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Is Chris Watts, who killed his pregnant wife and kids, a sociopath?

Shannan and Chris Watts, and their two daughters (Facebook)

When his wife and daughters were missing in August, Chris Watts pleaded for their safe return. Then the girls’ bodies were found in oil tanks where Chris Watts worked. and his wife, Shannan, was found buried in a shallow grave.

A day later, Chris Watts confessed to their murder.

Here’s a story that reviews the entire case. It includes many details that indicate sociopathic behavior. What do you think?

The untold truth of the Chris Watts case, on

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I have been following this story since it happened. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this guy is at the very least a sociopath. I never believed his initial claim that his wife strangled their daughters. He looks so “normal” and “nice” but if you look at his eyes; there is no life….much like Scott Peterson’s. For him to dispose of his sweet little girls in oil tanks is something I just can’t wrap my head around.

This whole “picture perfect family” struck a chord with me. In my own marriage I thought all was as it seemed. How chilling to know I was once sleeping with someone who could possibly have done the same thing to me and my child should something have triggered him to SNAP!

Newlife4me, extremely chilling to know we all slept next to such evil. My ex no doubt is capable of this kind of evil. This was part of why subconsciously I did not leave sooner. When my mind finally awaken to see who he really was, I literally packed up the car & drove 3000 miles away, as I knew he would kill me. I still have fear. My ex is pure pure pure evil. Very covert, cunning, past violence & has so much hatred for everyone that is normal plus zero remorse. I worry for the safety of those that are now tangled up in his hellish world. Such a scary world. Now we know why, when we are children, we are scared of the dark. That is are primal gut instinct kicking in to make sure we stay safe from evil on this planet.

the first time I heard his ‘interview’ on TV; I KNEW he was a psychopath. Those dead-fish eyes, those ‘flat’ responses..he was a human robot. Lying to his mistress? What else will be found out about him. I sympathize with HIS family; they likely had NO idea who or what he was. Hers will have this cross to bear for their lifetimes.He WILL have to housed separate from other prisoners; child killers/pregnant wife killers are scum to other convicts. He wont last long, if HE’s not protected.

Regretfullymine, me too, he was just to dead cold & lacked of ANY emotion, when he was giving his tv news interview. I think this is why the police push for the spouse or parent of a child that was killed or missing to go on national tv. So that they can watch their behavior under pressure. This guy was way to cool & calm during the interview. Most people would be nervous to give an interview on tv…let alone if one of their loved ones were missing. Not him.

My ex was the same way. Just dead in the soul & eyes. I think you are correct he will not last long. As for his family, someone in the blood line is also a psychopath.

My heart breaks for Shannon’s family. I cant even imagine the pain they will hold in their hearts for life. So sad. One of the other tell tale signs that he was a sociopath/psychoapth was she was pretending to be happy in her photos. I think that is part of the denial that you hold onto during the relationship with a sociopath. You are just trying to live life, to make things better, just get thru the nightmare everyday…if Shannon had only been educated on who she was married to this tragic tale might not have happened. Heart wrenching to think what her & her children endured behind closed doors for a long time. 💔

Ahhh, his mistress just came out with an interview, and she reported that he lied about everything. That he told her he was going through a mutual divorce, and that they were in the process of finalizing the paperwork.

For someone to murder innocent children like that, would definitely a sociopath. Sounds typical for a sociopath to cheat on their spouse, and lie to their mistress, so they can get away with cheating. That just shows how revengeful sociopaths can be, and to stay far away from them.

More likely, a Psychopath. The way he just dumped his pregnant wife Shannon in a shallow grave & his children in the oil container, shows how little regard he has for human life. They were just objects to him.

Heart wrenching for his wife & children to endure such horror prior to dying. My heart breaks for her family to live with this pain for the rest of their lives. His family actually believe his lies that she (the wife) kids his children. That is how easy psychopaths can get people to believe their lies.

I hope he riots in prison.

RIP to Shannon & her three beautiful children.

From the Daily Mail: Police searched both the mistress & the wife (Shanann) phone:

“Shanann’s phone that was searched as well after her body was recovered, revealing that she had been on GroupOn searching for a way to afford a cheap weekend escape for her and Chris.

On the night before her death she even lined up the child care for the weekend, getting the babysitter who was watching her daughters Bella and Celeste on Saturday to return the following Friday ahead of the woman who would be spending the weekend with the girls.

At the same time, Watts was with Kessinger discussing his next steps and the apartment he planned to get when he separated from his wife.

He had told Shanann he was at a baseball game, but her suspicions had grown so strong that she told friends of her plan to confront her husband when she returned from her work trip in Arizona.

In a text sent to her friend Ady, Shannon wrote out the entire speech she planned to deliver on Monday, after she had returned home and gotten some rest.

‘Can you please tell me something, because just like you, I’m in my head? I try to fix things and make them better and this is making me crazy. I know that you need time. I want to give you what you’re asking for and respect your space, I need some time. This place that I’m in, in my head, is not a good place,’ read the text.

‘lt is not healthy for me, or Niko. I need you to help me help you. I need you to give just a little bit of what I did, or didn’t do, so t,m not going crazy in my head to figure it out. I know I can’t fix this by myself; that, we are going to have to work together.’

She then got on a plane and was not heard from again after her friend dropped her off at home.”

For me the most telling part that he is a psychopath and that Shannon was trying to figure out his behavior, is the fact she states, in her note/letter, was he was making her “crazy”. Her gut was telling her that he was manipulating her mind, she just was not able to formulate this with out education (just like all of us):

Shannon stated in her letter: “Can you please tell me something, because just like you, I’m in my head? I try to fix things and make them better and this is making me crazy.”

They do make you feel like you are going crazy. Your mind is in overdrive trying to figure out how to fix the relationship. But, In fact you really need to figure out how to escape the relationship instead. This takes time in your mind to figure out stop fixing the relationship & just escape asap.

Very sad. It’s hard to think of the hell she had endured for a long time by her psychopath husband but also the night she returned home & confronted him. And what he did to his own flesh & blood (his innocent children) is absolutely horrific.

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