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Introducing a new Lovefraud author: Quinn Pierce

quinn pierce photoMost of us are here at Lovefraud because we’ve had our lives ravaged by someone who we now realize is a sociopath. The experience of overwhelming deceit and intentional abuse is difficult to comprehend, much less describe. Trying to explain what happened, even to ourselves, leaves many of us at a loss for words.

That’s why it is so comforting to find the right words expressed by someone else. When another person precisely describes what we’ve lived through, it validates our own perceptions and lets us know that we aren’t the only ones who have gone through such hell.

Quinn Pierce, a writer and educator, has the gift of choosing the right words. That’s why I am so pleased to announce that she will be contributing to Lovefraud on a regular basis.

Quinn Pierce has a master’s degree in education. She was married for 15 years to a sociopath and has two children with him. The man is still in their lives and she needs to avoid repercussions, so she is writing under a pseudonym.

Quinn and both of her children have all been diagnosed with PTSD. During her recovery, she has realized that her mother is a sociopath as well.

“I want to share the experiences of my marriage, a difficult divorce, and trying to raise my children to be emotionally healthy while we continue our journey of recovery together,” Quinn says.

I’m sure Quinn’s insights, so imaginatively expressed, will help all Lovefraud readers who are working on recovery. She’s already written a few articles, and you’ll see another one tomorrow. Welcome, Quinn, to this healing community.


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Welcome Quinn, looking forward to you articles, praying you are all doing ok!!

Thank you Frandee! I’m thrilled to have found such a wonderful community of healing to share my story. So nice to meet everyone 🙂


Thank you for an article that ought to ‘hit home’ with anyone who has left them. I left over 6 years ago, divorced now since 2009.
Quinn relates to the tee how things can affect us in a rather nit-picking manner, but what matters most is that we finally have some peace and quiet within us. I can now just walk past the kitchen sink where the ex used to leave an occasional note of things like
“the kids left 2 coke cans in the garage, you left the door open too long to unload groceries, my shirts weren’t picked up from dry cleaners”.. I kept the house very clean, by the way. He just liked to badger me. Good riddance. We can heal, promise.

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