
Education was probably the first word my kids learned. Only, how was I going to make them do what I was not willing to do? I went to collage and got my B.A.
Marie did not/was not educated. Therefor it was not a priority, matter of fact the messege that was relaid while I was growing up. Never trust teachers, doctors or any type of authority. They did not deserve any respect.
Now if that isn’t a twisted mind.
I had to believe her because when I went to school with a raised hand prints on my face I was never questioned about it one time.
Bruises go away. When you are told as a child that you are no good, never was and Never will be over and over you begin to believe. The women relished her threats.
It wasn’t enough that she herself told you, you should have been aborted she would have all the siblings repeating her words of endearment.
When I was bringing up my children, I had rules that certain words were not allowed to be used in my home: stupid, hate all words that made a person feel small.
I am grateful that I had the gift to know what abuse was, so I would not abuse.
For the record, I have forgiven my mother a long time ago.
I will be for ever grateful, that I learned so much from her.
me!…………thank you lovefraud …..thankl you thank you

Ox Drover


BAWLS!!!!!! BALLZ!!!! That is sooooooo LOOOOOOOOW!

Call him back and tell him that you want the WC BACK IN THE CONDITION HE BORROWED IT and that the battery and wheels that they put on it to REPLACE the good wheels and battery that they used up are just what is FAIR, since THEY are the ones that wore them out.

SELL IT???? NO!!! it is YOURS and if you need it again it will be there for you.

Then, have holiday meals with your kids and your friends and NEVER EVER CONTACT THEM OR EVEN ALLOW THE NEST OF VIPERS TO CONTACT YOU OR YOUR KIDS! UGH it isn’t even my wheel chair and I am RABID!!!!


I missed you Stargazer……….Signing off

Ox Drover

To get back to the original thread of this article about children being abused by those that are supposed to protect them….parents, teachers, preachers, scout leaders, social workers, lawyers, judges, etc. what do you guys think about this “Dog” the Bounty Hunter deal?

I have NO doubt that from the tape and other reports that his SIL was beating the living carp out of this poor kid…but what the HECK WAS THE TEACHER DOING TELLING THE FATHER THAT the kid was Telling his friends that he was being beaten? In my state, and I am going to bet in all 50 states, that there is a MANDATED REPORTER status awarded to TEACHERS WHO EVEN SUSPECT or are told that a kid is being abused to report this to CPS….WTF???? This teacher should also be prosecuted.

Now, for “Dog” himself, the man is an ex-con and makes his living as a pretty violent skip tracer/bondsman/TV star so frankly I sincerely doubt that he is all that “ideal” as a parent himself… well as he made the comment that his SIL should “get help” so that he can have a “better relationship” with his son. WTF??? The SIL is very obviously (to me) very VIOLENT (beating the kid AND threatening the neighbors for reporting and recording it) and to me that is not someone who should EVER get their kid Back….. but of all the people in the world who should by experience know that not all “violent bad guys” are gonna “reform” I would think it would be someone like Dog who has been around a LOT of bad guys, in and out of prison.


these people are narcissists who will do anything to get media attention. As a side benefit, it increases ratings and $$$$$.

Nothing is sacred to these people. The SIL used to work for Dog, so it’s possible that the whole thing is a set up. Dog might have told the SIL that this would help bring attention to the problem of child abuse and encourage other dads to “get therapy”. It appears that is what Dog is encouraging SIL to do.

His reaction strikes me as “off”, especially for someone with his personality. Most people’s reaction would be anger and outrage, but Dog seems to have more self-control and empathy (ROTFLMAO) so he says he doesn’t want to break up the little family, he only wants SIL to “get help”. The whole thing smells of a publicist’s dream.

Ox Drover

Well, Sky, you’re a little more cynical than I am and I’m plenty cynical enough! LOL I do believe the kid was abused by his father, and I don’t think that was staged, BUT now that it has happened, I do think that the reaction I would EXPECT from “Dog” was not the “lovey-dovey” one of “let’s keep the family together” one which I think was a media “sound bite.” Like EB’s junior told the judge, YOU didn’t “break up my family my FATHER DID when he abused my mother and his kids.”

CPS taking the kids away from an abusive parent are NOT “breaking up” the family, the abusive person is the ONE THAT BROKE UP THE FAMILY.

Of all the people who wanted “family” to be important, it was me, but at the same time I realize that what I had was NOT a “family” but a FAKE MASK pretending to be a “loving family.”

As long as the neighbors thought we were a “nice normal family” it didn’t matter what went on inside the house as LONG AS NO ONE OUTSIDE THE FAMILY KNEW THE DIRTY SECRETS. Even if others DID know, though, we PRETENDED THEY DIDN’T KNOW and kept up the charade.



You nailed it for me: there are the people who do wrong, then there are the people who claim to do good but it’s nothing of the sort, and then there are those who just act and stand or speak up.

That social worker sounds like a narcissist to me. I agree that she was a BIATCH.

It always pains me when I hear how social workers either fail to do what they are supposed to do, when they abuse their position of social power, or when they do nothing. It puts to shame what my own mother stands for. My mom was a social worker, and I remember a few stories that my father told me (not my mom)… One of them was how she tried to physically help a teen girl who had been threatened by her father with a knife. She went from service to service to find a safe place for her, even though at the same time she was miscarrying, not even knowing she was pregnant. But my mother decided to become a teacher at her late twenties, and taught students who wanted to become social workers. She has been my role model all my life.

And it is always mind befudlig to me when other people of whom I have a great opinion on integrity and as a human being did not have what I sometimes may have taken for granted, and gain even more respect for them. So often it’s said that environment is the cause of so much evil and wrongdoing. But then there are people like you and oxy and sky and so many others here who’ve lived through so much pain and abuse as a child and you may be some of the best people out there. Meanwhile some evil people are raised by a loving family not to anyone’s benefit. But it warms my heart to know you have known role models in your life. Yes, good people will not think twice of doing the right thing. They just do.

I once watched a documentary about a research done with orhpaned monkeys in comparison to non-orphaned monkeys. They had also measured their receptor ability to one of the hormones involved with agression and depression. It showed that orphaned monkeys who had a deficit grew up to be aggressive, either to themselves or bullying others. The orphaned monkeys who did not have a deficit grew up to be fine socialised monkeys, even though they were bullied or ostracised initially for their low social status. It also showed that the non-orphaned monkeys with a receptor deficit of the hormone benefited from their upbringing, though with greater difficulty than the monkeys with normal receptivity, orphaned or non-orphaned.

It did make a case that ensuring a healthy upbringing is important.


OMG! The nerve! At least it shows a shallow moral mindset.

Ox Drover


I am never failed to be amazed at the actual SCIENTIFIC research being done on the human and mammalian brains now that couldn’t be done in prior times because of the lack of technology. If you’re interested in that sort of research there are several good books I have reviewed here on LF on this subject.


I love that kind of scientific research. When Dawkins set up a week long marathon scientific presentations of neuroscientists, mathematicians, physicists etc a couple of years ago I followed it daily on the internet. The vole research about oxytocin was presented in the marathon, as well as one of a neuroscientist who discussed a neuroresearch on empathy. In the latter they had subjects being pin pricked by a needle in their finger for example, while they could see which part of the brain got activated by the small pain impulse. When the subjects were then shown a video of someone else being pricked in the finger the same brain area would light up and be active. So for the brain it did not matter whether the subject was hurt or saw someone else being hurt. And that is the power of empathy.


not going to read these articles, but this headline…ouuuu boy: ‘Roman Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images’.



i have come to the conclusion that a porn addiction (child or otherwise) is more than a ‘drug of choice’; but is a serious tell about what people have done and will do.


Onesteprs – I agree.


in the 80’s feminists said that porn perverted minds. i think they had something, but they (I) misunderstood the causal relationship; porn is sought out by perverted minds.

i don’t mean to sound prudish – one thing one joy ain’t…but, there is a whole lot of difference in me looking at something pornographic/ titillating 4 times a year and what these scumbags do.

i include my slimeball father in this category. he’s damn lucky i am no longer in his house or i am sure I would be turning his computer over to the cops. long before i knew anything about the reasons one would want to cover their online tracks I couldn’t understand why he had so much anti malware and anti tracking software on his computer…..i literally just put together his reasons for doing so in the last month. my sib sent me something about the national police and child pron on computers, some new process for identifying users. i don’t think i ever deleted it. think i might go take a look at it .


I am not a porn addict or a prude,,,but child porn and pedophiles are . well thats a whole different sickness that can only be cured with castration and/or a bullet…


Yep, truer words never been spoken.


i vote bullet. castration doesn’t completely disarm them.
edited to add: and castration doesn’t take care of the women.


well if the infection doesnt cure em get the bullets out


aw sweetie, if were only about their dicks….


the only way they could be rendered harmless is to cut their legs off so that they could never move toward someone vulnerable, remove their arms so that they could never touch…cut theri tongues so that they could never manipulate and shame, burn their eyes with pokers so that they could never see.

and interestingly enough….this is the very fate i wish for the spath.

Ox Drover

One and Hens, I think (for what it is worth) that “porn” (and like the judge said “you can’t describe it but you know it when you see it”) DOES pervert, and perverts do gravitate toward porn.

It is I think the difference between “artsy nudes” and Hustler magazine…one is beautiful and one is dirty and crude.

In OUR western society “pedophiles” are legally designated as “perverted,” but in other societies what we call “pedophilia” is normative behavior. I personally believe that sexual activity with young children is WRONG because it is harmful both physically and emotionally to those children….just as circumcision of young girls and genital mutilation is both harmful and wrong because it is harmful, but other cultures believe it is “right.”

As you guys know, I have a special hatred for pedophiles who groom and use young children for their sexual gratification and I think they should all be locked up forever….but you can also add to that list of people I’d like to see locked away forever any kind of rapist or sexual sadist.

As long as there is a market for it (people willing to pay for it) there will always be those that use children to produce kiddie porn, but I do hope that there is a continual press for prosecution of the perverts who make it.


in response to your comment about my cynicism: well, ok maybe a little…LOL!

Sure it’s entirely possible that the child was beaten and the recording is real. But then it’s also entirely possible that it’s not.

Let me relate what the spath did along those lines. I’ll try to be brief.

When we first met, we lived in a little basement apartment. There was this really gross, weird girl who lived upstairs. She had green fingernails and was a hoarder with crap crammed into her apartment to where you could only walk along “paths”. She was clearly disturbed. She also had a thing for my spath. No doubt he targeted her because she was easy. I think he was trying to triangulate her with me. LOL! I DON’T triangulate at all. I just don’t care about rivalries. I don’t get jealous and I don’t envy, so that didn’t work out for him. So then he tried something new, just for fun.

The girl, Arden, would come to our apartment around 10PM and just want to hang out. It was a studio, so she sat by the bed talking, while I lay there trying to sleep. YEAH IT WAS BIZARRE. But I was a kid and just put up with it. Anyway, one day spath said, “Arden hangs around our door just listening to see what we’re doing. Lets make her think that we’re having a fight and I’m beating you. She’ll call the cops and then we’ll tell them that she’s crazy.” Stupid me, I agreed. I hammed it up, “ouch! ouch! don’t hit me!!!” And it all went down exactly as the spath predicted.

So you see a pattern with my spath: he likes to involve the cops, he likes a woman to call them, and he likes to make people think the woman is crazy. typical spath.

Truth is stranger than fiction because…. WHO DOES THAT?
a spath.

Ox Drover

Yea, Sky, I know that they do lots of “crazy” things that don’t make sense to us….and people who make their living on “sensational” “reality” TV do even crazier things….if that’s possible! LOL

That’s kind of like “professional wrestling”—what FAKERS! I remember hearing arguments from some of the men in my family and community arguing over whether “wrestling” was REAL OR NOT!!!!

That was back when there was only black and white TV and my uncle had the only TV in the community and dozens of folks would come to his house to sit in the dark and watch wrestling on B&W TV. I was maybe 5, so that was probably close to 60 years ago.

I absolutely can not STAND to watch wrestling, or boxing, or the “reality” TV shows….not even as “theater” knowing it is all faked for the camera. Back when I worked for my sperm donor doing the “wild life photography” which was MOSTLY FAKED as well I realized that you don’t just come upon a bear and a cougar fighting in the wild BY ACCIDENT with a couple of 16 mm film cameras. LOL If he wanted a picture of a bear and a cougar fighting we mostly had a caged bear and a caged cougar and we put them together where they would fight, filmed what would happen and THEN write the “story”—-when we were in Africa we would actually catch the animals or use captive animals along with pictures (long shots) of wild animals and then cut the film together to make an “adventure” story. Of course this was in the days when cameras were large, very expensive, etc. and there wasn’t much on television so his films were easier to sell than they would be today. Plus, sperm donor didn’t care how many animals were killed or injured in the filming.

One time I told a guy who loved my sperm donor’s films HOW THEY WERE ACTUALLY MADE and he actually CRIED. LOL That man was so disillusioned with the “high adventure” my sperm donor portrayed when it was mostly faked films. We did actually have a lot of “HIGH ADVENTURE” but it wasn’t what was portrayed on the films. LOL


that is such a sick thing to do to animals. But it is classic spath to put 2 creatures together and antagonize them into tearing each other apart – just for entertainment. They’ll do it to humans or animals. Cockfights, dogfights and bear/cougar fights. It’s classic.

Ox Drover

Yep, Sky, you are very right. The exotic animal business is extremely hard on the animals, and a large number of them do not survive capture. Especially in the past when zoos were just places with cages where wild animals were housed for people could stare at them….when a rare animal died from poor care, it was just replaced with another one. Zoos are BETTER now, but still not all that great in my opinion. Individuals keeping exotics as “pets” is absolutely stupid and should be banned in my opinion, especially monkeys and apes, and large cats, etc.

Yep the old deal of “let’s you and him fight” and manipulating others to fight for their entertainment is very typical of psychopaths.


Oxy ~ Speaking of reality tv – I’d love to have your take on your neighbors, the Duggards, you know, this is my WONDERFUL husband Jim Bob !!!!!! I could just puke.

Ox Drover

MiLo, I agree with you 100%—I don’t have cable so I don’t even have access to most of the “reality” shows, though I see some of them as I flip channels like the “survivor” ones etc. but I flip through as fast as I CAN! YUK!

I think actually they are like the bad car wrecks you see on the side of the road as you drive by, you are just compelled to “look”—but REAL? Nah, they are anything except REAL…they are all staged for the camera. The ones I worry about though are the PEOPLE WHO WATCH THEM….and think they are “real.” Or the people who watch wrestling, boxing, cage fighting, dog fights, chicken fights, etc.


Can Anyone Please advise me on how to prove my husband
is abusing my kids, molesting my 4 year old daughter since she was 3 when I split from him, and hurting my 3 year old son since he was 2…they come home with genital rashes and irritation on my daughter which never happens when she is with me, and bruises which I have taken them to the Dr’s to document, no one will connect the dots!!! The DCF will not help, they are on his side and being conned by him, he does not care about my kids he just wants to use them to hurt me since destroying my life in every way he could has not done me in!!! He has stolen my home,my vehicle, my credit and left me for broke, yet I still am fighting… he has been teaching my toddlers taht I am a Bitch, they have used the “C” word, give the middle finger, my daughter is very angry and he is now trying to tell the kids to say I hit them with a broom, it goes on & on, I could go on & on about the horrific things he has done to me & my kids never mind the horrific things he had done the whole time I was pregnant behind my back and to my oldest daughter who was his first victim in my world anyway, he started in on her I found after the split as she was threatened of absolutely horrible things taht would happen to her if she told me. I am trying to get rid of my second attorney as I have also been the victim of terrible representation and a horrible judge I no money left to go through with the divorce and the judge seems to be falling for his charm and fake crying, pretending to just be concerned about my children. The police recently went to his house at my request to check on the lil ones and he was out cold, they could not wake him, the kids let the police in and they could not wake him fro over a half hour…The DCF & police were conned into thinking he was tired from work, but it was actually because he was out smocking Crack the night before & probably on pills…No one has a problem with the kids not being supervised…The sad things is watching themselves, they are safer than with him!!! I really need help trying to protect these kids before it’s absolutely too late, I am letting my babies down by not protecting them from harm,it’s awful!!! Please Anyone???

Ox Drover

Dear SOSmomSOS,

Contact the state attorney General’s office in your state….as well as the district attorney in your county if you haven’t already done so. GO back to the doctor, they are MANDATED REPORTERS in most states….

I know it is crazy-making but try your best to be CALM APPEARING even if you are not. The being excited makes you appear crazy, and believe me my story is weird and crazy sounding and no one but one sheriff believed me so keep on til you can find a believer! God bless you and your children and keep you all safe. (((hugs)))



What a terrible ordeal for you to be going through. I am so sorry.

Document everything. Like Ox Drover states, go back to the doctor and ask for him to report the bruises and genital rashes. Calmly tell him your fears and possibly bring your older daughter with you to tell her story of abuse.

Can you go to the police station and get a copy of the police report of the time they found him asleep. Ask to talk to a supervisor at DCF, mention the police report. Do an intake and ask that drug testing be done, preferably hair analysis testing because it can go back a longer period of time. Someone SHOULD have a problem with children this age not being supervised, keep talking “calmly” until you find someone that does.

Bless you and good luck.

Ox Drover

GREAT Advice MiLo,

The hair analysis drug test will go back MONTHS and if there is drug abuse then that will help.

KEEP HARPING ON THAT AND VOLUNTEER TO GET A DRUG TEST YOURSELF…also, I suggest that whatever in your life might be amiss, whether it is smoking cigarettes or whatever bad habits you have, that for NOW YOU LAY THEM DOWN….they WILL be used against you.

If you are fighting against someone like this you have got to be SQUEEKY CLEAN YOURSELF, which means like Caesar’s wife you must be “above reproach,” so get some counseling if you can, (it might actually help you as well) go to “positive parenting” classes, or anything that will make you “look good” to the CPS. This is a WAR you are fighting so get some help as quickly as you can, more troops on the battlefield!


Seem’s like everynight on the news another toddler has been killed by a parent, step parent, boy friend, mother..and then there is always ( in most cases ) a history of domestic abuse or child welfare service’s being involved..I go to other city’s and state’s and on that local news it the same thing.
Is it like this everywhere?


Actually Hens,
I think it used to never make the news. Yes, it happens way too often and it’s everywhere… and horrid to see.
But I am glad to see that it’s not hidden anymore, that kids aren’t quite the throwaways they used to be. That parent is on record the rest of their lives and that actually helps to nail them if the abuse does not stop. TOWANDA for paper trails!


If ya wonder why abuse cases get trivialized by the courts, watch this child abuse court JUDGE:

This is NOT a naughty daughter getting a spanking. This is a parent with a rage problem venting it on a dependent child. NO ADULT would tolerate this level of physical violence and not bring charges of assault. This man is beating her with a leather belt at the full level of his physical strength. Stopping to get his strength back, and then coming back and doing it again. THIS “spanking”??? AT SIXTEEN YEARS? For downloading (illegally)? (and really, THAT’s her offense? Pretty tame in this world.) Anyone else have a more appropriate punishment?

What’s sickening is he has NO remorse, still considers it NORMAL. And he is the JUDGE for justice for children in abuse cases. I pitty those children depending on HIM to stop their abuse.


Yep, saw that…couldn’t even watch it on YouTube…it was bad 🙁 I watched about one minute and that was it…


It happens because people just have kids without ever thinking about what it really takes to raise one. So many women have fantasies about being a mom, but they have no idea what they are getting into. People need to be realistic. Plus, you have all the children who are only accidents anyway and weren’t really wanted just because the two people couldn’t stay out of bed! UGGGH…just makes me crazy. No one has any self control anymore.

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