Just a dream: the subconscious doesn’t forget

One night last week, I awoke from a very real dream.  It was not horrible or frightening.  In fact, it was quite ordinary.  It was a very accurate depiction of the everyday exchanges that commonly occurred in what was once my life.  As dreams go, things were slightly out of place and somewhat strange, but I understood.

In the dream, it was a crisp October evening.  I was dressed in jeans and a sweater.  He was dressed in navy blue dress pants and a white shirt.  The accoutrements were missing from the shirt, as they often were in reality.  Why we were together, as he came from work, I have no idea.

I was younger in the dream, the age I was the day we met, but he was his current age.  We were at the library in the town where I grew up.  It was the library from my Story Time days and evening high school study groups, but it looked as it did then, not now .  I went upstairs to gather a few books.  He went downstairs to read magazines.  We agreed to meet at the front doors at 7:00pm, allowing an hour of free time.  At about seven o’clock, I approached the large stained glass doors.  I waited….and waited.

Familiar territory:  the land of insignificance and blame 

Just before 7:30, I began my descent down the wide stone staircase in pursuit of a reason for the delay.  I passed the children’s section, and headed to the room that housed the magazines.  I was irritated that I had been kept waiting, but was willing to hear his explanation.  Maybe he lost track of time.  I tried to remain calm, but my insides were churning, knowing that blatant disregard was responsible for my wait and that my experience would remain void of explanation, apology, or any decent form of  acknowledgement.

There he was.  Sitting as if he had all the time in the world and was the only one who mattered, he casually thumbed through one of many magazines he had selected.  I asked if he knew what time it was.  He nodded in the affirmative, with his eyes glued to the periodical.  No eye contact.  I asked if he remembered that we were to re-connect at 7:00.  Again, an almost undetectable shrug in the affirmative.

When I realized that he knew of the plan and had knowingly disregarded all that was supposed to be, I felt my breathing quicken.  Sensing my upset, he slammed the magazine down, glared into my eyes, and blamed me for not coming to him sooner.  The fact that he did not follow through with the plan he initiated, under the terms he agreed to, now became “my fault.”

Glimpses of the slipping mask 

Angrily, he stood up.  Glancing about, checking to insure that no one was nearby to witness his rage, he quietly, but forcefully pushed the chair in under the table.  He directed me to move out, and through gritting teeth snarled, “Another night, ruined by Linda.  Are you happy now, huh, huh?”  I remained silent while in the library, but tears welled in my eyes.  I felt alone.  As I passed the fireplace, its warmth, coupled with the emotional storm brewing within, left me feeling scorched.

I felt as though I were walking through a spinning tunnel where only I existed.  Everything was surreal.  The sounds were muffled as I made my way to the doors, with the exception of the loud thumping sound of the date stamp machine (the library was not yet electronic.)  Once outside, the rushing river and crisp fall scent brought me back.  The fallen leaves crunched beneath my feet, as I made my way to the car.  I blocked everything and everyone from my existence, until I slid into the cold, gray leather seats of the “work car,” the one that was ok to leave out in the elements for several days.

The quest for understanding and justice 

Then, it began.  My search for sense amongst madness began.  “Why did you blame me for that?  I was waiting for you.  How did I ruin the night?  I didn’t want to ruin the night.  It was time to go.  What did I do?  What should I have done?”   The insane “hamster on the wheel” feeling reigned supreme.  I was surfing on a rotating sit and spin.  This was the “push-pull” of what used to be.

I kept talking and asking.  I, so badly, wanted an explanation and understanding.  I also wanted things to be ok.  My questions met with silence followed by rage at “my behavior.”  I think by now I was crying, confused by the state of the goings on, while he had nothing to offer but misdirected anger.  I was sitting next to complete emptiness, caught in a spinning vortex of rage.

Although younger in the dream than in reality, my soul felt experienced.  I felt abused and beaten from years of things starting out normal and morphing into disasters.  I was exhausted from replaying seemingly benign occurrences repeatedly in my mind, trying to figure out where I went wrong.

We rounded the corner from the library.  As we crossed the train tracks and headed for the village’s downtown, he exploded.  “You are such a…(insert mean, vulgar, and insulting expletive.”)  He raised his hand to me, with his accusing index finger in my face, a breath shy of grazing my eyes.

Back to reality 

With that I awoke.  At first, I was shocked and a little upset.  How had I allowed this person to enter my dreams?  Then, I settled in, once again, content.  I NEVER have to live through scenarios such as these again.  Not with him or anyone else.  The understanding set me free, regardless of any residual nonsense that may continue.

Words and blame must come to mean nothing.  We must accept that their belief systems and the “codes” that they live by are not only flawed, but perverse.  We must no longer seek explanations for things we did not do – from anyone – including those they have lied to us about.  Time will tell those tales.

Although, I don’t really need to re-live a snap shots of the craziness, I ultimately saw it as a positive reminder of the journey.  Was the dream symbolic?  Perhaps.  Maybe there is reason behind my presence on the upper level, while he headed to the basement.  Maybe it’s nothing more than my preference for books over magazines.  I’m going to try not to read more into this than necessary.  The simple truth is that this experience, good or bad, is part of me.  To expect that this would never surface would be unhealthy.  Dreams help us do the work our conscious minds sometimes cannot and can help us bring us order and peace.  When an occasional dream, replaces the living nightmare, we can’t go wrong!





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When I read your description of the snake, I immediately thought of the “nursing a viper in your bosum”.

Snakes by themselves are phallic. I thought WHERE you snake was, and that there was no alarm to have it so close to your heart changed the meaning from phallic to….

a more classic meaning of betrayal by a supposed friend.

just my instant impression. – KatyDid


I do agree they feel fury…. Not b/c they feel a sense of losswithout us but b/c WINNING is EVERYTHING to them. If you fail to fall apart, they see THAT as a loss. If THEY dump and discard, then for them, you don’t exist, and never have, but they still seem to need their victims to feel destroyed b/c the loss of them.

If you are NOT destroyed by their abandonment, then they feel fury b/c it’s a type of loss to them. Your loss give them SUCH pleasure and they want to hit that as often as possible to get more and more doses of pleasure.


Hmmm…. Katydid, good one. I had him way to close to my heart and no bells went off…but it ended badly for the snake when I let go of it. If I can interpret it in your direction my dream foretells his future.
In my dream the paint never hardens, it remains wet. Theoretically it suggest that I can litterally wash it off. The dream also suggest that I’ve been given the tools to repaint it. I’m very lucky, my core is intact- as the door and frame is intact. He only touched the surface. It also suggest that the sequences before the door explains topics, events, seperation of resbonsibility/guilt/shame and processes.

If I let the paint dry with his fingerprints on it, he will have achieved what he wanted. To mark me and never let me forget him. It will feed his ego and he will feel important. The same “friend” as mentioned above said to me, during one of the breakups she had with her hubby when he kicked her out when she’d done the same to him as the ex did to me, she said:

“I will sue him for everything he’s got. I will revenge my self on every possible area- I want him to feel my wrath.” I asked her why. She said: ” He will move on with his life and forget me very easily. He’s so good at that. Just cut me completely out of his life and move on. He’ll get a new girlfriend and live happily. I will never experience that. I want him to feel what I feel.”

I remember my chin dropping to the floor, she just puked out so much poison. I can’t remember half of it, but I’m glad I listened to some of it now. The answers he never gave me, I got from her. However I do remember he once said, it would bother him if I just moved on with my life if we broke up. It seemed so easy for me, but it would never would be for him. To me it was a strange thing to say at that time. Honestly, how it’s been hard for him to move on I can’t comprehend. They move on without any conscience as far as I’ve seen.

Maybe there’s that fury that Skylar pointed out. It would not surprice me if he’s furious that he did not completely get his way with me. He did not manage to completely destroy or control me. Not necessarily all about me, but the marks he/they want to leave on the world- that sense of entitlement.
My counselor’s words are still with me: “The nicest thing he ever did to you was to leave.” Oh how I now cherish those words.

And I must add, How much I cherish you guys. You are awesome! My mind is spinning/processing and the healing journey moves on 😉


Okay, there have been a series of “bad” and unsettling dreams, lately. I wanted to get this one on the boards because I believe that the symbolism is significant.

I was riding in a “car” with the exspath driving. His abused and Rx-addicted sister was in the backseat. As he has formerly detested his sister, they were in league in criticizing me in this dream. I blurted out, “Do you know why we sold the car?” and proceeded to tell her all about what her brother had done, including the frauds.

This vehicle didn’t have a windshield, either. Driving blindly is the only thing that I could associate with the symbolism. There were side windows, but the windshield appeared to be a wooden wall.

Next scene, we are in a motel where the exspath is dragged into a room, nude. He is bawling and threatening suicide and I tell his sister to call 911 before he does something that he can’t take back. She disappears, and I see this guy that is in a band that is staying in the same motel and ask to use his cell phone. The cell phone has one of those telescopic antennae and I pull it out and call 911.

I can’t remember the rest of the dream, but I awoke in the middle of the night afraid and disoriented.

So…..any interpretations would be appreciated!

kim frederick

Okay, Truthy, just gonna brain storm about your dream:
First, you are in a car that He is driving. A car is a vehicle that moves you through life. It gets you from point A. to point B. You are not the driver. He is the one who is navigating your lifes journey. He is in the driver’s seat.
Next. We have a “backseat” driver in his drug-addicted sister. This is symbolic of a triangulation dynamic. There is something in tow, that shouldn’t be important, but IS. It is influencing the direction that is taken in this journey. It has been relegated to the back-seat, but it needs your attention.
Spath and this back-seat driver are criticizing you. I said that there is a triangulation at play. This could be a real, “outside” triangulation, in which spath and his sister are the other two points of the triangle, or, they could stand in, symbolicallt for other people, institutions, ideas , or beliefs that you are in confict with. On the other hand, this conflict could be completely within yourself. spath and sister could represent differnt aspects of yourself.
The “windsheild” is wooden. Ahhh, yes. Instead of having a functional barrier….or boundry….that protects you from the “winds” that naturally blow at you, as you make your journey through life, you have erected a wooden wall that blinds you, and your driver and back seat passenger. You do have side windows….perepheral vision….not sure what that means.
In the motel, spath is dragged in, naked and bawling. Who drags Spath in? That was such a passive sentence it struck me immediattly.
Spaths being naked means he is unmasked and you see him clearly for what he is. He is totally vulnerable without any pretense. something about shame, here. Like the Edenic myth when Adam and Eve realized they were naked. They were ashamed.
This nakedness also speaks of a dis-cover-ry.
What would re-cover-ry be?
Hope this helps a little Truthy. Just my observations.

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